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Episode 253


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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, Episode 253, recorded June 20, 2010: E3, iPhone 4.

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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers the latest tech news, the week’s big stories and the big story this week, well there’s really only two of them. iPhone and E3 and so we brought in a bunch of people who have iPhones. They were successfully ordered iPhones and we’re at E3. It’s kind of an amazing coincidence, intersections. Starting with Jeff Gerstmann, I’m really happy to have you on.

Jeff Gerstmann And it’s great to be here.

Leo Laporte Been meaning to have Jeff on for ages. He is a long time gaming reporter started with GameSpot. You’ve worked everywhere and your current site is

Jeff Gerstmann That’s right.

Leo Laporte What does do?

Jeff Gerstmann Well, you know we have a whole editorial side and we’re going around making videos about games and telling people what they should be looking for.

Leo Laporte You were at E3 big time.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, definitely. This is a big [indiscernible] (2:22) and been to all of them. Every E3. But we also have a huge wiki database on the site, so people want to delve into the history of gaming and say, you know show me every game that takes place in space or show me every game that has grass in it or player controlled graffiti.

Leo Laporte Is there a game that has Abe Lincoln in a spacesuit, though?

Jeff Gerstmann That’s – that’s Lincoln Force, we don’t, we have nothing to announce about Lincoln Force at this time.

Leo Laporte Okay, [ph] that’s good (02:43). Thank you, Jeff for being here. It’s really nice to see you. Jeff lives in Petaluma, so it’s ridiculous that you haven’t been on before.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, hopped in my car and rolled over here. So, here we go.

Leo Laporte It really nice to have you. Also with us today from LA and the host of the Totally Rad Show. Another guy who is in – I don’t think ever been on TWiT before, Jeff Cannata. How you Jeff?

Jeff Cannata Actually one year ago, I was here for E3 last year.

Leo Laporte That’s right. We did it last year.

Jeff Cannata Yeah, that’s right.

Leo Laporte Did the same thing as a matter of fact.

Jeff Cannata Yes, I’m excited to be back on my yearly appointment.

Leo Laporte I’ve got to get you on more often. We ran into Jeff when we were covering E3 outside the Wiltern Theater where the Microsoft announcement was. So, it’s…

Jeff Cannata Got lucked out with my brand new Xbox, having been promised to me and everybody was jealous standing outside.

Leo Laporte Well, all you got was a coupon though right?

Jeff Cannata A promise is what we got.

Leo Laporte You got a promise of an Xbox 360. Also with us really, always glad to have her on, Veronica Belmont, our good friend from and the host of Qore on the Sony PlayStation 3 and blogger at Hi, Veronica?

Veronica Belmont Hi, how are you?

Leo Laporte Did you have fun at E3?

Veronica Belmont Oh, big time, yeah. It was a good trip. I think it was a really good year.

Leo Laporte This is the first E3 I’ve been to in many, many years. I went to the first E3s because my friend, [ph] Jenna Smith (3:57) who is editor-in-chief at the time of electronic entertainment magazine, they started E3 way back when, and I went to the first few shows I remember what a big deal that was.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, it was huge. I mean they were breaking off from CES and you know gaming wasn’t really getting the respect it deserved at CES, remember Vegas, they were just put out in that big tent and it was horrible howling wind and you know. So it was finally like, here was gaming making a stand and saying we matter now and here we are. What is it, 14 years later, 15 years later.

Leo Laporte It’s been kind of up and down though for E3 because for a while, didn’t they just kind of end the tradeshow and say it’s just going to be press conferences [ph] that open up (04:31).

Veronica Belmont My first E3 was the Santa Monica year, when it was all in hotel rooms, around the town, and I was like wow. This is it, huh?

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, they had to scale it back. It got too big. There were too many people getting in – they’d loosened the credentials so far at that point that if you actually wanted to get work done at the show, You were just like crowd surfing over all these people to get to your appointments and stuff, so…

Jeff Cannata Yeah, it was about fire breathing women in scantily clad outfits…

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Jeff Cannata And, giant spectacle on the show floor rather than ….

Leo Laporte Wow, it’s back, baby because that’s exactly what it was...

Jeff Gerstmann But the attendance was a little bit lower, so there is just enough breathing room to get where you need to get, it seems like they have struck a happy balance with the exception of having press conferences coincide with actual floor time. I think Sony gets the short end of the stick on that one, but, other than that little hassle, it’s a pretty good show.

Veronica Belmont Yeah, you could actually walk around a little bit and it’s very nice, much different from CES where you still have to like elbow people out of the way to get from one booth to another.

Jeff Gerstmann I just, I try not to go to CES anymore, it just scares me.

Leo Laporte Well, E3, as I said, I hadn’t been for 14 years or something like that and so, and I kind of, didn’t know exactly what to expect. I was, I thought it was fantastic, I mean the entertainment aspect of this is so important, it really is Hollywood. It’s not, and this is for us was a challenge because at TWiT we’re really geeks, we cover technology and gaming isn’t so much about technology, [ph] yes (05:50).

