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Episode 242


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This is TWiT: this WEEK in TECH, episode 242 for April 5 2010: The Earth Moved.

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It’s time for TWiT: this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers everything you’d like to know in the week’s technology news which this week is pretty much down to iPad, iPad, iPad; joining us to converse about this stellar, stunning, scintillating topic, Jason “iPad” Calacanis from

Jason Calacanis Well, hello, how are you guys doing?

Leo Laporte Hello, how are you. I’m here with my solid gold iPad.

Jason Calacanis Yes, I’ve had it plated in Platinum. You can’t hit any of the buttons anymore but it looks good.

Leo Laporte Who needs to hit the buttons? Robert Scoble who is playing his spiral piano, that’s another one of those apps from the Ocarina fellows right?

Robert Scoble Smule.

Leo Laporte Smule.

Robert Scoble Smule.

Leo Laporte And for a first time, and I’m really glad to have her, Xeni Jardin of, it’s good to see you Xeni.

Xeni Jardin Oh, I’m sorry what was that? I couldn’t hear you.

Leo Laporte Oh, stop it.

Xeni Jardin I was optimizing our iPad edition.

Leo Laporte We are only allowed to have people who have iPads on the show today. Actually we were going to get Cory Doctorow on, maybe we will get Cory on next week because…

Xeni Jardin You should.

Leo Laporte He has a pretty strong case against the iPad which we’ll talk about in a second but we have a bit of business we’ve got to take care of before we do that. Couple of weeks ago Kevin Rose was on the show and we were talking about Conan O'Brien and how he had picked a random Twitter follower, a random Twitter person to follow, he hadn’t followed anybody I guess and so we thought, we’ll do the same thing, it’d be kind of fun so we followed a woman named LisaTickledPink, she had just started her Twitter account, in fact the way Kevin found her, he did a search for I hate technology, and she showed up; he’d just been in New Zealand, so he thought oh, this is great, she is in Auckland, New Zealand, she hates technology, she just joined Twitter, she has no followers, so three weeks later she now has 30,462 followers, and I have a guilty conscience, because the poor woman didn’t have any idea, we didn’t warn her, we didn’t ask her permission, we just swarmed her.

Now the good news is she is very happy about it, in fact Lisa’s going to be joining us a little later on in the show to talk about her experience going from zero to 30,000 in three weeks. We are going to give her an iPad as kind of a little bit of a payment for her trouble and because you can’t get one in New Zealand, so we got one, the box is right here, all packaged up to ship to her; but we – you know we had something happen at the factory, and we accidentally got an extra one. So I think what we are going to do is we are going to give one of these to a random follower of Lisa, so Jason now, you have perfected this giving stuff to random followers thing.

Jason Calacanis Absolutely, I have. We can just go to that site I talked about.

Leo Laporte Yes, let me, let me do – I could do that – we’ll do it on camera but you know just before we do, we are going to just see what is the current number of followers now, it’s 30,701 followers. So from that we are going to pick a random – so what do you – you just put LisaTickledPink in here, right?

Jason Calacanis Correct.

Leo Laporte This is, and I’m going to pick from her followers and we will get a random follower and that person is going to win a 16 gigabyte iPad. Are you ready?

Jason Calacanis I’m ready.

Leo Laporte Error loading twitter data; please check your username.

Jason Calacanis Sounds to me like when you put out the URL…

Leo Laporte I believe I…

Jason Calacanis A thousand TWiT fans just [ph] came and signed up (5:01).

Leo Laporte Well, let’s try that one more time. Yes, we broke it. Okay, we’ll do this later in the show.

Jason Calacanis I could also pick one of the random followers on our list.

Leo Laporte Do you have another program that you use to do this? The thing is we’ve got to vet it because we got to make sure it’s really, it’s truly a random number generator.

Jason Calacanis There is a twitter, there was a random number generator, I think it’s…

Leo Laporte Yes, I could just use that.

Jason Calacanis Yes, so what I could do is we could pull up her follower list and see how many pages of it there are. We’ll put in that number and then…

Leo Laporte Yeah, or I could just shoot myself now.

Jason Calacanis Yes.

Leo Laporte Let’s just – we’ll do this later. Do you have something on your iPad Robert Scoble that will do this automatically? What is that?

Robert Scoble No.

Leo Laporte Oh, you are playing that game.

Robert Scoble I’m crashing.

Leo Laporte Yes, because you are doing it backwards. Alright. So today was the day the – or yesterday, Saturday was the day the iPad came out. Did anybody wait in line or did you all do the – well first of all, Xeni, I know you didn’t wait in line because you got one ahead of time. Uh-oh, you are muted. You are muted Xeni, push your button. There you go. No? Hello?

Xeni Jardin Here we go. How is that?

Leo Laporte Yes there you go.

Xeni Jardin Yes, got one a little bit ahead of time. I actually wanted to go wait in line with the rest of our people but was a little too tired from all the TV stuff that was happening on Friday.

Leo Laporte You were on every station in the world showing that thing.

Xeni Jardin It was ridiculous; it was like I was Justin Beaver for a day.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah. Well, you had a – you had Willie Wonka’s golden ticket, you had --

Xeni Jardin Exactly

Leo Laporte one of a few hundred iPads out there. Jason, you had an iPad about months ago but it was a different – I think a different model?

Jason Calacanis I had the 2.0 model with the solar power, the two cameras and the virtual reality augmented Skype. But yeah, it’s a different version. You’ll see that in about a year from now. He usually puts it out a year later. Xeni, give us the background…

Leo Laporte Yeah, she has had it for the longest.

Jason Calacanis …how on earth did you wind up getting one? Did you get contacted by Steve himself or by PR, did you request it?

Xeni Jardin The first rule of iPad is that you don’t talk about iPad.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you probably have to sign in some papers, don’t you?

Jason Calacanis No, of course –

Leo Laporte Not anymore though, right? You are out of the non-disclosure?

Jason Calacanis How does it go down?

Xeni Jardin Do you give Mossberg and Pogue this kind of third degree? Come on.

Leo Laporte Uh, yeah.

Jason Calacanis Yes, of course.

Leo Laporte Yeah, like we can’t get Mossberg on the show but we’ve talked to Kerr about it and we certainly…

Jason Calacanis In broad strokes.

Leo Laporte -- and certainly talked to David.

Xeni Jardin The people managing iPad launch reached out to a number of reviewers, I don’t know why I was on the list of reviewers but I was there.

Leo Laporte Had you been on that list before? Had you gotten advance copies before?

Xeni Jardin Sure.

Leo Laporte Okay. So that’s why. BoingBoing is why. You are a powerful journalist.

Xeni Jardin We have more than a dozen unique viewers per month.

Leo Laporte Yeah. That will do it.

Jason Calacanis So how long before the launch did they contact you and say, hey you are a candidate for this and how long did you have it – like two days or two weeks?

Xeni Jardin I had it about a week ahead of time; long enough to not let the device part from my hands day or night and get a real good sense of how I might use that and how other people in my life would be likely to use it.

Leo Laporte Andy Ihnatko who does MacBreak Weekly with us and writes for the Chicago Sun-Times also got one ahead of time. He said he went to New York City to pick it up, and of course you sign extensive NDAs and one of the things you cannot let anybody see it.

Xeni Jardin Yeah.

Leo Laporte And so he’s got it in his backpack, he’s on the train back to Boston, he’s talking about this on the show. He said, this is the hardest thing I ever did. I’ve got a two-hour train ride and I’ve got an iPad and I can’t use it.

Xeni Jardin It was pretty excruciating.

Leo Laporte I bet it was. I bet it was.

Xeni Jardin Yeah.

Leo Laporte So, did they – they populate it with apps I’m sure.

Xeni Jardin Yeah, with some of the few iPad ready apps that were available a week-out and as – if memory serves here I’m just looking down now, so the Reuters News app, Epicurious, the Marvel Comics app, The Elements, some of those were actually ended up being my favorite but it was kind of magical, like on Friday evening to see the iPad section of the App Store populate with tons and tons and tons of new apps like – you know, I mentioned that Star Walk app on Rachel Maddow Show, Friday night. That for me – I mean maybe it’s because I love science, I love astronomy, but between that and The Elements, I can think of no stronger case for why this device and why others like it are really kind of a compelling hint into the future.

Leo Laporte Yeah, one of the things I noticed was how much nicer the native iPad apps look. I mean it’s as if people said, oh we’ve got to make this look great because it’s on the screen. And there’s just – they’re – even the ones that were just universal apps upgraded really look so much nicer.

Xeni Jardin Sure. It was fun going back to some of the iPhone apps, and even just going back to your iPhone after that it’s like everything’s shrunk.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I found that screen almost too small to use now, I have to say.

Xeni Jardin Well, I mean really it’s like going from a nine-inch TV to a 50-inch TV, just that alone is a big qualitative and quantitative difference. I don’t know enough about the details yet, but it also feels like they really jacked up the sensitivity on the touchscreen as well, there is less fewer sort of mis-swipes, mis-taps…

Leo Laporte Right.

Xeni Jardin Again, the difference is really more than the sum of the individual parts it seems.

Leo Laporte It really is a gorgeous screen.

Xeni Jardin I know.

Leo Laporte It’s very responsive. I think that’s one of the first things that you see when you – a lot of people who didn’t like the idea of the iPad then hold it and the responsiveness and the speed of it kind of wins you over very quickly.

Xeni Jardin It does.

Leo Laporte Now, your colleague, Cory Doctorow on BoingBoing wrote a blog post right before the iPad came out, say – saying why I won’t get an iPad and why you shouldn’t either. And one of the things he mentioned, in fact I’m looking at the Marvel comic book app right now, is that he loves comic books and this is exactly the antithesis of what he thinks makes the comic book culture so great, you can’t – you can get a great comic book, it looks great on here, but you can’t share it, you can’t sell it. You got the only copy of this particular comic book, you lose all – it’s copy-protected.

Xeni Jardin Sure. Well, I’m not here to uphold or debate the points in Cory’s editorial…

Leo Laporte

No, he speaks well for himself.

Xeni Jardin …he’s very capable of doing that. But in that one instance I would say, consider the fact that Apple did not make that up, Marvel made that up. And what you are looking at there has to do with Marvel and with Disney and with the other people involved in rights issues with the content that they distribute. Apple did not require them to wrap their content in DRM or make it impossible for you to share that. That’s not a function of the device.

Leo Laporte Right. Well, in fact, I was thrilled to see that they put the Kindle app on here.

Xeni Jardin Yeah. Right away too, Friday night, like right around six.

Leo Laporte And Amazon updated it to be iPad specific and frankly, it is I would say as good a reading experience as the native iBook app.

Xeni Jardin Sure. And some of the limitations that people have pointed out with the iBooks app, which is a delight in terms of usability, the fact that I think you can’t – just some of those issues that Cory raised, those – some things are different in the Kindle apps, so you have some freedoms with Kindle that you don’t with iBooks.

Leo Laporte Right.

Xeni Jardin It – the device itself doesn’t impose those restrictions. It has to do with the apps and the content arrangements, that rely on it.

Leo Laporte You know, I think one of the things, I’d love to hear Jason and Robert your thoughts on this, one of the things a lot of people were critical of the iPad before it came out comparing it to a computer, saying well you can get a half-priced netbook that has cameras and multitasking and flash support and does everything that iPad does and more, and it strikes me now having used the iPad for a couple of days that that’s not the comparison, that really a more apt comparison would be to compare an iPad to say a television set, a content consumption device and if you compare it at that level then the price and the capabilities are, it’s like a 21st century TV set to me.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, or compare it to Xbox or PlayStation which are not, they’re somewhat interactive but you can’t create your own video game on an Xbox really easily unless you are a hardcore game company.

Leo Laporte So my thought was, it’s okay, you, they co-exist right? It’s not a zero sum game; you can have both an iPad and a computer.

Robert Scoble Right. What do you think about that Patrick because you talked to me about that, that the iPad feels different than your MacBook.

Patrick Scoble Yeah, it does. As soon as you put it in your hands you really get sort of engrossed in it, you really, you just, you want to use it which is kind of interesting. It’s a different feel than laptop but I think it’s comparable, you – I think you could compare it to a laptop depending on what you use it for. If you're not a hardcore computer user, I think this could serve you just as well as a…

Robert Scoble Yeah, most people use email and surf the web and if that’s – if that’s your usage pattern, this thing does really well. Now if you are like me and Dave Winer and you create content, and do videos and you want to get into Photoshop and you want to maybe get into Second Life and play around and create things, this falls apart.

Leo Laporte But you could still do that, nobody is saying you can’t do that; you just can’t do it with this device anymore than you could do with an Xbox 360 or a television set. I thought it was interesting Dave Winer almost immediately tweeted, well okay, I kind of like it, it’s not so bad. He actually seems to have enjoyed it.

