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Episode 243


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This is TWiT: this WEEK in TECH, episode 243 for April 12, 2010: Eat A Hot Bowl Of Nintendo Wiis.

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It’s time for TWiT: this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers all the tech news. Joining us in studio today, I’m really happy to have Mr. Brian Brushwood from Scam School.

Brian Brushwood Howdy!

Leo Laporte And NSFW. Do you see who’s sitting over your left shoulder there…

Brian Brushwood That’s Danger Dane Golden if I’m not mistaken.

Leo Laporte Danger Dane Golden, just be careful because he could lose it at any moment.

Brian Brushwood He seems like a nice guy, but we got the Secret Dan Golden tapes. He would cut you.

Leo Laporte Yeah. We had to believe that sucker. Oh my god. He swears it’s like a sailor. It’s found on that film.

Brian Brushwood We actually – I remember the first day in the first episode, with the Name That Autocomplete that we did.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood Some folks actually put together an entire website where you could play the game yourself at…

Leo Laporte Oh! Cool.

Brian Brushwood …At

Leo Laporte Oh! What fun.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, a couple of guys. I told them I gave their names because I couldn’t believe that they busted it out like three days, it was James Thompson of the CSS and Jim Jatho put it together. But it’s – we got badges that we made for everything different achievements and so the overall winner with the best record gets the King Leo badge on Nintendo Wii.

Leo Laporte That’s better than We Rule. That’s awesome. Name That Autocomplete. Wow, this is fantastic.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, basically it’s the same rules. Because you know the autocomplete is on Google. When you start to type in a person’s name, it does the most commonly search terms with them.

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood And the idea is, it’s kind of Google proof, because it gives you the related search terms, you’ve got to figure out who the person is.

Leo Laporte You sound a little hoarse, you okay or just too much talking.

Brian Brushwood Two days of Scam School…

Leo Laporte Scam School.

Brian Brushwood We’re always at the bars and you got to shout to be heard.

Leo Laporte And it’s smoky.

Brian Brushwood Then last night it was Prager’s party, we actually shot at David Prager’s place.

Leo Laporte Oh! had fun.

Brian Brushwood We got a little bit loud a long time.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Also with us, it’s great to see you once again Baratunde Thurston. How are you?

Baratunde Thurston I am wonderful, sirs. Good to be back.

Leo Laporte In studio.

Baratunde Thurston Yes, up in Petaluma.

Leo Laporte The last time I saw both of you guys was Austin, Texas.

Baratunde Thurston Yeah, that was a great time. This is basically a little Austin, right now.

Leo Laporte Mini South by Southwest right now.

Baratunde Thurston All the important parts.

Leo Laporte Yeah. All the good parts. Yes, I’ll tell you who else is here that really makes it good, it’s Veronica Belmont of Tekzilla fame.

Veronica Belmont Hello.

Leo Laporte Looking like a movie star in her backlit suite.

Veronica Belmont I know it’s getting a little bit brighter out there, I apologize for that. I cannot control the weather.

Baratunde Thurston It’s going from movie star to like the Matrix. Now she looks like she is in the – she is in that bright room in the Matrix.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it is that white room behind her. It’s great to see you. You went to South by right?

Veronica Belmont Yeah, I was only there for two days, we did the gadget party.

Leo Laporte That’s right.

Veronica Belmont And did Buzz Out Loud and just hung out for a night or two and then came back.

Leo Laporte It’s fun. I really enjoyed – I’m going back next year, I really had a great time.

Veronica Belmont I’m glad you got to go.

Leo Laporte Finally.

Veronica Belmont It was good to see the video of you crowds. Loved it.

Leo Laporte It was a treat. We should do North by Northwest maybe.

Brian Brushwood There we go.

Leo Laporte Maybe chillier.

Baratunde Thurston North by northeast, just bring it to Brooklyn.

Leo Laporte All right. Brooklyn in the house. So there is so much to talk about and you know last week we just – bit of pretty much did the iPad. But I guess we should do a quick run because we haven’t talked to you guys. Baratunde, you have an iPad for the first time.

Baratunde Thurston I have the Onion’s company iPad. I had to retrieve it from my boss to make sure he hands it over.

Leo Laporte Forgot to mention you are the political editor.

Baratunde Thurston Political editor Onion.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Baratunde Thurston Online strategy digital thing person.