Jeff Gerstmann And you went on the year where everyone was dancing every five feet, so you definitely went on an interesting year.

Jeff Cannata I’d say this year was more about technology than may be previous years have been.

Leo Laporte Well thanks to Microsoft and Kinect, thanks to Sony Move, thanks to the Nintendo 3DS, those three things that was hardware, that was, it was a hardware show for those three anyway.

Jeff Cannata Yeah, and the whole idea of 3D arriving in a big way in, the consumer space at E3, that’s a lot about technology and whose technology is going to work best, whether it’s the 3DS in their 3D without glasses or Sony’s big push for televisions and 3D glasses that you have to plug in or charge. It’s a lot of different choices.

Leo Laporte Well, let’s talk about the 3DS, I take it, I wasn’t, I haven’t, I wasn’t able to touch one. We actually, we were, there was a big wall and a long line. I was only there on Tuesday, there was a long ass line going all the way round. So all we could do like Brian Brushwood, I got on my knees and Brian Brushwood got on my back and peered over the wall with a camera. So that’s the best, that’s the closest I’ve got.

Veronica Belmont That’s the picture I want to see.

Leo Laporte Well Just watch our feed you will see it. It’s not something I am proud of, but…

Jeff Gerstmann You got to get the story.

Leo Laporte Got to get the story.

Jeff Gerstmann Got to make it happen.

Veronica Belmont Whatever it takes.

Leo Laporte A very nice Japanese lady from Nintendo came over and said what the hell are you doing, get down, get down, down boy. So we didn’t really get a hands on, did you guys, Veronica did you play with the 3DS at all?

Veronica Belmont No, I didn’t get a chance to, like I said, I was only on the show floor for about three or four hours and Nintendo was not one of the stops I was able to make.

Leo Laporte It’s one of the worst things in the world is to work a conference like this because you don’t get to see it. You don’t get to be a spectator, you’re too busy covering, so you’re covering it for Qore?

Veronica Belmont Yeah, we were there and we had an off site interview space, so people were coming to us. So we didn’t have to work with the crowds and have to deal with all the noise and it worked out great, but the downside was the only hands on time was stuff I got was when people brought builds to our hotel suite. So I didn’t get a chance to try out the 3DS unfortunately.

Jeff Cannata That’s really a shame because for me seeing was believing with 3DS. I was pretty skeptical going in.

Leo Laporte I am very skeptical, sounds like virtual boy to me.

Jeff Cannata It really delivers. It’s pretty amazing technology as far as I am concerned. I was able to play with it for a while and see some of the tech demos that they were showing. They weren’t really showing full games yet and so there is a little bit of remains to be seen about what full games will be like, but the tech demos that they were showing were very impressive and the 3D, while you have to really hold it in one place still does work and it’s remarkable, I mean you have the slider on the side so you can adjust how much 3D it is giving you, but when you find that sweet spot it really does deliver both looking into the screen and popping out from the screen.

Leo Laporte Now, you can’t tilt it at [indiscernible] (08:47)

Jeff Gerstmann Well that’s – the weird thing is it actually has a tilt sensor in the console, so they will be able to make games where you will be, doing the accelerometer stuff and tilting it around but you have to stay focused directly on that screen for it to work and, for me the sweet spot ended up being a little closer to my face than I would have liked and I kind of messed around with the slider for round about 15 minutes before I found something that seemed reasonably comfortable and even that, it felt like it was working great but at any point it could fall apart and that was kind of the scary thing for me…

Jeff Cannata But it is impressive right, Jeff. I mean…

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah definitely, once you get going, it’s like, no glasses like, it’s awesome.

Veronica Belmont That’s the thing that’s great about having be a handheld is that, unlike a console where you are going to be in different parts of the room when you’re playing sometimes especially with a multi-player kind of experience, with a handheld your face is in it anyway, I mean you’re already kind of looking at it in a direct-on manner. They have been working on this technology over at Nintendo for like three years now I think and I’ve read somewhere that the 3DS is almost as powerful as the game cube, I think it [ph] was almost the (09:42) processing power of an actual, like older Nintendo console, so that’s pretty neat.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, I think visually that pans out, I mean if you look at what they are showing for the new Kid Icarus game and what they are showing for, there is a Metal Gear Solid 3 kind of non-interactive demo, like you, you look at that stuff, you look at the texture quality stuff, it’s like yeah, it’s right around Game Cube quality, somewhere around like PSP or PS2 quality as well and it’s a definitely a big step up from the original DS. And if you are the sort of person that hates 3D, the great thing about it is you are going to actually…

Leo Laporte Turn it off.

Jeff Gerstmann ...just turn the 3D all the way off.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jeff Gerstmann And just get like great looking 2D games with a wider screen, a better DS at that point, so.

