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Episode 251


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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, Episode 251, recorded June 6, 2010: Flop Sweat.

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It’s time for TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers all the latest tech news and kind of a young panel today making me look hip with it. Actually could go either way, could make me look really old and out of it. Starting with Mark Milian from the Los Angeles Times always glad to have Mark on the show, you’re in town today? That’s nice!

Mark Milian Always great to be here especially in studio.

Leo Laporte I asked if you are here for WWDC, but you haven’t decided whether to go or not?

Mark Milian Well, I ran into Gate from Technium and Alexia from SF Weekly earlier and our plan is to just sneak in, because I didn’t plan in advance.

Leo Laporte Oh, sure, because Apple has so little security shouldn’t be any trouble.

Mark Milian I think we’ll do Mission Impossible stuff from the rafters.

Leo Laporte What? Are you going to have rubber masks?

Mark Milian Maybe.

Leo Laporte I love that – I love that when they peel off the mask and look it’s not, it’s Martin Landau. We thought it was Mark Milian but it’s Martin Landau also here with us. Glad to have you back, but the last time I saw you Julio Ojeda-Zapata was at – in January at the iPad announcement.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata Quite right.

Leo Laporte You came back out to the…

Julio Ojeda-Zapata It was the first time you and I shook hands at the…

Leo Laporte That’s right, it’s very nice to meet you…

Julio Ojeda-Zapata …IRL.

Leo Laporte …in real life as they say. First time on the show in real life as a matter of fact.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata And I am the other [indiscernible] (2:45) on the show so I can get on. [ph] Not to worry about that (2:48).

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah that’s true, you got a little grey hair there. From the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the web blog, Good to have you Julio, you are out here for WWDC, you would admit that. All right, good to know. Also with us for the first time, very glad to get him on. I’ve been dying to get him on for a long time from Engadget. He is the Editor-in-Chief, he’s also the host of Engadget’s great Gadget Podcast Joshua Topolsky. It’s good to have you Joshua.

Joshua Topolsky Thanks for having me, good to be here.

Leo Laporte You like Josh or Joshua?

Joshua Topolsky Whatever you prefer is fine with me. They both work, I respond to both.

Leo Laporte Good to have you.

Joshua Topolsky Ladies’ choice.

Leo Laporte You’re in a hotel, where are you?

Joshua Topolsky I am in San Francisco. I am in a few blocks from Moscone. You want my exact location?

Leo Laporte Yeah, I already have that on Foursquare, it’s okay.

Joshua Topolsky Yeah.

Leo Laporte No, I’m – I’m just – so you’re based in New York?

Joshua Topolsky Yeah, I am in Brooklyn. Well, I live in Brooklyn, I usually work from…

Leo Laporte Cool.

Joshua Topolsky Office in [indiscernible] (3:44), but we have [ph] AOL’s (3:43) offices in the city.

Leo Laporte And you have – you have the beautiful offices on the Lincoln Circle, that’s really nice spot there.

Joshua Topolsky Yeah, we’ve moved now though. It’s there all downtown.

Leo Laporte Oh, really?

Joshua Topolsky Yeah!

Leo Laporte What about that beautiful building they built there with a ding, and a hung, and a ding, that’s there…

Joshua Topolsky I think we lost it in the divorce.

Leo Laporte You’re kidding, so that’s now Time Warner’s?

Joshua Topolsky Yeah, I don’t think they use that anymore.

Leo Laporte Columbus Circle not Lincoln, it’s Columbus Circle.

Joshua Topolsky Yeah.

Leo Laporte But it’s a beautiful building. They just built that.

Joshua Topolsky I think I haven’t been there since my initial interview about working with Engadget.

Leo Laporte Well, never mind, downtown’s better anyway, it’s hipper.

Joshua Topolsky It’s cooler.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s much more with it. So, you’re in town I take it for WWDC as well?

Joshua Topolsky Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, we’re going to be covering it live, so.

Leo Laporte Live blogging…

Joshua Topolsky As live as possible.

Leo Laporte Yeah, well, you won’t make the mistake I made and I’ve never been invited back. I just picked up my laptop at the iPad announcement and pointed it at Steve.

Joshua Topolsky I heard about this.

Leo Laporte Yeah, he gave me the stink eye too I could tell he could see me.

Joshua Topolsky You knew? He probably [ph] has a button (4:44), right because it’s kind of a…

Leo Laporte I was surprised that there wasn’t an injector seat actually, I was surprised I didn’t go flying through the ceiling but I do notice that I haven’t been invited to an Apple event since but of course it’s only been a few months.