Robert Scoble Well that’s in …

Xeni Jardin That didn’t last very long.

Leo Laporte Oh, he went the other way again? I got to keep up with his tweets. Now he is grumpy again.

Xeni Jardin Yeah, he is.

Leo Laporte Go ahead, Jason.

Jason Calacanis I was just saying this is the infuriating part about the device and Steve Jobs’ philosophy of product design. It’s the ultimate compelling consumption device, anybody falls in love with it the moment they start playing with it. There are some really unique features to it and it’s got just an incredible feel in your hand that I have not felt with any other device. So, I am much more into an open type platform that you can do some creation on, but I love it as well and so you have to wonder why is it that Steve Jobs insists on crippling the devices, not letting you put a USB port in, not letting you change your battery, not letting you run Opera or another browser, not letting you...

Leo Laporte I am not going to speak for Steve Jobs but I can, I am glad he didn’t. It’s a simple, the idea is simplicity. We interviewed Wozniak, he was out there with you Robert at the Palo Alto Apple Store the night before.

Robert Scoble He was at Valley Fair.

Leo Laporte Oh Valley Fair, okay. We interviewed him that night, Friday night and he said I thought completely the salient point which is this is in a way a reboot for personal technology. It is – it’s gotten too complex, this – even he’s the guy who built the Apple I and Apple II and he says this is – this is simple and that’s good. You don’t – do you need a USB port on this?

Robert Scoble Well, I’d look at it differently. It’s almost like we’re moving from the carburetor era of cars to the fuel injection era of cars and I remember the same arguments happening especially around kids who love to tinker with their cars, getting inside a carburetor and replacing the carburetor and messing around with your air-fuel mixture was really easy back in that era of cars and now – now we have fuel injection that’s run by computers and you need to be a computer hacker to really control your air – fuel-air mixture in your car and that’s a different thing, but look at what it’s brought us in terms of reliability and mileage and other things and normal people don’t want to learn about the air-fuel mixture of their car. They just want to turn on the key and drive and…

Jason Calacanis I think this is a terrible analogy.

Robert Scoble Why?

Jason Calacanis Because adding a webcam which has been on the iPhone for over two years right is not the equivalent of – the equivalent for a carburetor would be opening the thing up and changing the memory chips. Nobody is saying change the memory chips, what we are saying is can I have a camera? The camera is too complex for people? Really?

Robert Scoble Dave Winer and Cory Doctorow definitely made the point that they want to tinker with the device, they want to build software for it. They want to have an open platform that they don’t have to convince a committee to distribute their software to and those are legitimate claims on this world.

Jason Calacanis That’s on the high end of the…

Robert Scoble Now certainly from the features standpoint, yeah Steve Jobs takes away stuff every time he comes out with something new…

Leo Laporte I guess the question is are we cows and victims of Steve and just following along or is this – is this a useful device but we still got our computers. We still got our camcorders. We still got all the other devices. It seems to me that you are not giving up anything by buying an iPad anymore than you would be by buying a television set, right. I mean…

Robert Scoble Do you think that there is going to be a consumer that [indiscernible] (18:09)...?

Leo Laporte You don’t want a camera on your TV set, that's not needed.

Robert Scoble I see that is – that’s coming by the way.

Leo Laporte Ah yeah, but I don’t want it, I know but who would – nobody REALLY wants to.

Xeni Jardin Oh, what about…

Robert Scoble Not true, wait until you see the next Xbox. It has a camera that watches your interaction and you play videogames by…

Leo Laporte Yeah, Natal, I know, yeah.

Robert Scoble …doing gestures to the camera.

Leo Laporte Project Napalm. Xeni, I mean what do you think on this? I mean is that a reasonable response to people like Cory? Look this doesn’t exclude all of those great things that the digital revolution has brought us.

Xeni Jardin It’s a first generation device, I think. It’s been interesting to watch a range of people arguing about this on Twitter. Looking at the iPad as a successor to or something that is supposed to combine different functions, different roles that are familiar to us. Those of us who remember what computing was like 10, 15, 20 years ago might feel a sense of frustration or there might be some kind of friction for us in adopting this because no, it’s not a net book; no, it’s not a phone; no, it’s not your TV set; no, it’s not your book, but it can – it has the capability to take elements of all those things and the Xbox and the Wii and whatever and merge them in new and interesting ways. Some of the folks in that chat room that I am following here in the TWiT IRC someone just mentioned that the teardown photos that we blogged on BoingBoing yesterday from, I think, iFixit indicates that there may be space for a camera. I would be really surprised, I mean I mentioned this like on the 27th of January when they did the big unveil in San Francisco, I mentioned this to one of the iPad handlers in the shrouded room where us journalists got 10 minutes of fondle time with minders I said – I think it’s interesting that this device doesn’t have a camera and I didn’t get a definitive response there but I didn’t get a no, this device will never have a camera either.

Robert Scoble Yeah, one thing that I know about Apple’s internals because my brother-in-law worked on the…

Xeni Jardin There is an earthquake in San Francisco right now or in Los Angeles.

Leo Laporte You are kidding, are you shaking?

Xeni Jardin There is a big earthquake right now.

Leo Laporte You could feel it?

Xeni Jardin Yes.

Leo Laporte Holy Cow!

Jason Calacanis I don’t feel it.

Xeni Jardin Jason, can you feel it?

Jason Calacanis No.

Leo Laporte Maybe just a truck.

Xeni Jardin It’s big. This is – actually this is big. Everything in my house is shaking.

Leo Laporte Oh boy!

Jason Calacanis Wow.

Xeni Jardin Holy crap!

Jason Calacanis I don’t feel it in Brentwood.

Xeni Jardin Do you feel that? Hey…

Jason Calacanis Nothing.

Robert Scoble Not here in San Francisco.

Xeni Jardin This is actually really big.

Robert Scoble All right. So, here’s what I do when there is earthquake, I pull up and I start searching on the word earthquake.

Leo Laporte It should happen pretty quickly.

Robert Scoble Just to watch all the tweets that come in and then, Leo, can you pull up USPS website?

Leo Laporte Yeah, let me pull that up before everybody else does.

Jason Calacanis It says there was one in Baja, Mexico eight minutes ago.

Xeni Jardin That was like a good 20 seconds you guys.

Leo Laporte That's a long time.

Robert Scoble The USPS website will have the epicenter in about four minutes or less.

Xeni Jardin Holy crap! It’s still swaying.

Leo Laporte Are you in a wooden building, Xeni? Where are you? And where exactly are you in LA?

Xeni Jardin Okay, there is definitely an earthquake happening because I see it on Twitter.

Leo Laporte It must be real. It’s funny, nobody believed her, nobody believed her until we saw it on Twitter.

Xeni Jardin Right.

Robert Scoble Twitter has [ph] large (21:32) earthquake, LA earthquake just [indiscernible] (21:36).

Xeni Jardin I wasn’t just getting the vapors because I was so excited about the iPad and about speaking [indiscernible] (21:39).

Leo Laporte Are you okay? Is everything all right, Xeni before we…

Xeni Jardin Everything’s fine. I just saw all the plants hanging from my ceiling going woo.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Wow!

Xeni Jardin Oh wow!

Leo Laporte And are you in downtown? Where are you?

Jason Calacanis It says 6.9 in Baja.

Robert Scoble So that's a fairly sizable earthquake.

Leo Laporte But Baja is not that close.

Jason Calacanis No, I know but it seems like…

Xeni Jardin I am not in Baja. I am on the west side of LA right now and I am in a big kind of warehouse building at the moment, so – no, it’s not wooden and it’s – God willing, it’s earthquake-proof. We can go back to talking about the technology.

Leo Laporte It’s okay, because you will be able to – we will be able to watch it live on TWiT. The…

Xeni Jardin Yeah, I am actually following your IRC channel and everyone is posting data.

Leo Laporte It’s fun when you Google earthquakes. Google now shows a recent earthquake’s result. It’s part of the…

Robert Scoble Yeah, USPS is showing 6.9, 16 miles South-Southwest of Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico.

Leo Laporte You know four minutes ago, that's probably about right. You are probably feeling it – it takes a while to go through the…

Robert Scoble Xeni, it’s interesting that you experienced it as a very rolling, very long motion.

Xeni Jardin Yeah.

Robert Scoble That would tell you, you’re not close to the epicenter.

Xeni Jardin Well that’s interesting.

Robert Scoble Because if you are very close to the epicenter, it’s very sharp and very…

Leo Laporte It’s sudden, yeah.

Xeni Jardin You know that’s interesting Scoble because…

Robert Scoble I was 10 miles from the…

Xeni Jardin … there has been times in the past when – in the past few months even when we have had quakes that were very, very close to where I am either in downtown LA or just, I think, there was one off of Catalina and there was this big abrupt kind of jolt but it was very short. This is the longest quake I have felt here or anywhere in quite a while but it wasn’t – it wasn’t so violent and shallow. Golly, okay, good.

Leo Laporte I love that, that's real time.

Xeni Jardin I staged that by the way that’s my [indiscernible] (23:31).

Robert Scoble Yeah, I get that [indiscernible] (23:31). iPad shakes the world, right?

Leo Laporte The earth moved for me.

Jason Calacanis I think Steve Jobs is getting a little bit upset at us questioning the device and he just shook the earth. This is a message to people in Los Angeles, calm down, I will put a camera in when I am ready.

Xeni Jardin Somebody ate too many marshmallow peeps.

Leo Laporte Might have been me, I have been devouring these peepshi. It’s sushi made out of peeps with rice crispy treats instead of rice peeps, instead of fish and the seaweed is actually fruit roll-up, it’s quite flavorful.

Xeni Jardin I would like you all to just note that I did not run to safety when the quake…

Leo Laporte You were good. There’s a journalist. Here’s a – she’s a – that’s a journalist for you. She stayed there reported.

Xeni Jardin All right.

Leo Laporte I love it. Of course we didn’t believe you because nothing was shaking, the camera was rock steady, I thought she’s so – she’s losing it folks, she’s gone. CNN has actually started covering it, so it must be true.

Xeni Jardin Okay.

Leo Laporte Must be true.

Xeni Jardin You don’t trust me, but you trust Twitter?

Leo Laporte Yeah, well that’s what’s interesting because Twitter has 7,000 more results since I started searching a minute ago. 8,000, I mean, it’s just – it’s really interesting how this happens. So that’s a good question. A few years ago you would go to USGS or you would do what I do which is Google earthquakes, now you go to Twitter.

Robert Scoble Well, the problem is Twitter doesn’t really tell you where it is or the magnitude of it because if you’re really close to the epicenter even smaller earthquakes can sometimes seem like major to you.

Leo Laporte Right.

Robert Scoble And that’s why I instantly started going to USGS and refreshing that page to see how big the earthquake is…

Leo Laporte It might say something about you or the reader, but what are you more interested in, the number or what people are saying about it?

Robert Scoble Both, because – you know, you noticed what we all did, we went to different places on the Internet to learn about this event. We were watching Xeni experience it live and now we can see on Twitter, what our friends are saying on Facebook, on Google, I mean, there are a lot of places that we are going to get really fast information.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis Just for the record, there are people reporting earthquake in Arizona, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Leo Laporte Wow, that must be that Baja…

Jason Calacanis Is it 2012 already?

Leo Laporte 6.9 is fairly – that’s a strong earthquake.

Xeni Jardin Yeah, yeah it is.

Leo Laporte I wouldn’t be surprised if you feel it in some pretty distant places. So we are going to take a break, I want to come back, we do have a lot more iPad talk including the surprising stat that as many as perhaps 700,000 iPods were sold in day one. Is that credible?

Xeni Jardin iPads.

Leo Laporte Is that credible? We’ll find out in just a little bit, but I want to take a little break to talk about my friends at, Squarespace is a great place to make your website. Somebody – a friend asked me yesterday, she said, “I’ve got a domain name and I want to sell some stuff but I don’t know where to go to make my website.” And I started saying, “well, you know – you could get your hosting and then you need a content management system.” And by the time I finished, I realized wait a minute. Squarespace, of course, this is the secret behind exceptional websites., you can try it free, no credit card required, it really is free, and it’s got everything that my friend was asking for, great templates, in fact if you go look at the example sites you will see that no two Squarespace sites look alike. That’s what you want. You can’t say oh that’s a Squarespace site. They all look different, they all look beautiful, that’s because Squarespace starts with beautiful designer templates and then it lets you easily with drag and drop customize it to fit your needs. They’ve got great stats so you can find out who is visiting your site.

An iPhone app that is to die for and I am sure they’ll be updating that for the iPad too. That’s going to be the new thing for bloggers is – I mean what a great way to blog, if it only had a camera; also social integration with Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and Digg and all of the other sites. Photo galleries, they’re just gorgeous. Form building and data collection and you can try it free for two weeks. Get 10% off for the life of your site if you use the coupon code TWiT, that means forever, 10% off. Very easy to import your existing data and export it if you decide to move on, you won’t; – really great people making great sites, starting at $8 a month, free for the first two weeks.