Leo Laporte How does this work? Does anybody know?

Jeff Gerstmann Interlacing two images and flash them I think it’s like the 3D camera stuff that come out.

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (10:24) 3D, it’s not using lens or something to do it because...

Veronica Belmont I think [ph] Tech Demo [10:29] in TV form (10:28).

Jeff Gerstmann I guess it is a lens because you’re doing a slider.

Leo Laporte The tricky thing – and so anybody watch, I was listening and saying, oh great, finally I can get rid of my glasses on my TV or in the movie. No. Because only one person at a time can see 3D.

Jeff Gerstmann Right.

Leo Laporte So that’s why I think it’s a lens of some kind.

Jeff Cannata Well actually in the THQ booth, unbeknownst to most people kind of tucked away without much hullabaloo, was a full size television that didn’t require glasses [indiscernible] (10:57).

Leo Laporte Oh that’s right, I did hear about that.

Veronica Belmont But your field division still has to be pretty dead on, like you can’t move around too much, you have to be in front of it.

Jeff Cannata It had nine – they said they had nine viewpoints.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s lenticular, it’s garbage, it’s garbage.

Veronica Belmont Oh wow.

Jeff Cannata [multiple speakers] (11:08).

Leo Laporte I saw this – you know it’s funny. I went to a booth at CES,…

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Leo Laporte …I think it was a Sony booth they had this, and then immediately I went out and there was an ad monitor on that we had the same thing, it’s lenticular, you’ve seen it before, you’ve seen it at the cover of National Geographic, it’s lens and there are only certain spots where you get 3D, you can’t move out of that spot. I’m sorry, glasses-less 3D is not coming to movies unless you hold it on a Nintendo 3DS and don’t move.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, and they were showing us some movie trailers and stuff like that that most of it looked pretty sharp as well, so you have to wonder like if that’s going to be a significant way for people to get 3D movies in the home if they can’t afford to go out and get the TV and 3D Blu-ray player and all that stuff.

Jeff Cannata Although they are not really talking about how they are going to deliver that.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, yeah.

Jeff Cannata [multiple speakers] cartridge (11:51) or what. But I think the interesting thing about the 3DS is the top screen is the only screen that’s going to be in 3D, and the bottom screen is the only screen that has touch. And they said…

Veronica Belmont [Indiscernible] (12:04) holograms on the bottom part later [ph] that’s the next [indiscernible] (12:06).

Leo Laporte So it’s just like you’ll have Princess Leia standing on the screen.

Jeff Gerstmann Time traveler two get [ph] sig (12:11) on the phone, let’s do this.

Jeff Cannata I’m ready for that. But I think that most of the games that are on DS now that use touch input use that bottom screen as the main game screen and [ph] where (12:23) the 3DS clearly the top screen is made to be the main game screen. So I think it’s actually going to push developers to develop completely new types of games as well as just using the 3D. I think it’s a much more revolutionary device for Nintendo than we might think at first glance.

Jeff Gerstmann Plus it has an analog stick on it, at first glance it kind of looks like the old NES Max or like just a bigger PSP nub, but that thing actually feels very nice and size around, so…

Leo Laporte It does, it does.

Jeff Gerstmann it does kind of open them up to those of types of games.

Veronica Belmont I’m one of those like 1% of the population that gets a really terrible migraine every time I try to use 3D, so this whole – this whole trend going on right now is a little bit worrisome to me.

Leo Laporte So according to some, and I don’t know if Nintendo has revealed this or not, they are using a technology called parallax barrier which essentially is a slitted layer placed over a standard LCD screen that separates the image into separate light paths. That’s why you’re going to have a slider because…

Jeff Gerstmann Okay, yeah.

Leo Laporte …for the viewer’s right and left eye. So the slider I guess converges those if you don’t want any 3D or separates them if you do. It’s been around for – on mobile phones for as long as eight years, you have to stay still and you can only be in one place if you want it to work. So it’s really for one viewer. Great for game device.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah. And they were showing off a tech demo called Face Ace that I guess was kind of an augmented reality thing. You take a picture of your face and map it onto a ball and then you’d have to look around and shoot the balls as they were coming at you, so you are like looking through [indiscernible] (13:52) 3D camera, so you are getting a 3D view of the actual environment around you as these targets are kind of flying in your face and stuff. That was definitely [indiscernible] (14:02) Face Ace, the aces of face.

Veronica Belmont In your face.

Jeff Cannata Take 3D pictures.

Jeff Gerstmann They are getting Ace of Base as a license – license artist for it, so [ph] now they’re not (14:10).

Jeff Cannata I mean the fact that there has two cameras and allows you to take 3D pictures and I think Jeff you are absolutely right that this Face Ace while it was just a tech demo, the idea of that…

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Jeff Cannata …kind of throwing things into 3D and using the camera to place that into the real world and using what you are actually looking at through the device to build the game world, I think that’s extremely exciting and completely unlike anything we’ve ever been able to do before.