Joshua Topolsky Yeah.

Leo Laporte Time heals all wounds. There you go.

Joshua Topolsky [indiscernible] (4:58)

Leo Laporte Oh, shut up. I was trying to be on the optimistic side.

Joshua Topolsky Are you – you’re going tomorrow?

Leo Laporte Well, like I said I haven’t actually been invited to any Apple event in a while.

Joshua Topolsky They might not put it well for your…

Leo Laporte And I don’t care.

Joshua Topolsky Send them flowers.

Leo Laporte Steve and I, we’ve had this off and on love-hate relationship for many decades. It’s okay. He knows I love him deeply in spirit. Do you think gentlemen, gentlemen of the press, I’ve got some theories about what will happen at WWDC but I am curious what you think, I guess we all agree a new iPhone will be announced.

Mark Milian Oh, yes.

Joshua Topolsky Maybe.

Leo Laporte Did you say maybe?

Joshua Topolsky Never know.

Leo Laporte You don’t know, do you?

Joshua Topolsky [indiscernible] (5:42) is there a new iPhone tomorrow, something has gone horribly wrong.

Leo Laporte Well, it’s true that there’s such expectation when Steve takes the stage that if he just says I want to talk about iPhone for the SDK, your developers, let’s talk a little bit about some of the features, the API, some of the hooks we are building in for you developers and then leaves that he would be eaten alive by the press, right, because what, you’re running, you can’t do that.

Joshua Topolsky It’s be very odd. I mean at this point, I think we expect it. It’s – this is what happens to WWDC. They are going to talk about a lot of other stuff.

Leo Laporte Well, here’s a real question. Julio, do you think that the iPhone will be available tomorrow? Bill announced it, will it be available?

Julio Ojeda-Zapata Oh well, I suspect they will announce it and then will release it in a week or two.

Leo Laporte A week or two?

Julio Ojeda-Zapata Yeah.

Leo Laporte Joshua, what’s the line on that?

Joshua Topolsky I think we’ve heard – that sounds – that’s very possible. We’ve heard June 20th or 27th, some dates around there, so…

Leo Laporte They have booked – apparently on the 27th they have booked Moscone again. Maybe because…

Joshua Topolsky That’s odd.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s odd. It might be simply that they weren’t sure when WWDC would be and they are recovering their bets, because they didn’t announce WWDC till kind of…

Joshua Topolsky Late.

Leo Laporte Late?

Joshua Topolsky Yeah. But I agree with Julio. I think that it’s going to be not the [indiscernible] (6:58). I just don’t see them doing that.

Leo Laporte Why not?

Joshua Topolsky Well, I mean, I think they like to build a little hype. They want people to wait in line. Now if you do the [indiscernible] (7:07), people just run into stores.

Mark Milian But they have a hype built for them by tech blogs, by [indiscernible] (7:10).

Leo Laporte Gee, people just into stores and buy it, how horrible is that? I mean [indiscernible] (7:15)

Joshua Topolsky What’s better? They run into stores or they wait and then they have to get in line and then the news covers, these are a lot crazy lines for new Apple product.

Leo Laporte They do not wait too long because I think there is things like the Sprint EVO that could very well eat some of their sales if they wait too long, don’t you think?

Joshua Topolsky I think it’s already happening, right?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Joshua Topolsky I mean lot of people are – I mean I’ve got emails from people saying – should I get this, I got to get this, I can’t help myself. So, the EVO I mean.

Leo Laporte I love the EVO. I am loving it.

Joshua Topolsky Yeah, great.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata Can I tell about the EVO?

Leo Laporte Yes, please Julio. Tell me about the EVO.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata Okay, I brought the EVO on this trip. I did a couple of wacky things. I didn’t bring a laptop, I only brought iPads for [ph] my activity (7:56).

Leo Laporte I noticed that. You are going to do the whole – but wait a minute, now folks he’s got two. What’s the deal with two iPads?

Julio Ojeda-Zapata Well, I am a deeply paranoid person and I am taking a leap here as okay iPad I’m trusting you but I am bringing two.

Leo Laporte And I am only trusting you a little bit. Two just in case you lose one?

Julio Ojeda-Zapata Well, I – you know the whole 10 to 11 hour battery life…

Leo Laporte You’re using one for Twitter, aren’t you? [indiscernible] (8:21)

Julio Ojeda-Zapata No, the whole 10 to 11 hour battery life. I am not seeing that. I am running out to choose.

Leo Laporte You’re not?