Jason Calacanis I just made a site while you were doing the commercial.

Leo Laporte It’s that easy.

Jason Calacanis I just go to

Leo Laporte No you didn’t, really?

Jason Calacanis, literally halfway into the commercial I said let me try out Squarespace and I got a site up and running and changed the template…

Leo Laporte You did it faster than I can actually go to it.

Jason Calacanis ipadearthquake, boom – I am ready to go.

Leo Laporte This is great.

Jason Calacanis If there’s any additional IpadEarthquakes, I’m going to be number one in Google. If everybody could tweet this for me, that would be helpful.

Leo Laporte It’s all about the SEO, isn’t it?

Jason Calacanis Absolutely.

Leo Laporte I love it.

Jason Calacanis Absolutely.

Leo Laporte I mean, look at – that’s how easy it is because you don’t have to enter a credit card or anything. It’s just very straight forward. I do think – I note – couple of people said, oh I got the WordPress app on here. Now even though it’s not for iPad yet, they think – they start thinking of blogging because the iPad just seems like – it feels like you might take this to a coffee shop and you might just feel like writing. How is the keyboard for you? Xeni, what do you think of the keyboard, is it easy to write with?

Xeni Jardin It’s funny. When I first started using the iPhone, I felt a little frustration with the typing interaction.

Leo Laporte Yes. A little?

Xeni Jardin But it won’t – yeah, okay a lot. But after – like there’s these cut-off points after a week, after a couple of weeks, after four weeks, you learn this new motor skill.

Leo Laporte Right.

Xeni Jardin Right it’s like learning to ride a bike. And I can bang out quite a few words per minute now. I am feeling some of that same friction with the touchscreen keyboard on iPad, I like it a lot more in landscape than I do in portrait.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Xeni Jardin But I also – they loaned me one of the docks, the keyboard docks. I like that a lot. I could imagine easily and I in fact intend to purchasing one of the units with 3G so that I don’t have to worry about whether or not there’s a Wi-Fi connection. Taking it to tech conferences, having the keyboard dock in my purse or in my bag or whatever I’m carrying and being able to compose longer posts or file reports using the dock or just touchscreen for tweet length or Facebook length, or very short posts. We have been doing these short length posts on BoingBoing for a few months now. It’s something that my colleague Rob Beschizza set up. He’s been doing a lot of interesting design tweaks with us. And they are right about the length of the Twitter posts. So with something – with our own blog, with the medium and the voice of our blog evolving, I could imagine more short form things and it’s funny how there is this back and forth between the device and our voices and the format of the blog. I look forward…

Leo Laporte Isn’t it interesting how the device influences your style and your writing?

Xeni Jardin Yeah.

Leo Laporte I think that’s fascinating.

Xeni Jardin And how Twitter has as well…

Leo Laporte Yes.

Xeni Jardin Like because of being forced to do 140 characters or less, I noticed myself being more brief on the blog as well.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Xeni Jardin It teaches you to conserve, and editing and brevity are two of the greatest skills of any writer I think.

Leo Laporte Yeah. 140 characters is definitely brevity. I got an – I bought the Bluetooth keyboard, the little Apple Bluetooth, which is really nice and light and small. And it works beautifully with this. In fact as soon as you pair it, and it pairs instantly, then you don’t get the pop up keyboard. You just start typing on here. Although somebody told me and this is a really great tip, I think I saw it on Gizmodo, if you press the eject key on the Bluetooth keyboard, it will slide up the onscreen keyboard.

Xeni Jardin Oh, wow.

Leo Laporte So you don’t lose it, which was a nice little tip.

Xeni Jardin Our buddy, Joel Johnson pointed out earlier today something that I hadn’t really thought of but it seems really silly that the apostrophe key is buried…

Leo Laporte Yes.

Xeni Jardin …one layer deep.

Leo Laporte Yes, because you hit it a lot. I hit it a lot.

Xeni Jardin Yeah.

Leo Laporte I need it.

Xeni Jardin And it’s nice that there is that smart correction but, it’s and its…

Leo Laporte Right.

Xeni Jardin ...yours and, that’s a really common mistake.

Leo Laporte Right, it never knows which one to do.

Xeni Jardin Yup.

Robert Scoble Leo, I just downloaded one of the Earthquake apps that’s available on the store.

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (31:54).

Robert Scoble Unfortunately, none of them are available for the iPad. And here is something that you can see that’s wrong with the iPad. You can buy iPhone apps, this is an iPhone app, but it’s really small. And then if you blow it up…

Leo Laporte There’s a 2X button.

Robert Scoble [Indiscernible] (32:12) way down.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Some apps do better than others. I have noticed in fact even games like Spider, which I love, actually blows up 2X pretty well and looks pretty good. I guess it depends on how the bitmaps are stored and so forth. I imagine though every single – okay, I’m going to tell you one thing that’s really pissing me off, the number of companies – you know, you have a choice, you can do a universal version of your app. People like Evernote re-release new versions, Kindle new version that have both iPad and iPhone, iPod Touch versions in a single app, no upgrade costs, very nice.

So when I launch my Evernote now, I love it. It actually pulls up Evernote full screen on the iPad and it really is beautiful. But how many companies, almost all of them are coming out with iPad specific versions for an additional $10 or more. It’s driving me crazy. This is land grab, this greed that’s just making me nuts here.

Robert Scoble Yeah.

Leo Laporte And aren’t iPad apps seem – they seem like they are much more expensive.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, five times as much. Why?

Leo Laporte Yeah, why?

Jason Calacanis Why?

Xeni Jardin Because you have to pay for the pixels.

Leo Laporte Cost per pixel is lower.

Jason Calacanis Ah, I didn’t think of that.

Xeni Jardin Yeah.

Leo Laporte No, it drives me crazy, like New York Times already has an app. Why are they doing this separate? Now they are not charging for it.

Robert Scoble Four time more pixels, four times the cost, right?

Leo Laporte It just drives me crazy, BigOven, which I really love, why are they selling a separate version? They could just make a universal version. I already have it installed. That was the first thing that drove me crazy as I synced my iPad and had 100 of apps that I don’t want to use because they look so bad.

Jason Calacanis You know what, they a great job.

Robert Scoble [indiscernible] (33:53) you get a discount if you already…

Leo Laporte Yeah, Apple doesn’t make that possible, unfortunately. That’s part of the problem.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, The Wall Street Journal did an awesome job…

Robert Scoble [Indiscernible] (34:00) some apps that used to cost money…

Leo Laporte Hold on, Robert. Go ahead, Jason.

Jason Calacanis Oh, I was just saying The Wall Street Journal was a delight – I turned it on and I logged into my Wall Street Journal account, I get it in print at the house, have the online and then it just works on the iPad. So it’s like one log in.

Leo Laporte Yeah, we’re not paying the 17.99. I don’t know when that’s going to kick in.

Jason Calacanis No, I think it’s going to be free for…

Leo Laporte For subscribers.

Jason Calacanis …forever if you get the print version.

Leo Laporte So you see, you get back editions, which is nice, going back to Saturday, last – or I guess a week worth of editions.

Jason Calacanis And the video works in it.

Xeni Jardin So you know what, I tried logging in with The Wall Street Journal print subscription and I was blocked…

Leo Laporte Oh, interesting.

Xeni Jardin Maybe I was doing something wrong but I was blocked from downloading today’s paper.

Leo Laporte I had an online subscription.

Jason Calacanis Worked for me.

Leo Laporte Is yours online or is it print only, Jason?

Jason Calacanis Mine is print. It’s both.

Leo Laporte Ah, see, it’s both.

Jason Calacanis Print and online.

Leo Laporte I paid extra for the online and I think…

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte That’s probably why you and I can get on and – so, Xeni, you only have a print version?

Xeni Jardin That’s correct.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I think [indiscernible] (34:53).

Jason Calacanis The only problem with The Wall Street Journal is it’s like every other page…

Leo Laporte Is an ad.

Jason Calacanis I was like are you kidding me? Like how about one ad per session or two ads per session. There’s more ads [indiscernible] (35:06), more ads in it than in the paper.

Leo Laporte Oh, and they are offensive because they take over the whole screen in many cases.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, if that was the free version, I wouldn’t mind an ad every other page.

Leo Laporte Right, but I am paying money for this.

Jason Calacanis If I am paying already, like can we just – I mean I don’t mind some ads and then it keeps a little ad in the bottom left, the little red thing for Oracle, which I think is okay but…

Leo Laporte That doesn’t bother me as much and I noticed a lot of – The New York Times also, which is free, has little ads on it. But when they do the full screen ad, I mean I guess look, we do ads too.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Xeni Jardin But how can you charge the user a subscription for the digital version…

Leo Laporte I agree.

Xeni Jardin And then inundate them with invasive ads.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Robert Scoble Because this is the same as newspaper, you know, you used to pay 50 or 100 bucks to get the print version, you’ve got all the ads with the print.

Leo Laporte I get it.

Xeni Jardin Yeah, that’s right.

Robert Scoble [Indiscernible] (35:55) the world as if it was still a newspaper world, you know.

Leo Laporte Well, and this is what Jeff Jarvis has been saying on This Week in Google and others have been saying is that for content creators this is an opportunity for them to go retrograde, to go back to an era where they controlled the distribution medium. They – it wasn’t the worldwide web. And he is of the opinion, I think, a lot of – there is a big ad, a lot of people are of the opinion that this is the last gasp for content companies trying to control everything so tightly.

Robert Scoble I don’t think so, I mean go to a movie theater now, you pay your 10 – I think the movie prices in New York are up to $18 for a 3D movie and you guys sit through about a 100 different ads before you even see the movie, and there you are paying – you are paying to get in the theater…

Leo Laporte I know, drives me crazy.

Robert Scoble And more for popcorn or everything else and then you guys sit through all the ads too. So I think – I think these guys are going to treat us the same way, oh we got a captive audience, they want the New York Times, let’s shove ads in their face.

Leo Laporte Well, I think that Jeff’s point is that as long as you got a web browser, but that's the future of news and that's how people are going to get their news.

Robert Scoble Yeah – on the cost of iPad apps by the way, some apps are going down in price like Tap Tap…

Leo Laporte That’s free.

Robert Scoble …Radiation.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Robert Scoble …Tapulous’ game, used to cost, I think, three or $4, now it’s free and now their business model has changed to have a little bit of advertising and then you buy music and things in the game that will help to monetize. And so they have gone the other way, which is giving away the app for free, get people addicted to it and then sell things inside the app.

Leo Laporte As somebody who loves casual gaming, I have to say this is the best casual gaming platform that I have ever seen.

Xeni Jardin Yeah, no kidding.

Jason Calacanis What is the casual – what’s the best casual game native to the iPad?

Leo Laporte Well, if you haven’t yet been hooked on Plants vs. Zombies, don’t download it.

Xeni Jardin Yup.

Leo Laporte Do not download it. Whatever you do, don’t – too bad…

Jason Calacanis So you are saying Plants and Zombies is available for iPads?

Leo Laporte Yeah, this is the iPad version.

Xeni Jardin One of the Apple folks who demoed the iPad for me first said that this was his absolute favorite game. That was the one he was most psyched about, Plants vs. Zombies for iPad.

Leo Laporte Well, this is PopCap Games, they – what’s interesting these are Flash games. So obviously they are not written in Flash now. And I think if PopCap has figured out how to put games like this, of course it does Bejeweled on this platform, watch out, this is going to be an incredible gaming platform.

Jason Calacanis Wait, there is a version of bejeweled for this?

Leo Laporte No, not yet, but I have a feeling this is the same company that there will be.

Xeni Jardin Yeah.

Robert Scoble Mark Pincus, the CEO of Zynga who makes FarmVille and stuff like that said he’s converting all of his games to non-Flash so that he can get them on to the iPad, iPhone and other platforms without worrying about it.

Leo Laporte Is this end for Flash, the iPad?

Robert Scoble It’s certainly the beginning of the – it’s not the end but it’s certainly takes away a lot of the need for Flash, I mean TEDTalks for instance just last week turned on an HTML5 website so you could watch all of their videos on the iPad without having any Flash involved. And you can see, you can build casual games now without having Flash.

Leo Laporte You don’t need Flash, yeah.

Robert Scoble That was pretty hard to do two or three years ago. Now, so Adobe, I have a video on my YouTube channel with Adobe giving us the reason that Flash is still relevant. They now look at it as, hey, we have three million Flash developers who know how to do Flash, but they don’t necessarily know how to do Objective-C or other languages. So they’re converting from a platform that runs Flash to a tool that will help iPhone developers build games using Flash front end. So they already have a tool that converts Flash apps, not Flash in web pages but Flash apps into iPhone apps that can be – or an iPad apps, that can be distributed this way.