Jeff Gerstmann Definitely more exciting than 3D on consoles I think too. It’s just a lot of different and really crazy possibilities that they can get into with the stuff.

Leo Laporte When is it out and how much?

Jeff Gerstmann They have been kind of balking at that. The last they said is that it will be out, I guess like this fiscal year in Japan and before March 2011 in the U.S., but they weren’t really talking price.

Leo Laporte So it weighs off.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, yeah.

Leo Laporte And what games did you like the best that you played?

Jeff Gerstmann Well, I mean a lot of them were non-interactive demos and stuff. So it was like take a look at this…

Leo Laporte Right.

Jeff Gerstmann …Metal Gear thing and you – you can [ph] pan the (15:06) camera around…

Leo Laporte It’s very early.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, it was very early. They did announce the Star Fox game and we were showing that and talking about kind of their classic franchises and finally bring Kid Icarus back which I know a lot of the Nintendo faithful have been demanding for over a decade now.

Leo Laporte I just find it very intriguing. I mean, for a while we were writing Nintendo off and today, I mean, at E3 everybody was just playing catch-up basically and then Nintendo took another leap forward.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah. For sure.

Jeff Cannata Sure. That’s exactly right.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah. Everyone’s got their own motion controlled trickery now and –

Jeff Cannata And when you think back to the GameCube era where Nintendo was squarely in third place and kind of scrambling and there was a lot of rumors of them being acquired by Microsoft or them abandoning hardware manufacturing completely and just going software like SEGA did. And here we are one generation later and they are in dominant position, everybody is trying to get the market share today sort of invented – the people that don’t play games are usually buying Wii [ph] and droves (16:07).

Jeff Gerstmann Right.

Jeff Cannata It’s pretty remarkable.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, they’ve really turned it around on the developer side as well when the DS was first released they had a lot of skepticism from developers, [ph] I’m like (16:15) I don’t know how this two-screen touchscreen thing is going to work but everyone I talked to about 3DS stuff, I mean, because of this – largely an advancement from the original DS, they are already extremely excited about building [indiscernible] (16:25).

Jeff Cannata There’s a huge list of games already in development foray. And they are even reporting stuff like Ocarina of Time which is one of the most popular video games of all time…

Veronica Belmont That was one of my favorites.

Jeff Cannata [indiscernible] into that CD (16:35) space.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Jeff Cannata They showed us a demo of that and it looked really good. It looked really exciting.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah. All new assets and stuff. Yeah, yeah. It’s cool.

Leo Laporte Well, Microsoft came up with an innovation of their own which did feel a little bit like a carbon copy but we’ll talk about Kinect in just a little bit. Our guests today are gaming panel, couldn’t be better. Jeff Gerstmann,; Jeff Cannata, from The Totally Rad Show and Reviews on the Run. It was fun; we saw Victor Lucas out there. I haven’t seen Victor in a long, long time.

Jeff Cannata Yeah.

Leo Laporte And Veronica Belmont from Tekzilla and Qore. Great to have all three of you on the show today.

Veronica Belmont It’s a Jeffsplosion.

Leo Laporte It’s a Jeffsplosion. You should change your name to Jeff, Veronica and then it’d be threely confusing.

Veronica Belmont I’ll do that. Jeffa.

Leo Laporte Just totally confusing.

Veronica Belmont Veronajeff.

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So, I got up very early in the morning on Tuesday morning to see Kinect. Did you – okay, first let’s talk about the night before. Anybody go to the crazy Microsoft party?

Jeff Cannata Yeah, I did.

Veronica Belmont I missed it.

Leo Laporte The one where you had to wear…

Jeff Gerstmann [Indiscernible] (19:35) extravaganza.

Leo Laporte …yeah, you had to wear a white poncho with LED light up solder pads.

Jeff Gerstmann We actually smuggled one of those out.

Leo Laporte Did you?

Jeff Gerstmann And for our podcast I ended up wearing it the whole first night.

Leo Laporte Why aren’t you wearing it now? I want to see the space poncho.

Jeff Gerstmann Somewhere – I don’t know if it made out of Los Angeles or not.

Veronica Belmont Did you think you’re going to a Gallagher Show, tell the truth?

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah. I was hoping. We were in the first three rows so I was hoping --

Leo Laporte Watermelon

Jeff Gerstmann [indiscernible] (19:57) watermelon all over the place.

Jeff Cannata You have to be careful. I hear that if you find something and take it with you, even if you’re a journalist, it still might be against the law.

Leo Laporte No. He found it on a bar stool, it wasn’t…

Jeff Gerstmann No, [ph] I was just sitting (20:06) on a bar stool and…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jeff Gerstmann Now we’ll see how it goes.