Julio Ojeda-Zapata Yeah, so I’m switching between iPads because they keep running out of, gees, I don’t know if they are defective or something.

Joshua Topolsky You got some [indiscernible] (8:32) right?

Mark Milian But if you are running on 3G…

Julio Ojeda-Zapata Yeah, that might be it.

Leo Laporte And you’re multitasking? Somebody said that’s the best way to multitask is by multiple iPads.

Joshua Topolsky Yeah. That’s what [indiscernible] (8:40) he had two iPhones. I interviewed him and he had – he said multitasking, well I just have two iPhones.

Leo Laporte That’s how Steve would like to multitask, just buy more.

Joshua Topolsky Yeah.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata But by – the EVO I brought – I brought the iPad for productivity. I brought the EVO as my mission critical smartphone.

Leo Laporte Ooh, that might have been a mistake.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata And the thing is driving me nuts.

Leo Laporte Why? Why [indiscernible] (9:01)?

Julio Ojeda-Zapata I don’t know if it’s a EVO problem or an Android problem but the – it’s just the performance is really flaky getting all kinds of error messages.

Leo Laporte No, I haven’t had that.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata A lot of force quits, a lot of pop ups.

Leo Laporte No, I haven’t seen that. I think you have got a problem. I think you had a bad equipment, that’s it.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata Yeah, maybe.

Joshua Topolsky Maybe it’s a [indiscernible] (9:17) one, what you’re running, maybe it’s a particular app or collection of…

Leo Laporte That’s one thing with Android is really true is that you can hose your Android by running a third-party app, it’s not very good. I’ve been very cautious about what apps I install and uninstall apps frequently just to make sure that they’re not – if I see battery life issues or that kind of thing. Are you running just the stock stuff?

Julio Ojeda-Zapata I am just telling you, the stock stuff is driving me nuts. But you know the other thing we’re talking Android versus Apple and I just want to make a point. I’ve used a lot of Android phones. I like Android very much. I am a big fan of Android, but every time I put on an Android phone and pick up an old [indiscernible] (9:55) an iPod Touch that I have lying around and I start using it. There’s a fluidity to the iPhone OS that I have yet to see on any Android phone. There is somebody at Apple that knows something that nobody else knows because the fluidity, the ease of use of the iPhone OS is amazing. Every time I put on an Android phone that I have been using for many days, pick up that iPod Touch I still see that difference, that little subtle thing about Apple hardware versus Android is something that Google has not [ph] nail yet (10:23).

Leo Laporte I hear people say that I mean, [ph] any nachos (10:25) says that and I’ve been – I [ph] banned (10:28) the iPhone in January for the Nexus One and have not looked back. I have been very happy especially now with Android 2.2 on this thing, it’s just great. Joshua, you use a lot of phones, do you have an opinion?

Joshua Topolsky Yeah, I think some people – I mean I totally know what really you are saying, I mean, I think some people are really sensitive that I am, the fit and finish the – every [indiscernible] (10:47).

Leo Laporte Are you saying I am insensitive?

Joshua Topolsky Well, I mean to – maybe just to this one thing. I too find, every time I get a new phone the first thing I do is I take – I get the icon screen up and I start to sort of go back and forth my finger like I guess as quickly as possible, because I want to see how it’s tracking, right, what the finger tracking is like and if you do it you compare Android to an iPhone and I know this sounds completely insane, but you do see there is something in the finger tracking, into the smoothness of the experience, that looks fine but if I showed you side by side you’d see how much lag it actually had compared to an iPhone. The iPhone tracks [ph] to a T (11:21).

Leo Laporte The iPhone is on a – it is on a processor that’s one-third is fast.

Joshua Topolsky Doesn’t matter. I know it doesn’t matter, it’s about – I mean it’s about [indiscernible] (11:31).

Leo Laporte People always say that – I have to say people always say that in the early Macintosh days and it was true that the mouse and the Macintosh was direct drive, and on Windows it felt like it was like a little [ph] laggy (11:40).

Joshua Topolsky It was like – it felt like it was floating above the actual [ph] glass (11:42)...

Leo Laporte Right.

Joshua Topolsky ...right, whereas Mac it was in the OS, that’s the way the iPhone feels to me. And – so I agree but also I don’t know if its sensors gotten has made that experience a lot better. What HTC has done [indiscernible] (11:52).

Leo Laporte I do like the Sense UI. I think, well I miss 2.2, which I think is significantly faster I do like the stuff that HTC built. And what about MOTOBLUR? I haven’t played with a Moto DROID – you don’t like that