Leo Laporte What’s your favorite game right now on the iPad anybody?

Robert Scoble Patrick?

Leo Laporte Patrick, by the way, we should explain, is Robert’s teenage son.

Robert Scoble Yeah, and he is the gamer in the family, I don’t play games. He is playing right – what are you playing right now?

Leo Laporte It’s a sophomore in high school.

Patrick Scoble Right now I am playing…

Robert Scoble Turn on the audio so people can hear the audio.

Leo Laporte Oh that's the driving game, that’s an amazing game. You steer with the iPad.

Patrick Scoble Which is actually a fairly good experience.

Leo Laporte It is? You don’t find that the screen moving around is bugging you.

Patrick Scoble No, actually don’t because it doesn’t take a lot to move it and it actually works with how you play.

Leo Laporte Right.

Patrick Scoble I also played the Call of Duty, Nazi Zombies game.

Leo Laporte That’s fun. Did they upscale that? Did they make that for iPad?

Patrick Scoble Yeah, they do actually.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Patrick Scoble Yeah.

Leo Laporte I just think, for instance, of crossword puzzles. SCRABBLE, this is kind of such a natural for people who love for crossword puzzles, this is how you are going to want to do crossword puzzles, I would think and they – SCRABBLE’s $10 version is selling like hot cakes but actually I prefer Words With Friends for $5. It’s a false SCRABBLE you play online instead of via the Bluetooth, and I think it’s just really great. I can’t stop playing this FarmVille clone, god help me. God help me, it’s called the We Rule. Oh dear, I thought I escaped FarmVille but no, no, no, no. We are going to see a lot more I think. Xeni, do you play any games on this thing?

Robert Scoble We know, Patrick, there’s a Call of Duty games.

Xeni Jardin I am not a big gamer but I actually think that I may end up picking some new bad habits.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Xeni Jardin Thanks to the iPad. The whole thing with SCRABBLE was being able to use that helper app on your iPhone and sort of flick your letters on to the board remotely.

Leo Laporte Oooh…that’s cool.

Xeni Jardin That's not magic. It’s crazy.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute. Tell me about that. That’s the official SCRABBLE version?

Xeni Jardin Yeah, yeah, the SCRABBLE app for iPad is lovely.

Leo Laporte I am going to have to buy it, I guess. Oh boy.

Xeni Jardin And I forgot what the name of the app is for iPhone; but there is a helper app that if you have say three people playing SCRABBLE around the table, and each of the players happens to have an iPhone and happens to have this app installed, you can set up your little deck or whatever you call it and just flick your letters on to the board, right.

Leo Laporte Yeah. We are going to see a lot of things like that, I am sure, because you got this blue – you’ve got Bluetooth, it’s very quick and easy to pair and they talk to each other.

Xeni Jardin To me – to me isn’t just that design decision, that kind of playfulness and it’s like a pun in technology sort of being self aware of what the technology is capable of that in it of itself is a thing of beauty and beyond whatever the game play experiences whoever thought of that like thumbs up and…

Leo Laporte Yeah, that's a very good way to put it. It’s very playful. Now you are still killing Zombies, Patrick, I see.

Patrick Scoble Yes, I am. Pretty good on this actually. It’s fairly good experience.

Leo Laporte This was a hard game to play on the iPhone because the screen is so small you don’t really room for controls so you kind of obscuring what you are doing with your big fat thumbs but you could see there is so much room on the iPad that – you can use joysticks and thumb controls and they work quite well.

Patrick Scoble Yeah and I – actually as far as the gaming goes, it’s a lot better than it is on the iPhone and I am actually finding it very playable because I have actually tried to play this game on the iPhone too and it’s hard to reach.

Leo Laporte Jason, what are you playing? You got any games on there?

Jason Calacanis I just – you just cost me $10. I bought Plants vs. Zombies and so that's the end of my life.

Leo Laporte It is the end of your life.

Jason Calacanis I have an embarrassing addiction to Bejeweled 2 Blitz.

Leo Laporte I love Bejeweled 2 Blitz. You told me how to play actually. You really helped my game.

Jason Calacanis And so – it’s just totally embarrassing thing. It’s like my two sister-in-laws like they are addicted to it. So I basically, I mean, every week in competition with them to see who can score more on Bejeweled 2 and they both beat me, you know, like it’s just embarrassing and that everybody knows when you play it because you have to post your high score. So now people like what are you doing? Don’t you – you have all this free time with your kid and all the stuff you are playing Bejeweled everyday? And I’ll go, “that's what I have been lying for something.” Whatever – but I just thought of something though. We were talking before about why does it not have all the features, why can’t you multi-task and stuff like. That and I think the most awesome feature of this, or a surprise feature for me is that the battery lasts forever.

Leo Laporte Oh! It’s so great.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, how is that possible? I mean my iPhone lasts under an hour.

Xeni Jardin Well, Jason, I was thinking – I was arguing about this with somebody yesterday the fact that the device is not yet trying to connect to a cellular network, I would wager, it has something to do with that.

Leo Laporte Oh maybe, yeah.

Jason Calacanis Yeah but I mean, 12 hours of battery life, 10 hours of battery life playing movie, playing games. …

Xeni Jardin It’s ridiculous.

Jason Calacanis It’s absurd. I think this is why I see this is keeping all the other features out of the item. I think he realized…

Xeni Jardin Yes.

Jason Calacanis …that the battery life is paramount. And I think he’s made such a big deal about Windows crashing in his marketing campaigns.

Xeni Jardin Yes.

Jason Calacanis And he’s got that sort of, three decades of fighting Bill Gates and Microsoft and that’s like his one thing he can always take out like, oh! Blue Screen of Death, Blue Screen of Death, he is paranoid about having a Blue Screen of Death on his device, so the only thing he allows to run in the background is the phone or the iPod software which is something he has direct control over. He is desperate to not have a crash or have the battery go down, if you multi-task the battery it’s going to last half as long.

Leo Laporte Somebody – I think it was the ultimate or The Unofficial Apple Weblog pointed out that one of the reasons they may not have Flash in here they may not – they may have done their own chip is because when you do an ASIC – a customed ASIC like the A4, you can take capabilities out and you don’t need – unlike a general purpose chip where you’d have support for things like Flash or a camera where you’d have capabilities built into support these technologies. You can save energy, you can save complexity, you can make a cheaper chip. If you know, well we’re not going to support a camera, we’re not going to support Flash, you don’t have to support those things in the hardware either, what are you showing there, Robert?

Robert Scoble I’m showing you the new Netflix app.

Leo Laporte I love that. By the way, I watched a movie last night.

Robert Scoble Yeah.

Leo Laporte That’s what made me realize, this is a TV or this – the competitor for this is – maybe not your laptop but your TV.

Robert Scoble Well – look at what we’re doing here, we can have personalized media experiences, we can be watching a 60-inch movie, we can then be on Twitter and talking with our friends and Patrick can be on Facebook or reading his forums, and we don’t have to have the same experience or we can play a game again.

Leo Laporte So much for family life, it’s all over folks, it was bad enough with BlackBerrys and iPhones. Now we don’t have to talk to each other, even look at each other at all ever again. Are you going to have a rule Robert, no iPads at the table?

Robert Scoble Well, this is going to stay in the family room.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s probably a smart idea. I can just see this under the table at my house with all the teenagers.

Robert Scoble Well – do you – can you stop the iPhone from being used there?

Leo Laporte No.

Robert Scoble Yeah.

Leo Laporte I have to take it away from them. Sad. How about Kindle? Is this a threat to Kindle as a book application? Let’s talk about that in a second. Before we do, I do want to mention GoToMeeting and you know, by the way, this is one of the hot apps on here is a GoToMeeting app. The folks at Citrix released a free GoToMeeting player. So I mean, I love the idea that you are supposed to be at work, you’re supposed to be meeting with somebody, and you just go out, you take it easy, you go out to the park and you launch the GoToMeeting player and now you can join the meeting and watch the meeting and participating in the meeting directly from your iPad. GoToMeeting is a great program for people who have to meet in business, if you’ve been making conference calls, and you’ve been suffering through them, you’ve been suffering through the pain of being on the phone and knowing the other person is playing with their iPad, their iPhone, playing Bejeweled Blitz.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte You know they’re doing it because it gets quiet on the other end, right?

Jason Calacanis I know they’re doing because I am doing the same thing.

Leo Laporte GoToMeeting gives them something to look at, gives them your screen, so your PowerPoint, your demonstration, your training, here’s what you do you go to right now, you can sign up for 30 days free, GoToMeeting from Citrix is the easiest to install, 128 bit SSL encryption means it’s secure, there’s never been a remote exploit, it is absolutely rock solid, it’s just the greatest thing., try it today for 30-days absolutely free, it’s just going to transform the way you do business; we use it almost everyday now, we use our GoToMeeting; in fact people will call up and say, oh, I want to do SharePoint or whatever it is that Microsoft thing, something – no, sorry, we do GoToMeeting here. I insist on it. Mac or Windows, it just – we couldn’t do our shows with it – without it, we couldn’t get as much done as we do without it, and now that it’s on the iPad, I don’t have to come in anymore, I might be doing my GoToMeetings here on the park bench. try it free for 30-days, absolutely free, I guarantee you, you’re going to want to make this a big part of your day to day business. We thank the folks at Citrix for supporting the show and I’m really thrilled that they did an iPad app for this, that’s fantastic.

Xeni Jardin Hey, Leo I just want to say I was just looking at CNN’s coverage of the quake just now, the last line of the report is posters to Twitter reported feeling the quake as far as Phoenix, Arizona.

Leo Laporte It’s kind of amazing how CNN has embraced Twitter, I mean, it’s as if they discovered it and then – they just embraced it, it’s everywhere they are now and it almost makes it feel passé that mainstream media has such a hold on it, I have to say Twitter is really nice on the iPad.

Xeni Jardin Yes. Sure is.

Leo Laporte There are three good applications, Twitterrific immediately came out with a free one, TweetDeck has a very nice one that basically duplicates the functionality of TweetDeck on the desktop, but I have to say, I like Andrew Stone’s version, Andrew – does this really – this is Twittelator Pro, does really beautiful stuff. And I think really uses the interface nicely, so this is the timeline, this is – this square on the right can be direct messages, see the border that lets you know, there can be mentions, see that little envelope that let’s you know, you can watch trends there, trending topics, so we can easily see that the earth quake trending topic here. There is also regional trends which is something that Twitter does but doesn’t necessarily expose in a lot of the Twitter applications, and I really like this inline pictures, so if you use Twitpic or Twitpic are one of the well-known picture sites, it just puts it in line right in there. And I just love that. This is a – anyway there are lot of different ones, this one’s not free, Twitterrific is and I think a lot of people will use Twitterrific although they have ads in the Twitterrific.

Robert Scoble I have Twitterrific up my iPad right now, so people can see it.

Leo Laporte It’s pretty, to me it feels like it’s not using the space very efficiently, look how big that is. But you do get big pictures of people which is nice.

Robert Scoble It’s nice for the pictures, I do like to be able to see people, I have TweetDeck as well which is really pretty good. It has more information on the screen, more Tweets on the screen, but I actually like the look of this and like – because my stream moves so fast, I just like to sit there in bed and just page through with my stream.

Leo Laporte Right.

Robert Scoble Pretty nice.

Leo Laporte Have you tried Twittelator?

Robert Scoble No, that looked really cool.

Leo Laporte Isn’t it pretty?

Patrick Scoble So pretty.

Leo Laporte I’m a sucker for pretty. I love it; that design is going to become so much more important thanks to this. Apple already did that on the Macintosh and this just takes it to the next level. Why are you showing us that?

Patrick Scoble Because this is my answer, the Kindle is dead.

Leo Laporte Yes, let’s talk about book reading. I have to say I – and I mentioned this early I am thrilled that Amazon’s Kindle application is not only on here, updated and Apple hasn’t stopped it, so all of my Kindle books, everything I have in my library is available here. And using Whispersync is always up to date and this is a really great experience.

Patrick Scoble I think that the titles of the page covers are in color.

Leo Laporte Well in fact, if – I am looking at a programming book, Steve Kochan’s Objective-C book and apparently he did the screen shots in color because they are in color on the Kindle application which is great. Winnie the Pooh that comes with the iBook application of course has color illustrations too, and it’s actually a very good choice. But what about reading? Is it easier to read on here, do you think?

Patrick Scoble I think so. I read a little bit last night on here and it was just as nice as the Kindle. The one exception is that there’s glare on the screen and also it doesn’t work in bright sunlight.

Leo Laporte It’s best in the dark, let’s face it.