Leo Laporte I get Microsoft in the phone, they want their poncho back.

Jeff Cannata It’s propitiatory technology in that poncho.

Leo Laporte See me in hell for your poncho, kids.

Veronica Belmont It probably is actually.

Leo Laporte See, I read the funniest [ph] post (20:20). I was actually at – we went over to the Galen Center the next morning to get a demo of Kinect and it was kind of like trash like there – there was the stand where they had the band up in the air and there was – you know, everybody was exhausted. And I went online and I read the CrunchGear piece which was hysterical, their review of the night before, and I thought wow, I missed that.

Jeff Gerstmann They ended up putting the whole show on again the next night as well…

Leo Laporte They did?

Jeff Gerstmann Because they were tapping it for television, the whole thing aired on MTV on Tuesday.

Leo Laporte It did?

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Veronica Belmont I guess only three times – they are ever going to perform that three times and it was developed completely for Microsoft and it’s never going to happen again.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Veronica Belmont So if you caught it, you got a special thing.

Leo Laporte How much – but was it good is the question.

Jeff Cannata Well the rigmarole leading up to it was ridiculous and actually pretty frustrating from my point of view, but the actual show itself, I got to admit, kind of cool, if you’re into [indiscernible] (21:13) stuff, the grandeur of what they were doing, I mean, flipping a family upside down and giant rotating living room, and having an elephant walk through the crowd that lid up with images of technology on it, it’s kind of cool, some cool stuff.

Leo Laporte It’s a little odd for a company like Microsoft though, don’t you think? I mean this is – maybe that’s the point. I don’t know, I haven’t seen their stuff at other E3s. Do they always do weird stuff at E3?

Jeff Gerstmann It’s usually not this weird and this seemed, I mean very focused for the television audience and home, I mean they aired this in commercial free, so they basically just bought infomercial space across MTV and a much other networks, curiously times to air right across the Sony press conference.

Leo Laporte Oh!

Jeff Gerstmann So I don’t know – like, we had invites to go, and half of us – and I was at out at a pre-show event and started hearing more and more from other people like, I hear they are going to confiscate cell phones at the door because they don’t want people taking pictures of this thing and I heard this and I heard that, and by the time we’ve heard the name of the thing and the basic parts of what was going to be shown, we ended up going to Roscoe’s and getting chicken and waffles instead. So…

Leo Laporte You know, I wish I had known there was a Chicken and Waffles expedition, I would have gone to that, you bet.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Leo Laporte That’s the way to go.

Jeff Gerstmann A victory for our side I think.

Leo Laporte So, how many…

Jeff Cannata The thing that seems so odd is that here you have invited audience of very jaded, cynical, cool kids, who can’t wait to write something snarky about Microsoft and then you put them through this bizarre process where half of them are down on the show floor interacting with these creatures and forced to participate in – like…

Leo Laporte In ponchos, look at the wood nymphs.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Leo Laporte What’s that with the ponchos? What was the point of that?

Jeff Gerstmann Well, the shoulders lit up, so basically they were – like RFID tags and [indiscernible] (22:55) so they can have them light up in patterns across the crowd and so that was just…

Jeff Cannata I also heard…

Jeff Gerstmann They made the audience part of the show.

Jeff Cannata Someone theorized that it was all – also to prevent any kind of logos from T-shirts…

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (23:08) video, that makes sense.

Veronica Belmont See, I thought they were making some kind of – a consistent background for making it like a giant projector screen or doing some kind of weird...

Jeff Cannata Yeah, we were thinking that too.

Veronica Belmont Like green screen thing, but no.

Jeff Cannata The moment that all the shoulder pads lit up, it was pretty cool.

Leo Laporte Because you guys didn’t know they were going to light up, right?

Jeff Cannata Right. Exactly.

Jeff Gerstmann And so we ripped that thing – we ripped that thing apart and there’s a – one of the like breadboards in there that says PixMob on it, P-I-X-M-O-B, it was just like a open source kind of projector or whatever.

Leo Laporte So there is – there is – so this might be used in other places.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Leo Laporte For a PixMob.

Jeff Cannata It was kind of like being at the opening ceremonies for E3.

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (23:50).

Jeff Gerstmann We expected to see a ribbon cutting or something like that.

Leo Laporte I think it was the opening ceremonies for E3.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Jeff Cannata [indiscernible] (23:53) lighting or torch of some kind.

Leo Laporte [Ph] Jane in our (23:56) chat-room saying they had the super secret Illuminati symbols from the Facebook people on the inside.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Jeff Cannata Yeah, right.

Jeff Gerstmann Or you know they’re going to like hand-out Nikes at some point and take us to space.

Leo Laporte Yeah. They’re coming. So was it a success in the sense they got you all excited about Kinect? No?