Leo Laporte Yeah, as well as standup comic.

Baratunde Thurston Yeah.

Leo Laporte Just an all-round great guy and the host of Popular Science’s…

Baratunde Thurston Future Of.

Leo Laporte …Future Of.

Baratunde Thurston At Future Of.

Leo Laporte Well, it feels like there’s something missing when I say Future Of.

Baratunde Thurston That’s – it’s a dot, dot, dot

Leo Laporte Dot, dot, dot

Baratunde Thurston Actually, like in search of.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Leo Laporte Future Of.

Veronica Belmont Dot, dot, dot. Yeah, that’s implied.

Leo Laporte The dot, dot, dot is implied. So what do you think?

Baratunde Thurston I think this is a beautiful device to both look at and touch. I actually, I hung out last Saturday with a bunch of people who bought iPads, and I pretended to buy one.

Leo Laporte Hey! You waited in the line but you didn’t get one.

Baratunde Thurston I waited in the line and I just held up my backpack when I left and I…

Leo Laporte And they cheered?

Baratunde Thurston [Indiscernible] (05:12) ‘we did it, we did it.’

Leo Laporte Oh! Yeah.

Baratunde Thurston And they patted me on the back and I exited the store and there was a big rush of enthusiasm.

Leo Laporte This is a special place in hell for people who pretend to buy an iPad.

Baratunde Thurston There’s a special place in hell for cheering to purchase an object.

Leo Laporte Oh! Actually, you know, you are right.

Baratunde Thurston This – it was like…

Leo Laporte To be honest. You are right.

Baratunde Thurston Buy it. That said….

Brian Brushwood So what did you do once you got in side, you just like – they are like – well, can you get you like – nothing, nothing.

Baratunde Thurston I was like, I’m good.

Leo Laporte Really? I am good. I don’t need anything, thanks.

Brian Brushwood Have you got an Apple TV around here, I was looking for an Apple TV.

Baratunde Thurston Actually the guy – I was with the co-founder of [indiscernible] (5:46) a really cool dude named [indiscernible] (5:47) and he came and he is like – do you guys saw Office?


Leo Laporte No, sorry. You must leave.

Baratunde Thurston No, but on the merits of the device itself, I’d say it was a very fun observation to see everybody do the unboxing which was Starbucks, but there was Wi-Fi. And half of them realized they couldn’t use it, because they didn’t have their laptops with them.

Leo Laporte Incredibly bizarre, that you have to plug it into iTunes.

Baratunde Thurston Device tethered to a specific cloud which is Apple tethered to a computer. So it’s not an independent……

Leo Laporte Well.

Veronica Belmont How is that bizarre? I mean, you had to do the same thing with the iPhone when you first turned it on.

Leo Laporte Because you had to pay for – you had to subscribe to AT&T service.

Baratunde Thurston Right.

Leo Laporte I could kind of understand that. Once you do that, weird sync thing you no longer need to touch it again.

Baratunde Thurston That’s right. It really muted their enthusiasm.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I think so.

Baratunde Thurston In the first 30 minutes.

Leo Laporte And rightly so.

Baratunde Thurston They ripped it open, they’re sweating, and tears are coming down their face, and they’re trying to feel the face of god.

Brian Brushwood Were they actual tears?

Baratunde Thurston And no…

Leo Laporte The face of the god and his eyes are closed.

Baratunde Thurston And they had to go home…

Brian Brushwood And god was napping. Like in the sleep mode.

Leo Laporte I will not look at you.

Baratunde Thurston And then the other shock was after we left the Starbucks, went out to brunch and people took them out and there was no Wi-Fi and suddenly this device became a beautiful brick.

Leo Laporte It really isn’t much fun without Wi-Fi.

Baratunde Thurston It was useless and…

Veronica Belmont I saw a lot of people with them at WonderCon actually, because it was right down the street from the Moscone Center where people were picking it up at the Apple Store and then they were just carrying it around WonderCon and getting pictures of like people in Cosplay outfit, so it was really funny.

Leo Laporte The [indiscernible] (7:12) yeah. You have one too Veronica, well Ryan – you and Ryan sharing one right, the gdgt – the one …….