Patrick Scoble And if you – sort of right. So I bought the Kindle because I live near the beach and so I like to go out there. I just don’t – I never used it for that. So, that argument just doesn’t – why should me? Because when I’m on the beach, I just – I never might read it that much on the Kindle. And here the page turns are so much faster so I can read faster, I can skim faster. The Kindle is really hard to skim through a book which is a lot of how I read. This way I like paper because you can – in fact who has a big book here? Oh! Downstairs it’s Tom Peters’ new book, and it’s the kind of book that you don’t read from front to back. You sort of skim through it and look for an interesting idea…

Leo Laporte Right.

Patrick Scoble And then you focus on that idea for a little while and then you skim and find another one.

Leo Laporte I have to say if it’s got color illustrations like this Winnie the Pooh it just – this just beats the Kindle all like crazy.

Patrick Scoble Yes.

Leo Laporte It’s just gorgeous. You know, funny is that Kindle app on the iPad doesn’t have the dictionary that the Kindle has, but the iBook app does have the dictionary. And I’ve always thought that was a nice feature of the Kindle is that you can look up a word if you are reading along and you don’t know the word. Of course it’s got the same capability as notating and bookmarking and all of that stuff.

Patrick Scoble Well, not only that, but look at this book Peter Rabbit, this isn’t even in the Kindle app, this is just an iPhone app that you download. But you click on it, it has color.

Leo Laporte Right.

Patrick Scoble It reads to you – I’m going to leave that off, but as it reads to you, it fills in the picture. And it’s color; look at that, compared to the Kindle, my son never liked the Kindle.

Leo Laporte Right.

Patrick Scoble My two-year old, he’s not going to be kept attentive to a black and white screen that doesn’t move.

Leo Laporte My 75-year old mom said, she is going to continue to use the Kindle because it’s lighter and it’s easier on her eyes.

Patrick Scoble Talk about that, yesterday was the first day my mother-in-law has really used a computer and she doesn’t – she grew up Iran, she doesn’t speak English and I was able to pull up the Farsi version of the BBC and handed to her.

Leo Laporte That’s neat.

Patrick Scoble And because of the form factor it’s more like looking at a book. Right? So people like that who are adverse to computers feel a lot more comfortable. If you hand them a laptop with a lot of keys that they don’t understand and can’t read, they really freak out, but she took right to it. She was paging through things and clicking – she learnt how to click on things and how to zoom on things really easily. And so it’s bringing a new kind of person to the computer world.

Remember, only about a seventh of the world’s population is on computers. Out of seven billion people, probably around 1.5 billion are on computers and probably around two billion are on cellphones. So if this metaphor – if this style thing brings computing to more people that will help us all out.

Leo Laporte Do you – would you read books? Do you use a Kindle, Jason?

Jason Calacanis No. I listen to audio books on Audible. Kindle – I just spend my whole day reading emails and other documents, so at the end of the day I’m really tired. My eyes – I just like to close them and listen to an audio book. I think most people sadly don’t read that much, so for the majority of the users they would rather have a game playing device that could surf the web and then books is something they do 5% of the time, nor 10%. And then serious readers, yes, they might go for the Kindle over the iPad. But I think the iPad got it right which is – you know, make the screen really good for surfing the web and looking at photos and videos and all that kind of stuff and then maybe lose a little bit of traction. When people are reading a book then the other way around I mean, surfing the web on a Kindle is a joke, right?

But if you turn – I thought if you turn the brightness down on the iPad, it looks much better.

Leo Laporte You can’t do that, it’s built into the book application.

Jason Calacanis Yes, in the book application – just if you put it down to about – I don’t know, a third, it’s much more readable. If you have it on the top, your eyes just start vibrating. But yes, it sucks in the sun, I mean, it’s unreadable. Even the iPad in general, I mean, if you are in a room with too much light, it’s not readable. This glare screens are…

Leo Laporte They are very glary, yes.

Jason Calacanis I know – what is the point if it just to – is the glariness what makes it so crisp?

Leo Laporte Yes, blacks are richer because in order to reduce glare you have to essentially almost fog up the screen and so you don’t get the contrast ratio you would get with the clear screen. It’s just a clear screen, it’s a glass screen.

How about you, Xeni, are you a Kindle user?

Xeni Jardin I am not. I tried it up but it never – it was never a device that I got all churchy about. I like the iPad because it fits with my continuous partial attention deficit disorder lifestyle. So I can change my mind very quickly between wanting to read a book and wanting to maybe work on a lightweight blogpost for BoingBoing; play a game, look around in the periodic table of elements. You guys haven’t shown that on screen. It’s my favorite.

Leo Laporte I don’t have it. Would you show it because it’s expensive? You’ve got it from Apple, I didn’t get it. So I have to buy it.

Xeni Jardin It’s $14. Let’s see if you can…

Leo Laporte Yes. That’s a lot for the periodic table of the elements for me.

Xeni Jardin Oh! Bout it’s not just any periodic table.

Leo Laporte It’s got pictures of copper. Look at that.

Xeni Jardin I’m a shill for science, you guys, look at this.

Leo Laporte Oh! Actually that is pretty. Okay.

Xeni Jardin It’s got pictures of copper and then look here I am going to open up the Wolfram|Alpha…

Leo Laporte Okay. All right. I’m buying it.

Xeni Jardin So, you can see that there’s like – you can look at the thermodynamic properties of copper, blah, blah, blah. Here’s let’s go to the second page and then you see all of the different representations and you see how in like moving around that dragon with my finger, so you can manipulate the objects and then look at that. So now we are looking at what would be a 3D representation.

Leo Laporte So if you had the glasses, the anamorphic glasses…

Xeni Jardin Yes. I don’t have one on my desk right here right now but there’s these – these, like for $4 you can buy these little boxy paper lenses that you look at – not paper lenses, paper glasses with little plastic lenses.

Leo Laporte Plastic lenses. Right.

Xeni Jardin And you look at this application and it’s really amazing. You can twirl those little 3D images too. So it’s like you really do have sort of a holographic experience.

Robert Scoble By the way, Leo, I just – I loaded the Wolfram|Alpha app up on my iPad, and I just typed in the word copper and it does all sorts of things…

Leo Laporte Could you explain why they charge for that app when I can use the Safari and do – can I not do exactly the same thing in Safari?

Patrick Scoble It’s two bucks now, so it’s not as expensive…

Leo Laporte So it’s a donation to Steven?

Robert Scoble Yeah, you know, help developers stay alive and there is no adds-on here. So, he’s not making a whole lot of money off of a $2 ad – sorry, $2 app so far. I think it just has all little bit nicer layout but god knows.

Leo Laporte Hey, I bought the Wikipedia application, don’t ask me why, I don’t know.

Robert Scoble Jimmy Wales needs to eat too, you know.

Leo Laporte I don’t think he even really has anything to do with it. I don’t think he wrote the Wikipedia application.

All right. So, gaming, thumbs up; book reading, well, kind of [ph] metza metza (01:00:46).

Jason Calacanis Here is something for the 3G version because we haven’t seen the 3G version of iPad yet. Are we going to see a new kind of traffic app came off of this?

Leo Laporte You know, I’m surprised at how good the geolocation is even without GPS on this. I guess they are using Skyhook. But the maps – the maps application works quite well, you are able to pinpoint yourself.

Xeni Jardin Did you guys try Sky Walk – sorry, Star Walk, the star application?

Leo Laporte No, I’m going to buy that too. All right.

Xeni Jardin Well it just so happens that I have it. Let’s see. Here you go.

Leo Laporte So it knows where you are and it shows you the sky as you are pointing at it?

Xeni Jardin Exactly.

Leo Laporte That’s cool.

Xeni Jardin So there is the Crab and Canis Major. And there is trippy, ambient music. Can you hear it?

Robert Scoble No.

Leo Laporte Turn it up.

Xeni Jardin Oh, it’s because I got to turn it up.

Jason Calacanis I can just picture like 50 people at Burning Man carrying that around the pyre next year.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, this is…

Jason Calacanis Dude, check out [ph] Taurus (01:01:43).

Leo Laporte That’s called – what is that called, Star Walker – Sky Walker?

Xeni Jardin Star Walk. I think it’s 10 bucks. I mean it’s pricy, but that and The Elements are certainly my two favorites.

Leo Laporte All right, all right.

Robert Scoble What’s Google going to do? Because Google is coming – I know there’s Google tablets coming with the Google Chrome OS and the Google version of that app is already free on Android. So I bet that Google is going to come in with a really nice map on their app and a whole bunch of new kinds of apps on theirs. It will be really interesting to see how Google and Apple will compete over this new space that Apple is really proving exists.

Xeni Jardin Yes. Somebody just corrected me on the price, it’s actually at least half of…

Leo Laporte It’s 4.99.

Xeni Jardin 4.99. Thanks.

Leo Laporte Yeah. I just bought it, that’s how I know. I’m a sucker.

Jason Calacanis The answer to your question Robert is that the Android tablets are going to sell probably two or three to one to iPads.

Leo Laporte Really? You think so?

Jason Calacanis Absolutely. Because it will be probably 30% less and there’ll be – I would say there will be 50 different versions of it out in the year just like there are and if you look at like the HTC phones and how quickly they are iterating and the features they are putting in them, and the stability of the Android operating system – Android – it’s very clear Android is going to outpace the number of iPhones. And with the iPad, I think it will be an even bigger difference because when you think about it, this is going to be a six, $700 device if you want to have the version with the Internet on it, and when it comes out on Android, gosh I will be surprised if it’s over 500. You’ll probably have three, four – three or $400 purchases. And when these things get down to 300, everybody is going to have one just like a lot of kids have the iPod touch in the family.

Robert Scoble Yeah.

Jason Calacanis You’ll have three of these in your house. But when they are six, $700, you are not going to have three of them in your house.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis And price is going to really matter.

Leo Laporte Go ahead.

Robert Scoble I’m less interested in the 3G, I’m really pissed that they didn’t put GPS in the cheaper device because I’m – for my car, my kids are going to be sitting in the backseat with the two of these or three of these if Patrick’s along. I’m going to put my Sprint 4G modem that’s coming out of San Francisco for the car, it costs about 100 or $200 [indiscernible] (01:04:06) South by Southwest. And it’s really fast. It’s like DSL speeds. And then you spray Wi-Fi into the car and so if you have three devices in the car, they all use the same connection, and I only pay for the connection one time instead of having to buy 3G for each different iPad or Google Chrome OS pad that comes out.

Jason Calacanis This is the future. Yeah, I have one, and in Austin the Sprint Overdrive actually was connecting over 4G and it was legitimate DSL speeds. In Los Angeles, it was getting 4G next from what I understand, and Sprint was is a jihad to get – because Sprint as a company is really screwed up right now. So they basically are saying, let’s bet the farm on 4G so it’s going to be great for consumers. And I think the future is people are going to have this and phones without cellular service on them. So you get one of these…

Leo Laporte What is this – tell us what that thing is. I can see it, for the…

Jason Calacanis It’s a Wi-Fi router. And it’s – what's really cool about it is it has…

Leo Laporte It’s called the Overdrive.

Jason Calacanis Overdrive. And what's cool about it is it has – it creates a little Wi-Fi network, it connects over 3G or 4G. You can connect a bunch of devices to and it’s got this very cool LED display here that shows you how many people are connected to it, how much you’ve sent, your signal strength. And I’m finding myself carrying this with me. And for example, I was playing poker the other night till six or seven in the morning, and I was at the casino, I just popped this out and had my two – my BlackBerry and my iPhone running off of this because it was a better connection and faster. So using the iPhone on AT&T is – really sucks. Obviously we all know that. So basically what you do is you get one of these and now your iPhone is on Sprint. And this last two hours – and this is a first-generation device. They’re a little bit screwy, they freeze up sometimes, and they had rebooting problems. I sent it and I got another one. This one is a little bit better. So it is first-gen. it’s sort of disclaimer. But I’ve gotten two hours of life out of this using heavy Internet. So I think that – it’s crazy but they have a new innovation that I’m – I guess Steve Jobs hasn’t figured out yet, but if you go on the back here, you can open it up and take the battery out, it’s very advanced technology, removable battery, so. I think Steve is working, his R&D department’s hard at work on the removable battery concept.

Robert Scoble They can’t figure out how to get the removable battery and the solid aluminum back.

Jason Calacanis They could figure it out if they wanted to. It’s so – it’s this thing that’s so frustrating. I mean you really – I’m an adult and I can’t change the battery on my iPhone. This is when the arguments of like, oh, it’s beautiful, has to be designed, well [indiscernible] (01:06:38), easy to use changing batteries, people have been doing for 50 years.

Leo Laporte Yeah, but you said one thing that you like about this is the long battery life. One of the reasons you can get more battery life is because you can put more battery in because you don’t have to put an enclosure around the battery. So you get more – you get more capacity.