Jeff Gerstmann Everything that I heard – [indiscernible] (24:14) looking at Twitter the whole time as it’s going on and just reading from everyone else who was there just going like I can’t believe they are putting us through this, [ph] so like (24:23) this is the silliest looking thing in the world…

Jeff Cannata [Ph] It was (24:24) actually a lot more…

Jeff Gerstmann And all the gameplay was faked, so as like – actual like press event like we want hard data, it was not that at all. So I feel like…

Jeff Cannata Well, there was a lot more Kinect in it than I actually expected there to be. I kind of just thought it was going to be a [indiscernible] (24:37) show and at the end – try Kinect. But there was actually…

Leo Laporte That would have been fun. I would have liked that.

Jeff Cannata Yeah.

Veronica Belmont [Indiscernible] (24:44) dancing game, I want to play Dance.

Jeff Cannata But it was actually built around showcasing and unveiling it much more than I thought it was going to be.

Leo Laporte I have to say – I was very – and actually we saw the video of you, Veronica, a year ago playing with Project Natal, you were the first to use. Weren’t you?

Veronica Belmont No, I think you are thinking of Felicia, Leo.

Leo Laporte It was Felicia Day, I confuse you two all the time.

Veronica Belmont But thanks, I’ll take that as a compliment.

Leo Laporte Alright. So, Felicia Day, that’s right, was playing it. But now I’m going to – and [ph] I sure it (25:10) was very skeptical I thought, first of all you look like an idiot, second of all you know it’s just copying the Nintendo Wii…

Jeff Gerstmann That just goes for me wherever I go.

Leo Laporte Yes, but I have to say I played it 5:30 in the morning, I played the river rafting thing, it was fun, I worked up a sweat. I had a good time, it’s actually quite entertaining. I think that Microsoft might have a hit with this.

Jeff Gerstmann That thing works.

Jeff Cannata It works.

Jeff Gerstmann That’s probably the best thing you can say about it. I think for me the best experience, the best game they had going was Dance Central, which is Harmonics, the guys behind Rock Band making their crazy dancing game and I think it works better than a lot of the rest because it doesn’t map your movements to an onscreen character so you can’t see like the [ph] moving console (25:47)…

Leo Laporte Now, Sony had a game very similar where they put you in the screen while you are doing this…

Jeff Gerstmann Yes.

Leo Laporte With the Move controllers, now that looks a little dorky.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, yes, a little bit. This is just, you know, you are seeing motion-capped animated dancing and trying to match it so…

Leo Laporte Right.

Jeff Gerstmann So it’s not really representing you in all of this, so you kind of get a little detached and don’t have to think about wow, that’s actually what I look like right now, oh my God, what am I doing?

Leo Laporte Right.

Jeff Gerstmann But a lot of the stuff when they are mapping it to avatars, that’s where it starts to look weird, it’s like I’m raising my hand and you can see the input lag in front of you like you know you raise your hands and then split second later…

Leo Laporte So there was a little lag on it.

Jeff Gerstmann Nothing you wouldn’t expect, you know, it seemed very similar to like a Wii Remote or something, that’s not…

Leo Laporte I didn’t feel a lot of lag; I was impressed with the lag – the lack of latency, that could kill something like that.

Jeff Gerstmann I think as long as the games develop with wide enough timing windows it will work itself out.

Jeff Cannata Yes, I think the technology is very impressive; it’s just the application of the technology this year didn’t seem very impressive. Last year they came out and said we have this thing called Project Natal, it’s the next step in technology, it’s like nothing you have seen before and we are really going to create an experience that has never been given to a consumer at all like this. And then this year they came out and said, remember that technology we told you about, we are using it to make games you can already play with the Wii, you just don’t have to hold on to anything.

Jeff Gerstmann Here are many game collections.

Jeff Cannata Yes.

Veronica Belmont It just seem conducive to different styles of gameplay; I’ve played with the Move a lot, I haven’t touched Kinect too much but it seems like the Move is more for, like you’ve mentioned, kind of Wii like games while – I mean, sorry, Kinect is more for Wii like games while Move is more, I know I have seen it played with shooters and it worked really, really well. I still like having a button controller in my hand for certain types of gameplay.

Leo Laporte Yes, Microsoft took great pains to say there is no – I said, what would you get – could you have a Wii like bat or something – no, nothing in your hands.

Jeff Cannata Well, the most exciting game that I saw on Kinect was not even from Microsoft, it was an Ubisoft game called Child of Eden and it’s from a designer called Mizuguchi, who did a game called Rez, and this really seems like a successor to that.

And the exciting thing about it is that it was the one game at the show that abstracted the control of Kinect and just used movement and gesture in your hands to do things that aren’t actually applicable to real life. So you are not actually – you are not swinging a tennis racket like you would swing a tennis racket, you are not bowling, you are doing movements and it’s reading your movements to control the game but it’s you know, you clap to release certain weaponry and that to me is much more exciting and a much more outside the box kind of application of this technology than anything Microsoft was showing.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, I’m a huge fan of Rez, so seeing Ubisoft start it’s press conference with Tetsuya Mizuguchi out there conducting an orchestra basically with his hand and…

Veronica Belmont That’s awesome.