Veronica Belmont Well, you know that’s – the problem I have with that is that you can’t really share it. He has one that he is using for review purposes and I have not purchased one and I just wish they had multiple user profiles, because that way I could have all my applications and you mentioned We Rule, I can’t log out of that and log back in…

Leo Laporte Right. It’s your We Rule.

Veronica Belmont ...and switch accounts.

Leo Laporte That’s right.

Veronica Belmont Yeah. And you can’t have multiple...

Leo Laporte I think that’s one of...

Veronica Belmont Application, so...

Leo Laporte That to me is one of the things that I actually like about the iPad is it’s an intimate device. It’s the most personal…

Veronica Belmont Yeah, but not everyone in the family can afford it an intimate luxury device.

Leo Laporte Yeah – no, I know, it’s an intimate luxury. You’re right.

Baratunde Thurston That’s one of the fun parts, when you look at the state of the economy and Apple chooses now to push – to really like manufacture demand.

Leo Laporte Right.

Baratunde Thurston In some ways it’s inspiring in other ways it’s sort of odd.

Brian Brushwood Well, you were meaning, disgusting.

Baratunde Thurston No, but look.

Leo Laporte If you want, you can buy a $250 netbook, it does more. If you really want that and has log-ins, has profiles, has multi-tasking, has cameras, has Flash, it’s not as good, in my opinion, but you can and that satisfies people, all the people complain about it well, nobody is making you buy an iPad.

Baratunde Thurston No, that’s true no one is making you. I just – I’m – I’ve always – I mean, I come on the show and said this before I have this very split Apple opinion, I love the product, but – and I have some concern...

Leo Laporte We’re all in that world now.

Baratunde Thurston Well, here is the process, I was looking for news apps because we’re trying to think about what an Onion iPad that might be. And it was sort of messing around with ideas. So I want to see the top rated news apps.

Leo Laporte Right.

Baratunde Thurston So I go to the app store. I see sort by and my choices are recent, featured or…

Leo Laporte Top grossing – talk about gross…

Baratunde Thurston You cannot sort – you can’t sort it by customer rating. I can’t find the app that most people have rated highly.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Baratunde Thurston They have the data.

Leo Laporte That’s a flaw.

Baratunde Thurston They don’t expose that.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Baratunde Thurston Now, that’s the tiny, tiny thing but you’ve enabled a three-finger touch, which you don’t let me sort by product rating.

Leo Laporte That is a little odd.

Baratunde Thurston Actually it’s weird. And I don’t think it is just an oversight.

Leo Laporte You don’t think it’s an oversight?

Baratunde Thurston That’s a really obvious, every online store in the world, let’s you sort by user ratings to see what the community likes the best. Apples wants to know because they want you to go to ones they feature.

Leo Laporte They want to control it.

Baratunde Thurston Yeah. They determine what’s best.

Leo Laporte You know…

Baratunde Thurston [Indiscernible] (9:40)

Leo Laporte They keep take out – they finally – an iPhone 4.0, one of the complaints about iPhone apps, when you remove an iPhone app, it asks you to rate it. And developers hate this, because what you get most of the ratings are from people who are uninstalling your app.

Veronica Belmont I always wondered about it.

Leo Laporte They are all negative, right? So finally they listened to developers and changed that. I think that they would listen to people and change? I don’t know if that – I don’t know understand – I don’t think that there is – there is a marginal value to Apple to have the featured thing be over the rating thing. I think that’s fair…

Baratunde Thurston I think – just I mean, how long has an item store been out there? This is years now.

Leo Laporte Do you think they’d have fixed that?

Baratunde Thurston Yes. So, I don’t know.

Leo Laporte Amazon does it; everybody else does, sort by rating…

Baratunde Thurston eBay, Amazon...

Leo Laporte That’s how – in fact that’s the default.

Baratunde Thurston Yes.

Leo Laporte That’s odd, I never noticed that.

Baratunde Thurston There’s a crowd that tap into it.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Baratunde Thurston Anyway, I think it’s – some of the news apps are really interesting.

Leo Laporte You know, maybe – almost.

Baratunde Thurston Some of them are too interesting to be useful.

Leo Laporte It might be – yes, like…

Baratunde Thurston So, I like Time is very confusing model.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Baratunde Thurston I think what’s Apple’s…

Leo Laporte Because they sold one issue for 4.99.

Baratunde Thurston They’ve removed all the