Robert Scoble Not only that, but the first thing I did when I picked this up was just to feel the edges. There’s no…

Leo Laporte I don’t think it’s aesthetic, I think it’s – well, it’s partly aesthetic. But I think...

Robert Scoble Come-on, you know Steve Jobs, you know what [indiscernible] (01:17:03)…

Leo Laporte It’s partly aesthetic, but it’s also really is a way to get maximum battery life out of the thing.

Robert Scoble He doesn’t want to put a freaking door on this thing or a little clip or anything. He wants it to be smooth all the way around, and that sure is nice when you are holding this thing.

Jason Calacanis No, you’re being ridiculous Robert.

Robert Scoble I’m not being ridiculous [indiscernible] (01:07:20).

Jason Calacanis This is Steve Jobs’ OCD speaking. I mean the guy is obsessive-compulsive…

Robert Scoble The back of my Motorola DROID sucks, man. You look at battery doors on these things and they add – add complexity to the devices. They add buttons…

Jason Calacanis Changing the battery is complexity? Are you out of your mind? You want a flash light? I mean come on…

Leo Laporte Okay, okay, okay, I know that Xeni has to leave…

Robert Scoble [Indiscernible] (01:07:42) They’re LED and they last for 50 hours.

Leo Laporte Boys, Ms. Jardin has to move on. And I really thank you for being here Xeni. It’s really nice to meet you finally after all these years. I’ve been a fan and of course BoingBoing is absolutely the must read blog. And you do such a great job with it. Also,, another place to go. Thank you so much for being here. I think you’ve muted yourself again.

Jason Calacanis You muted yourself again.

Leo Laporte I am sure she was saying nice things.

Xeni Jardin Can you hear me now?

Leo Laporte I can hear you now, thank you Xeni.

Xeni Jardin If you have me back I will make sure to bring another earthquake with me.

Leo Laporte Would you please, that was exciting. That was the most real world thing we have had happen on this show ever.

Xeni Jardin And I will just leave you with one thing, so I was just looking on Twitter and an astronomer that I follow said that the type of waves, the long rolling waves from the distant earthquake are known as Love waves, serious.

Robert Scoble You just named the show.

Xeni Jardin Google it.

Leo Laporte I bet he was a geologist named Love, but okay we will take it.

Xeni Jardin Bye everyone. Thank you.

Leo Laporte Thank you Xeni, great to talk to you, and And boy she is really a very talented and well-known, but I didn’t realize you’ve worked with her before Jason, that’s cool.

Jason Calacanis I met Xeni back when I was doing Silicon Alley Reporter in the 90s and she was working for one of the clients of the magazine and she helped me at one of the events we were doing here in Los Angeles and she was like, oh, I’ll moderate a panel, she did an amazing job and I went to the people she was working for and I said listen, it’s been great having you as a client but I have some bad news, and they said what, and I said I am going to hire Xeni and they were like, oh my God, how could you do that, there was a whole controversy and I said I will give you a free sponsorship for the next event and they were like, okay. So I basically gave a $20,000 sponsorship to get her to work for us and she did an amazing job. She is awesome.

Leo Laporte She is awesome. Yeah, she’s fantastic.

Jason Calacanis One of my 10 favorite bloggers, it’s interesting like there is a whole group of people who worked at Silicon Alley Reporter, Rafat Ali from paidContent, Xeni Jardin and actually I was the first person to publish Clay Shirky.

Leo Laporte Really.

Jason Calacanis Silicon Valley reporter. Yeah.

Leo Laporte Oh, I love him too, boy is he amazing.

Jason Calacanis I used to edit his pieces and I would be like, you have 800 words, he’d write 800 words, I would get through two paragraphs and say I am already lost. I would say dude, you have to explain these references because I don’t think people know this 14th century poet, nor do they know this philosopher so when you reference the two of them and you say like, [indiscernible] (1:10:14) is to this as Windows 95 is to Netscape 1.0. I don’t think people understand. He’s like, really? No, no they don’t, because I am the average person and I don’t, I slept through that course in college. I didn’t go to graduate school, it’s pretty funny.

Leo Laporte What are you playing Robert? What is that, that looks really interesting.

Robert Scoble Patrick’s playing Geometry Wars.

Patrick Scoble Yeah.

Robert Scoble It cost me another 10 bucks.

Leo Laporte That looks really, that looks really cool.

Robert Scoble This really is going to cost me like 50 or 80 bucks.

Leo Laporte I have spent so much money in apps, and you know I don’t feel like we’re seeing anywhere, it’s interesting, I think in some ways this is, this is television in the Milton Berle era. This is a first-generation device and just imagine, I mean look at what we are seeing already and just imagine what we are going to see in a year as people start to understand how to develop for it. Apple did a brilliant thing by making it the same operating system as the iPhone, so you’ve got this great base of applications and a lot of developers who more importantly I think who know how to write for it and we are already seeing amazing stuff and I think this is just the beginning. This is, if I were a young guy learning to program I would be, I would be learning Objective-C, Cocoa and…

Jason Calacanis You know what the problem is though Leo is – if Steve Jobs was less obsessive about controls…

Leo Laporte I understand, yeah.

Jason Calacanis And he let those apps run on Android and BlackBerry, do you realize how big Apple would get.

Leo Laporte No, I agree, I think it’s a mistake.

Jason Calacanis Huge.

Leo Laporte And I think what you said about an Android tablet selling three times more than the iPad is very interesting and you are probably right, not just for price. I think, you know me, I switched from an iPhone to a Nexus One, I like Android. I understand this that multitasking as much as people like it does make it harder to write software, harder to maintain an operating system reliably, it adds to complexity and you know in a way if you have something that’s as snappy as the iPad is you can kind of live without multitasking.

Jason Calacanis What would be great is a feature in the settings panel that said, I want to turn on the advanced feature set or I want to turn on the developer feature set and Steve Jobs could do that in 15 minutes and so it’s not like – they must have that internally like turn on developer app thing. So he just won’t…

Leo Laporte No, he’s a control freak.

Jason Calacanis And it’s just absurd. I mean, if you look at the phones, this is the embarrassing thing I think for Steve is that in the first six months of the Android phones being out, they had better hardware profiles than anything he has built to-date and people think he is invincible and untouchable it’s not true, a lot of his innovations, you look what Microsoft Windows did to the first version of the Mac software remember Windows, Microsoft originally had DOS and didn’t have a graphical user interface and Windows came along and beat them ’96 to 4.

Leo Laporte I remember talking to Steve when he was still at Pixar, so it’s probably ’93, maybe ’94 and he said, and I thought it was very telling, we had a 10-year lead on Microsoft when we came out with the Macintosh in 1984, we had a 10-year lead. We let it slip and 10 years later with Windows 3.1 in later Windows 95, Microsoft caught up and we and Apple lost and that was at the time was very astute. And I think he knows better than anybody that there is no such thing as a permanent lead in this industry, it moves way too fast.

Jason Calacanis It’s an interesting gambit. He is trading features, advanced technology and the hi-tech crowd for ease of use and a lack of crashing and I think that it doesn’t have to be binary. He could very easily make the concept of jailbreaking legal…

Leo Laporte They hate that.

Jason Calacanis And just call it experimental, but he is so obsessive, I think that he cannot handle the idea that somebody would put that on experimental mode and they would be out at dinner and say, oh my iPhone crashed.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis He takes it as a personal insult that his – that if his thing crashes and that’s the whole reason for the app store as well.

Leo Laporte Right, complete control.

Jason Calacanis And it extends into three specific things, I think, one is he wants his devices to not crash, two he doesn’t want anybody to be confused and feel intimidated by them and then three he doesn’t want children to have a bad experience and have parents go this is inappropriate for kids.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis And if you look at Google, like Google is inappropriate for kids, if you type in any women’s name and turn off safe search and look at images it’s – you are going to be really offended and/or delighted.

Leo Laporte Well, I got to say there is already one porn website that has created an iPad specific version, I am not going to say the name, but I had it tested out, so I did the, just went and visited it…

Jason Calacanis Can you say the name of the chatroom, because you’ve got about 500 [indiscernible] (75:05).

Leo Laporte And it’s iPad specific, what they’ve done is they’ve taken all the flash videos and they’ve made them H.264720P, so that they’ll playback on an iPad. What is that you are showing us there.

Robert Scoble I did a search for porn and found these two apps’ porn star names.

Leo Laporte Yeah, this is not an app, this is just – and this is the point, is that you do have a browser in here and if you – and you can…

Robert Scoble These are actually apps.

Leo Laporte But porn star names is just names.

Robert Scoble If you follow, if you do a search for porn.

Leo Laporte Yeah, but go search for porn on the Android, there is plenty of it.

Jason Calacanis Oh, yeah.

Leo Laporte Most of it awful.

Robert Scoble But you know, it will be also interesting to see what the adult entertainment industry does about flash and sober light and I bet – I bet they go HTML 5 very quickly because of these…

Leo Laporte Well, that’s what this website did and you know it took them no time at all, they just made 720P H.264 videos and said this is an iPad version of our site and done. I wasn’t able to get any of the videos to play though, which relieved me because it was actually scary.

LisaTickledPink has disappeared off the Internet. Lisa dear, if you are watching, I wore a pink shirt just for you. We would like to get you on to talk about the fact that you are now in the 30,000 follower club on Twitter which is more than Dave Weiner, who invented RSS, so you’re doing okay, kid. And we also would like to – if somebody could provide us with an alternative service to Tweet rand, we’d like to give away an iPad before the show is over. So, we’ll do that when we come back, I hope before we do that – get ready, get your sighs and whispers ready Jason Calacanis, because it’s time to talk about Audible.

Jason Calacanis This website is good. You type in, what is the…

Leo Laporte because you get not one but two books, free!

Jason Calacanis Two books is better than one book.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis And you don’t have to hurt your eyes, close your eyes, you have shades, you put shades on and you relax and listen.

Leo Laporte I thought that was funny when you said that Jason, because it’s in fact true that when I read books, I fall asleep almost instantly, because I’m reading in bed and I go, and but Audible, I listen to books while I’m driving, while I’m gardening, while I’m in the gym, these are times I’m not going to fall asleep, I get hours of reading done every single day thanks to Audible.

Jason Calacanis And you know there is now – there is like facts and news and then there is wisdom and I think what a lot of young people don’t do today is, they are so hyped up on getting quick news, Tweets, Facebook updates, you know news stories blog post, that’s all great, but you don’t get deep wisdom from that because you don’t get so deep into a subject that you actually understand it on a very deep level and can apply that, and when you listen to business audio books or science audio books or psychology, or self improvement, and you spend five, ten hours with the subject, you really have learnt something deeply and that’s what’s missing from most people’s media diet; they don’t have substance and wisdom and that’s what I get out of Audible because that’s what I’m craving and that’s what apply to business; I have quoted, you know, this book that I’ve been listening to and I’m two-thirds away through it, “Talon” is overrated, to my people and to CEOs of other companies I’m an angel investor in, and this book is awesome.

But you know I wouldn’t have read it because I’m just too tired to read a three, four, 500 page book at the end of the day…

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis But I can plow through this when I’m driving, when I’m on a Southwest flight to the Valley, I mean, Audible makes my life very easy, I’m on the two book plan and that means I’m always like 4 books ahead, and that’s the prefect ratio for me, because I’ve got, I’m probably about three or four books behind, which means if I want to switch I’ve always got the mirror, it’s no pressure and it’s oh my God! What is it? 12 bucks a month or something silly?

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s not very expensive. It’s definitely the way to go.

Jason Calacanis Super cheap.

Robert Scoble Yes.

Jason Calacanis And the points that you get, each of these books, it’s cumulative, so like, let’s say you take two months off from it, and you are like oh my God, I wasted it, like you have a Netflix account, you don’t use it for three months, you are like, oh my God, I wasted it, that happens to me all the time, not with Audible. Those credits build up. So then you know like let’s see, when you are five or six credits like I did the other day, I had five or six credits, I went right to the – they have like an Oscars of book awards, I looked at the top two or three business books, top two or three science books and see you know what, I’m taking them all. I’ve put them on my phone, if I listen to it, I’ll listen to it but for 150 bucks a year, 200 bucks a year, that – what is that the cost of, you know, I mean it’s the cost of a couple of iPad applications, 14 iPad applications, you are going to get really smart.

Leo Laporte I was doing a search for Clay Shirky, but I entered Clay Shark instead, let me, I don’t think any of his books are on here, too bad, because that would be really something to listen to.

Jason Calacanis And maybe with him actually…

Leo Laporte Reading them.

Jason Calacanis Reading them would be great.

Leo Laporte There is so much great stuff, look, you get two choices, so pick your two free books by going to, you sign up for the platinum account, first two books are free, you can cancel them anytime, I know you won’t want to because you’re just going to love it, not this one, I just, I haven’t read this one, I just love the name, The Yugo: Rise and Fall of the Worst Car in History. See to me that’s the kind of book I want to read.