Jeff Gerstmann And playing the game was very cool.

Jeff Cannata So cool.

Jeff Gerstmann But yes, it’s a very standard type of game, I mean it’s basically a rail-based shooter so – but instead of locking onto targets with a controller and hitting them all at once you just king of going like this at them, so it seems very cool. I’m very into but at the same time like it’s you know, it’s something you could totally do with a controller, and we’ll be able to control it on PS3.

Jeff Cannata Definitely, but at least it’s something – it’s an application of the technology that isn’t just a one-to-one representation of things you do in life. And I think for me as a more hardcore gamer I guess, that’s much more interesting to me to think of how we can apply this technology to controlling games in a more outside the box kind of…

Leo Laporte So, would it be safe to say that Microsoft is aiming at the casual gamer and family gamer and social gamer and that Sony is staying true to its core users and aiming after the hardcore gamer, the real [multiple speakers] (29:30)

Jeff Gerstmann I really feel like they are both kind of trying to get into that Wii market.

Veronica Belmont Yes, I think it’s both.

Jeff Gerstmann Sony definitely is showing…

Leo Laporte There is money there.

Jeff Gerstmann They are showing SOCOM 4, which is a very core shooter type of game, but also they are showing Sports Champions which might as well just be called Wii Sports, but with a glowy thing on the end of it.

Leo Laporte It’s funny Microsoft had it’s Wii Sports too.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, exactly. And they are just called Kinect Sports, like could you get anymore…

Leo Laporte They’re not making any attempt at all.

Jeff Gerstmann Just remove the Wii word put our word on it and you’re done.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jeff Cannata That’s what happens when something sells that many copies.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, exactly.

Jeff Cannata Everybody goes, oh my gosh! [multiple speakers] (30:03).

Jeff Gerstmann Where are we on that? Oh, that thing you just mentioned. We’re on top of that.

Leo Laporte We got it. We got it right here. And you don’t need anything in your hand. Now what about the glowy globe? Is that a good idea for Sony to put that on the Move, that’s a kind of weird looking.

Jeff Gerstmann Well it’s – I think it helps them…

Leo Laporte What is that? Is that – is there a purpose?

Jeff Gerstmann Well, I mean you have a…

Leo Laporte It’s for the camera?

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, for the camera.

Veronica Belmont It’s for tracking [multiple speakers] (30:21) Eye Camera track the movements on the controller.

Jeff Gerstmann And it can change color, you know, it’s not – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific color depending on the game they can [indiscernible] (30:26) their own colors for and stuff.

Veronica Belmont Yes.

Jeff Gerstmann If you end up looking at pictures of yourself holding one, if you’re sensitive to glowy orbs you might think it looks a little silly but it’s fine, you don’t really notice, it’s kind of cool – I don’t know, I don’t mind at all.

Leo Laporte So it sounds like you guys are going to get both Move and Kinect, yes?

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, for different reasons.

Leo Laporte If you’re a real person I should say – if you’re a real person. If you were in an imaginary 3D avatar…

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, I think I would totally end up with both of those things...

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jeff Gerstmann ...on my own. Kinect is interesting right now because a lot of the stuff looks first-generation, there is a lot of talk about – it really doesn’t like it when people touch each other because the skeletal tracking gets all crazy and then it might not like if you’re sitting down, but that just seems like maybe that’s where the APIs at right now and they’ll get there eventually but that...

Leo Laporte So you think...

Jeff Gerstmann ...but it’s interesting to see what the limitations of that stuff really end up being.

Leo Laporte Is it telling that both Sony and Microsoft are using cameras and – Sony does it, right, Sony uses some sort of RF spatials...

Veronica Belmont No they have the cameras.

Leo Laporte Do they have a camera too?

Jeff Cannata Yes.

Veronica Belmont Yes.

Jeff Cannata Which is the camera that they’ve had on the market for – I don’t know, years now.

Leo Laporte So that Wii bar is a camera?

Jeff Gerstmann No the Wii is infrared, it’s just sending out light like – that’s why you can use candles instead of that bar if you want to – it’s just the remote is looking for...

Jeff Cannata Freaky like that.

Jeff Gerstmann ...the two lights on it – yes.

Leo Laporte So there is an infrared camera?

Jeff Gerstmann No, not even a camera, it’s just emitting light.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s what I was saying, I was saying – so Nintendo’s is not doing a camera...

Jeff Gerstmann Right.

Veronica Belmont Nintendo, not for Sony or…

Leo Laporte I am sorry – but Sony – let me restate, Sony and Microsoft decided to use cameras as opposed to the Nintendo Wii, does that – because that’s going to be a superior technology.