Jason Calacanis You’re going to learn something.

Leo Laporte You’re going to learn something.

Jason Calacanis It’s got history, there’s got to be a ton of lessons in there.

Leo Laporte, browse around, find your two books, take them, you are going to love them. Jason and I guarantee it. Hey look, who is in the Skype window down here. She’s all dressed in pink, it’s LisaTickledPink, how are you Lisa Etheridge?

Lisa Etheridge Hi, Leo, I’m good, I’m so pleased you’re wearing pink today.

Leo Laporte I wore it just for you dear, they tell me though it’s rose, is that okay? Will that work?

Lisa Etheridge I would have said salmon but it works for me, thank you.

Leo Laporte Salmon, okay, salmon. Is everything you do pink?

Lisa Etheridge No, I do lime green too and blue, but mostly pink, yes.

Leo Laporte I love it.

Lisa Etheridge It’s my phone – can you see that?

Leo Laporte So – yes, it’s pink, her iPhone, so it’s let me think now, this is three weeks, four weeks ago that Kevin Rose just randomly picked you because you joined Twitter and your first Tweet was I hate technology.

Lisa Etheridge Yes, I think it was the 28th of Feb from memory, and it seems like a lifetime ago now.

Leo Laporte And now your most recent Tweet, “I’m not leaving, how could I, I’m a technology lover!” I love that.

Lisa Etheridge Yes, I know, and you are going to read that out. I love that.

Leo Laporte So what happened? When we picked – and I first of all, and I have already apologized to you on Radio Wammo on Kiwi FM…

Lisa Etheridge Yes, you have.

Leo Laporte I said, I’m so sorry that we just – we didn’t warn you, we didn’t tell you ahead of time, we just picked you out at random and the next morning you wake up and there is thousands of e-mails and people are just saying, following you and you had – you had no idea what happened, was it – what was that like?

Lisa Etheridge It was crazy. I literally had over 2,000, 3,000 emails and my server just said we can’t deliver anymore. So, I didn’t know what was going on. Someone e-mailed me eventually and said, look! And put the link on to your show and – so now I’m watching your show, so…

Leo Laporte Thank you.

Lisa Etheridge I’ve come a long way.

Leo Laporte Thank you.

Lisa Etheridge Be proud.

Leo Laporte So, tell us a little bit about you. You are Uni student, a student at the University in Auckland, right?

Lisa Etheridge Yes. Unitech in Auckland here. I’m doing a bachelor of products and furniture design, second year, got another year full time to go, on what they call a mature student, obviously.

Leo Laporte Well, not so obviously, what you are 25, what, I mean that’s not…

Lisa Etheridge Yes, something like that, you know, something like that.

Leo Laporte So you are a returning student?

Lisa Etheridge Yes.

Leo Laporte And furniture design, what an interesting, I think that sounds great.

Lisa Etheridge Yes, well, I love furniture but in actual fact, now that I’m doing the product I love that too. So might just see what happens after the end of my final year. It’s lots of fun and you need to [indiscernible] (83:17) on Twitter, so…

Leo Laporte Isn’t that wonderful?

Lisa Etheridge It’s been – yes, it’s been great to see the social experiment from my school.

Leo Laporte Do you know what this is Lisa? Do you know what that is? That is…

Lisa Etheridge That’s a brown box.

Leo Laporte That’s a brown box, inside that brown box, unopened, is a iPad, 16 gigabyte iPad, now I’m going to give you the choice, I could put some applications on here or I could send you a – I think I have to put them on here because I bet you, you can’t get them in the States. So, why don’t I load this up with some applications for you because you won’t be in New Zealand, they won’t have the any of the stores.

Lisa Etheridge No, that sounds awesome.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Lisa Etheridge You go for it.

Leo Laporte You know what you need? You need OmniGraffle – if you are a Designer, you need OmniGraffle, so I’ll definitely put that on there, I’ll put to AutoSketch, which is AutoCAD sketching program, we’ll put that on there, we’ll put a couple of hundred bucks…

Lisa Etheridge Oh, is it on there?

Leo Laporte Yes, we’ll load it up. We haven’t opened it up but we’ll load it up before we sent it out, and we’ll send this out first thing in the morning via FedEx.

Lisa Etheridge Oh, I’m excited, so excited. And –

Leo Laporte You’ll be the first person in New Zealand to have a iPad.

Lisa Etheridge I’m going back to [ph] Radio Wammo (84:17).

Leo Laporte Are you?

Lisa Etheridge Yeah.

Leo Laporte With your iPad?

Lisa Etheridge Yes, indeed. And I just – I can’t wait to find out who wins the draw, because I hope they stay and I can follow them because I’ll need their help!

Leo Laporte You’ve got more than 31,000 followers right now. Easily beating Conan O'Brien’s lonely lovely toad stool or whatever it is. So you’re the winner on that one.

Lisa Etheridge We showed him, huh?

Leo Laporte We showed him, huh! So let’s see here. I have on my iPad – I’m going to try another one. This is Tweet Randomizer. This is to pick your follower of the day. We put in your Twitter nick and we press the button. And it says – I think this is going to work – find a random follower. You ready, Lisa?

Lisa Etheridge Oh, this is so exciting.

Leo Laporte All right, out of your 31,000 followers, let’s see who’s going to win that iPad. Your follower of the day is…

Jason Calacanis @Jason!

Leo Laporte No.

Jason Calacanis No, no.

Leo Laporte Is Floyd Norman, wacky cartoonist, there he is. He says we’ve entered the age of iPad. He is your follower of the day and he wins himself an iPad. And I want to see some cartoons, Floyd. So there’s our winner. We’re going to tweet him at Floyd Norman. He’s got 98 followers. He’s like you, Lisa, he’s – I think new to Twitter.

Lisa Etheridge Oh, well, congratulations to him. He will be thrilled.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, they’re all saying that’s not random. Why is that not random?

Lisa Etheridge Oh, you can’t please 30,000 people. It’s one thing I have learned on Twitter.

Leo Laporte I certainly hope that’s random. If it’s not random, it’s random enough. I don’t know him. Do you know him?

Lisa Etheridge I don’t know the guy, no.

Leo Laporte I think that that’s a random follower. So that’s – we’re going to say congratulations to Floyd Norman. And all the people in there who say it’s not random, well, I guess it’s because it wasn’t you. But we’ll probably do this again. Lisa, congratulations, we’re going to send you out your very own iPad.

Lisa Etheridge I can’t wait, Leo, thank you. It’s been lots of fun. So I just wanted to thank [ph] all your army for their (86:26) support. Because I think it’s amazing.

Leo Laporte Thank you, Lisa. It’s been really great meeting you.

Lisa Etheridge You too.

Leo Laporte And what – it’s 50 degrees in Auckland, New Zealand, right now. Is that right?

Jason Calacanis Oh, no, [indiscernible] (86:38).

Leo Laporte I can tell you the weather in Auckland, New Zealand. I happen to have the weather on here, and you’re going to want to put this on your iPad when it arrives, Lisa. I know it’s bedtime for you, I’m not going to keep you up any later because –

Lisa Etheridge It’s not.

Leo Laporte It’s the morning?

Lisa Etheridge It’s 10 to 12 here.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s what I thought. Everybody was saying she’s in bed. I said, no, I don’t think so. Let’s just check.

Lisa Etheridge No, I think no.

Leo Laporte Let’s just check the weather. And the weather in Auckland, New Zealand, oh, look at it. It’s beautiful there. It’s clear 66 degrees, going to be 71 degrees today, beautiful, beautiful weather in Auckland, New Zealand. That doesn’t look like Auckland, New Zealand.

Lisa Etheridge No, it doesn’t, look like Honolulu to me.

Leo Laporte It’s like Honolulu. But it looks like a beautiful day there. So I hope you’re enjoying your day. Thank you, Lisa Etheridge, congratulations. Thanks for playing along with us. And I think you’re going to have to come visit us. We’ll work that out.

Lisa Etheridge I would love to. Yeah, I would love to, anytime. Thanks, Leo.

Leo Laporte Thanks, Lisa. Lisa Etheridge, our winner. And congratulations to Floyd.

Now I don’t know why – everybody will get that result now, because that’s her official follower of the day. It gets the same result every time, because that’s her follower of the day. It does it once a day. I’m going to go with it. Unless anybody can tell me there’s no reason to go with that.

The other was one broken, Jason.

Jason Calacanis I loved that Melissa Etheridge.

Leo Laporte Isn’t she adorable?

Jason Calacanis Come To My Window? I mean what’s the chances that you pick somebody who’s an internationally known, Grammy-winning –

Leo Laporte Not Melissa!

Jason Calacanis Sorry.

Leo Laporte Lisa Etheridge. I should have asked here, your relation, any relation?

Jason Calacanis She’s funny. I like her.

Leo Laporte All right, she is adorable, and thanks to Kevin Rose for picking such a winner.

Jason Calacanis Kevin Rose has the propensity to pick beautiful women.

Leo Laporte He has a knack. He has a knack.

Jason Calacanis He’s got a knack for it.

Leo Laporte He has a knack. But he says, it’s the first – I asked him. I said, come on. He says I searched for ‘I hate technology’ and that was the first one that came up.’ He said, ‘I didn’t dig deep through the stack trying to find somebody cute.’

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte But he did. Now, everybody’s saying well, how – is she going to lose her followers now? I don’t think so.

Jason Calacanis No.

Leo Laporte I think she’s actually pretty fun to follow.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte So it’s up to her now to keep those 31,000 people happy. I am sure she can do that. Congratulations to Lisa and congratulations also to our cartoonist, Floyd Norman who is our – I hope that – I mean I don’t see how it could not be random. That’s – I mean that’s who we got.

Jason Calacanis You got Floyd Norman.

Leo Laporte I mean how could that not be random?

Jason Calacanis It’s amazing. He’s the American animator who worked on the Walt Disney –

Leo Laporte No, you lie. Is that true?

Jason Calacanis People are saying it in the chatroom.

Leo Laporte Was he famous?

Jason Calacanis Yeah, Floyd E. Norman. He is an American animator who worked for Walt Disney Sleeping Beauty, The Sword in the Stone and The Jungle Book. Does this guy look like he’s 75 years old approximate?

Leo Laporte Yeah. No, he says ‘back at Disney today after lecturing at USC.’

Jason Calacanis You picked this guy literally – look up Floyd Norman on Wikipedia, this is the –

Leo Laporte This guy is a famous guy.

Jason Calacanis Also worked on ‘Hey! Hey! Hey!’ It’s Fat Albert.

Leo Laporte Twitter is an amazing thing.

Jason Calacanis Wait a second, he was involved in Pixar, Toy Story 2 and Monsters, Inc. There’s some sort of fix going on. I think Steve Jobs is controlling the Twitter.

Leo Laporte He probably did it. You know what, Floyd, if you don’t want the iPad, we’ll find a charity you can give it to.

Jason Calacanis ‘Relax, cool on Saturday.’

Leo Laporte ‘Hey, hey, hey, I love the iPad.’

Jason Calacanis ‘Hey, hey, hey, this iPad is amazing.’

Leo Laporte All right, is it possible that there was a fix in there? No, I think that was random. I think that was the guy – we just happened to pick a famous guy.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, it could happen.

Leo Laporte It just happened that way. He’s following Lisa. So he must have wanted it. He must be a listener, right? We’ve – many of our listeners are wonderful talented accomplished people in many different fields and that’s just what happened.

Do you think it’s credible that seven hundred – stop that, Robert, stop that. Look at that face.

Robert Scoble So disturbing.

Leo Laporte What a – a [indiscernible] (90:48) only a mother could love. What – do you think there’s any credibility to the idea that they might have sold 700,000 in the first day? Is that possible?

Jason Calacanis Absolutely.

Patrick Scoble I think it is.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Patrick Scoble I think it is.

Leo Laporte Predictions for sales in the first year?

Patrick Scoble No, no, I think it’s very possible. The UPS trucks here were very, very busy dropping off iPads all day long. And I don’t know, based on what I am seeing I think it’s very possible.

Jason Calacanis There is going to be a lot of interest in this device because of the hand feel. I think people really are like it’s kind of – like the iPhone, it has such major buzz around it, people are just going to get it. I picked it up, I went to dinner with my wife and we were using it in a restaurant and literally, we had 15 people around us in the restaurant.

And then we went to the movies. So as I was walking in the movie there, I just held it up in the air, and I said “I have an iPad.” Literally, it was very obnoxious but funny. I have a video of it, I have to get from my brother-in-law. But I was just walking around, going “this is an iPad. This is an iPad. Would anybody like to touch it?” And literally, there were 30 people around me touching the iPad. And the manager of the movie – came over and said, “sir, you have to stop that.” And I said, “stop what?” He goes, “you’re advertising an iPad”. I said, “I don’t work for Apple.” He goes, “sir, I can’t have you trying to sell an iPad in here.”

Leo Laporte ‘I’m not selling it!’

Jason Calacanis I’d never sell my iPad, what are you talking about? But it’s got that – if you remember when you – when I first got the iPhone, maybe they were sold out for a month of two? And when the first gen one came out and I was at a poker table and I took it out and go look, I flopped an iPhone. I put it on the table and everybody was like, “let me see the iPhone”. I was saying $5. People starting throwing me $5 chips to hold it and play with it. I gave them back.

But it’s got that same buzz. So, these things are going to sell millions. And I think parents are going to buy this for their kids. I think kids are going to like this more than they like an Xbox. It’s got more appeal than an Xbox or a PlayStation or I guess a Nintendo.

Robert Scoble Patrick has already said that.

Leo Laporte Really? You would rather have this than an Xbox, Patrick?

Patrick Scoble Well, I’m already looking a new thing to replace my laptop, so why can’t I replace my Xbox, too?

Leo Laporte I wonder, if schools – my kids’ school give them a MacBook when they matriculate, $1,000 MacBook. And I’m wondering if these schools might be looking at this as an alternative – I don’t know, is it as complete?

Jason Calacanis No. You can’t replace that for school. You need a keyboard, I mean, this keyboard sucks.

Patrick Scoble I disagree. I disagree.

Jason Calacanis I haven’t looked at the Pages app yet, but if it’s – it’s good enough and you have the keyboard attachment, why not? Load it up, spend the $10.

Robert Scoble All right, we’re spending the $10.

Leo Laporte I already bought Pages, Keynote and iWork as – the whole iWork suite and as many did, Numbers and it’s – yeah, it’s totally usable. And I frankly like the keyboard, although…

Jason Calacanis Wait a second…

Leo Laporte All you have to do is give them a $60 Bluetooth keyboard then get a full keyboard then.

Robert Scoble Patrick’s been typing on the forums on the iPad. He’s doing just fine.

Patrick Scoble Yeah. I mean, the keyboard’s very useful, I think. I would definitely want a physical keyboard I was going to write a paper on it. But I have a Bluetooth one.

Jason Calacanis That’s what I am talking about. If you’re going to write two sentences, you’re fine. If you’re going to write over a paragraph, you’re dead in the water.

Leo Laporte What about – maybe that’s why they didn’t put cameras in it, actually. What about text books? I imagine that all your text books would be on here, right?

Robert Scoble I would love that.

Leo Laporte That’s why – by the way, that’s where you’d want multitasking, because you don’t want to quit the text book to go to the word processor to come back to the text book.

Robert Scoble Absolutely.

Leo Laporte So maybe you need this and a laptop.

Robert Scoble Maybe, at least the screen is big enough. I mean, yeah.

Leo Laporte I think though, that – let me put it this way. How much – school books for my kids this year were over $1,500. So if you could cut $500 off the cost of the books and throw in an iPad, it’s a push. You cut even more off the cost of the books, I’m ahead.

Patrick Scoble Yeah. Let’s look at what this disrupts, right? It disrupts the book industry. It disrupts the car entertainment industry, right? Because if you buy a new Toyota, and you put a DVD system in there, it costs about 2 or $3,000 for that. Well I can buy two iPads for the back of the car for a thousand, you are already a thousand ahead and you have better devices.

Leo Laporte Interesting.

A couple of other quick notes. Ed Roberts, the man who started MITS and made the first kit computer, the MITS Altair, the computer that was on the cover of Popular Mechanics magazine, the cover that so inspired Bill Gates that he and Paul Allen said, quick, this must need software, let’s write BASIC. They wrote a BASIC in simulation, without access to an Altair, flew to Phoenix – I’m sorry, Albuquerque – where Ed Roberts lived and where MITS was located. And sold them BASIC and began a company called Microsoft.

Ed Roberts passed away this week at the age of 68 of pneumonia. It’s an interesting story. He sold his company, MITS, a few years later with a five year non-compete, got out of computers, became a physician, something he’d always wanted to do and he has been practicing as a physician ever since. Apparently Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates visited him last week on his deathbed in quite a moving scene. He was the guy who really made Microsoft happen. And made the personal computer revolution happen.

And he’s kind of unknown. But I think he liked it that way. I have a feeling he didn’t want to be known as a pioneer, he wanted to be known as a country doctor.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, sad.

Leo Laporte We all go.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, we will go. That’s classy move by Bill Gates.

Leo Laporte I think that it was really touching. Let me see if I get the quote. Because he was Macon, Georgia. Bill Gates flew to his bedside. And let me see if I can find this. “Ed was willing” – this is on the website, the, a joint statement from Bill Gates and Paul Allen, quote: “Ed was willing to take a chance on us. Two young guys interested in computers long before they were commonplace, and we have always been grateful to him.”

It’s a cover of Popular Electronics, January 1975. Bill dropped out of Harvard. Paul Allen left his job at Honeywell. And Microsoft and Microsoft BASIC were born.

Patrick Scoble Amazing. The Altair.

Leo Laporte Ed Roberts was interviewed in the year 2001 and he says, “Bill Gates was a very bright kid but he was a constant headache at MITS You couldn’t reason with him,” he added. “He did his thing, things his way, or not at all.”

Patrick Scoble That is the, that was the MO of Gates for a long time. He basically is – people told me like if he’s in the room, it’s basically like game over. It’s – he’s going to tell you what’s what, and if you tell him any kind of dissenting opinion, he’s going to explain exactly how wrong you are and in ten minutes you’re going to realize exactly how wrong you are and move on. But he’s become a real philosopher and very enlightened in his third act, I think.

Leo Laporte Somebody who knows Steve fairly well recently said the same thing has happened to Steve Jobs perhaps because of his illness. Steve was as confrontational as ‘my way or the highway’ as Bill. In fact, they’re both famous for their tempers and thinking they’re the smartest people in the room and having no patience for fools. But like Bill Gates, who’s mellowed with his retirement, they say that Steve has also become a little more zen, a little more centered, a little more focused less likely to blow up at you. He still very firmly believes what he believes, as I’m sure Bill does. But.

Patrick Scoble I got a chance to talk to Bill at TED. And he’s just so smart. He’s thinking a lot about nuclear and other kinds of energy, particularly for the third world. And he’s just so smart and has such a command of the subject that he is interested in, you can tell he just voraciously reads on whatever topic he is interested and he memorizes facts in a way that my brain doesn’t memorize them. And he’s able to debate and interact with people and learn from them. And I saw this go on right in the hallways. He's really a remarkable person from that aspect of it.

Leo Laporte Well, congratulations – congratulations – condolences, I should say, to Ed Robert’s family and congratulations to Floyd Norman, our winner of an iPad and to LisaTickledPink, Lisa Etheridge who got herself an iPad for putting up with us. Thank you very much, Jason Calacanis, for being here. Happy Easter to you both, I haven’t said that. And I love your pictures of London. You keep those coming.

Jason Calacanis Yes, absolutely. Fatherhood has been the greatest thing of my life, hands down.

Leo Laporte Did you do – I guess she’s too little to do an Easter egg hunt then?

Jason Calacanis Too little but we went to the park today where there was an Easter egg hunt and it’s amazing, I’m like waking up at – I don’t know if you had this experience when you first had kids or whatever – waking up at 6 o’clock in the morning, 6:30 in the morning just to hang out with her, like – it’s – I spend two hours with her every morning when she is like the most alert, it’s like the two best hours of the day everyday.

Leo Laporte That’s so neat.

Jason Calacanis I’m totally drunk on it.

Leo Laporte I know how you feel.

Jason Calacanis It’s just unbelievable. I like the – happiest moments when I look at her eyes and I – like we’re just sitting there and she starts laughing and I have this amazing feeling of joy and contentedness that I have never experienced in my life.

I highly recommend everybody who is in the TWiT listening audience, make a baby.

Leo Laporte Make a baby. And there is…

Jason Calacanis …or practice.

Leo Laporte There is Robert’s – where do you get this video, Robert, is it Milan?

Robert Scoble This is taken in the new Kelley Park in San Jose, California. They just reworked, re-decorated the park to a cost of $72 million --

Leo Laporte Wow!

Robert Scoble …put rides in there. It’s really a great place to take young kids to. And Milan just loved this rollercoaster. He wants to ride it forever. It’s not – actually off of Flickr which shows again Flickr has gone with the iPad compatible video and so I shot this on my 5D and I uploaded it to Flickr. And now you can play that video on iPad.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t that awesome? And I’ve been looking at Floyd’s – Floyd Norman’s Twitter account. And in fact I think he probably joined Twitter to win an iPad because Lisa is his second follow, second person he followed after creating his Twitter account. So I have a feeling he is there because of it. I am really glad Floyd won and I hope we can get him on the show next week. I thank you all for being here. Robert Scoble is the scobleizer; is his blog. Does Patrick have a blog? He wants to blog, Robert?

Robert Scoble I don’t know.

Patrick Scoble No, not at that moment.

Robert Scoble He has a Facebook and a MySpace page but --

Leo Laporte Eh, what you’re going to do?

Robert Scoble Hold on. Hold on. I’ve got a video for you to pull up. It’s a video of the first – what it’s like to be first on line at the Apple store.

Jason Calacanis I saw that. That was – that looked like a cult – that video.

Leo Laporte You were on CNN, right?

Robert Scoble Oh! yeah.

Leo Laporte Breaking through the line?

Robert Scoble Yeah. There we go. Well, this is what it’s like to be at the Apple store. We waited 22 hours for that…

Leo Laporte What fun. Yeah, we had our cameras out there but they got tired and went home.

Robert Scoble And in the line was the kid who wrote Chatroulette, he stayed all night…

Leo Laporte The kid who wrote Chatroulette was in the Palo Alto store, and well, I think he was a Russian kid.

Robert Scoble He was there from Moscow. He went to – he came to Palo Alto just to hang out in line with us. And, Jason, you think your sites are incredible. He is – in three months Chatroulette’s gotten 20 million unique news in just the last 30 days. He showed me his Google Analytics.

Jason Calacanis It’s just crazy.

Leo Laporte Unbelievable, unbelievable.

Jason Calacanis Global trend, I mean…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis How you’re monetizing what you do from here, I mean, that’s really the question.

Robert Scoble There were two VCs, one sleeping on both sides of it. I have a feeling that somebody has a way to make money with us.

Leo Laporte He is the next [indiscernible] (103:46), I think.

Jason Calacanis You know what, that’s more reflective of the fact that VCs have no idea what they are doing…

Leo Laporte Yeah, no imagination.

Jason Calacanis …80% of the time.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis And 20% having to do with what he’s built, which is so significant but venture capitalists are so unimaginative that if they just see some thing spike, they are like oh, let me throw money at that.

Leo Laporte It’s good to me, I’ll take it.

Jason Calacanis Can I see that curve one more time? The curve is going up like a hockey stick.

Leo Laporte Here’s some money.

Jason Calacanis is at That’s the place to go to find out – hey, by the way thank you for the white-label, what is it TWiT?

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte What is it,

Jason Calacanis Yeah, no, just TWiT Questions. Basically we have – we took our Mahalo Answers platform and we made it white-label-able, so it’s like sort of WordPress for Q&A sites. So it’s TWiT Questions, which has no questions yet or…

Leo Laporte We have publicized it yet.

Jason Calacanis That’s true. Or iPad-Answers, iPad-Answers, I’m sorry, we have a dash in the name, it’s terrible. But iPad-Answers is like a little vertical community, just for iPad and all those questions get syndicated back to Mahalo. But if you don’t want to deal with Mahalo and all the other stuff going on then you can just have a pure experience of answering just those questions.

Leo Laporte That’s cool.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, so we’re going to do it like we did one for Toyota Answers, which is just all Toyota cars, so my concept is take the Q&A platform and build it out into verticals like I did for Weblogs, Inc. but have all of that content syndicate back up to a mother load database for other questions out there. So there is a big strategy to it. But I just threw this together for you.

Leo Laporte Thank you.

Jason Calacanis Take a look at that.

Leo Laporte Thank you.

Robert Scoble Wait, Leo, before we go, we didn’t talk about accessories at all for this thing like cases or – anyway, here is the cat stand for your iPad.

Leo Laporte This is Veronica Belmont’s stand. Just put the iPad – it does need a stand but you just put it on your cat’s butt. And you know the beauty of this because it doesn’t get hot, you don’t have to worry about that.

Jason Calacanis Is the cat Bluetooth enabled or no?

Leo Laporte No, but it does have a USB port. All right, everybody. Thank you for being here. We really appreciate it. First time we’ve had an earthquake live on TWiT. Thanks to Xeni Jardin and also We’ll see you next week. I am Leo Laporte. Another TWiT is in the can.


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