Veronica Belmont Well, the camera also for the Move at least uses it for motion tracking so it can track your head and the rest of your body as well as tracking the LED light on the end of the controller.

Leo Laporte So they have an advantage – I mean I – one of the things that was cool about Kinect is it takes a picture of you acting like a dork and then plays it back at the end of the game.

Jeff Cannata Yes, and it ends up being much more precise than …

Jeff Gerstmann Yes.

Leo Laporte It is. And it can – and it can recognize you, so when you get in the game it says, oh it’s Leo, here is Leo’s avatar.

Jeff Gerstmann Right. Right.

Leo Laporte I think that’s kind of neat.

Jeff Cannata That’s very cool.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, and precision is really key for that stuff, that’s the big advantage I think Sony has in this, just the Move controller, you feel a lot more in control than you do with the Wii remote, even without Wii Motion Plus accessory attached to it, it just – it feels more direct, it feels more accurate which is what makes it work with shooters and stuff.

Veronica Belmont It was definitely the one you want movement ratio between the movements you make and what you see on the TV is almost completely instantaneous.

Leo Laporte Interesting. So it sounds like there – even though it is kind of copy cat technology both Sony and Microsoft have in some ways advanced over Nintendo.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes.

Jeff Cannata Definitely.

Jeff Gerstmann Definitely.

Leo Laporte We’re going to take a break. We’re talking about the E3 Gaming Expo but there is lots more tech news including the iPhone iOS 4 will arrive on your phones tomorrow on Monday and on Thursday there will be people, I have a feeling, in line waiting to get an iPhone because Apple had the biggest pre-sales day it’s ever had in history. We’ll also talk about a Utah attorney general who announced an execution on Twitter. Yikes.

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Jeff Gerstmann Yes, yes, for the most part and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was definitely there, that’s a big fan favorite sequel.

Leo Laporte Mortal Kombat’s past.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, Mortal Kombat that’s, man, I could talk about Mortal Kombat for the rest of the show, if you want to.

Leo Laporte Please don’t. Please.

Jeff Gerstmann I have been trying to take over our podcast for the last week like you need to hear about it, they are bringing it back, it’s violent.

Leo Laporte Not only they are bringing it back, they are bringing back kill shots, right. The kill moves.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, yes, the fatalities are back and they actually started work on those first this time, normally that’s the last thing they throw in after all the fighting is done, this time they are like, the previous game they did was, it had the DC Universe, it’s like Superman and stuff.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jeff Gerstmann So it was T-rated, they couldn’t kill Superman, so I guess they had to get it out of their system and that’s yes, that’s definitely that’s my pick for [indiscernible] (36:14).

Leo Laporte There seem to be a little of bit of nostalgia. I think the industry is matured to the point where you are now making games like Mortal Kombat that appeal to people in their 30s or late 20s youth. They are youth.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, exactly.

Leo Laporte And there was some 2D – there were lot of 2D games like Mortal Kombat that surprised me.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, yes.

Jeff Cannata 2D platforming is back in a big way.

Leo Laporte That’s bizarre.

Veronica Belmont Oh yes,

Leo Laporte That’s…

Jeff Cannata I think it’s thanks to new Super Mario Bros… Veronica Belmont Even the whole 8-bit thing is really coming back.

Leo Laporte Eight bit what, there were 8-bit games?

Veronica Belmont Yes, like 8 bit heroes.

Leo Laporte Donkey Kong Country.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, Donkey Kong Country returns, yes.

Veronica Belmont Yes, Donkey Kong Country returns, yes. That’s not 8 bit though. Jeff Cannata It’s a new Rayman game that looks really spectacular.

Veronica Belmont It’s still awesome.

Jeff Gerstmann A new Kirby game as well.

Leo Laporte Actually I saw that weird Mickey Mouse game and it looked just like Rayman with Mickey’s ears.

Jeff Gerstmann That’s only one portion of the game, the side scrolling kind of black and white stuff, but they have also got it’s like a Mario 64 3D platform type thing in there too.

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (37:07) Warren Spector is doing in Mickey Mouse game.

Jeff Gerstmann Right, and that’s bizarre. He seems so into it, when you talk to him, yes, exactly, huge Disney fan, so he is just, they have entrusted the legacy of Mickey Mouse to him, so he has gone way, way out of his way to make sure they don’t screw that up, but it was cool, you have paint, you have thinner, so a lot of the puzzles were solved by you painting something in or using thinner to design something and move forward.

Leo Laporte So is it a kid game?

Jeff Gerstmann I think it will have a wider appeal than that. It seems like something that could be very kid friendly, but from the looks of it and of course, Mickey Mouse has that kind of universal appeal. I think you will find it extends just…

Leo Laporte It kind of looked like a dark Mickey Mouse, so it’s going to look to have interest.

Jeff Gerstmann In spots, yes, for sure.

Jeff Cannata Did you play it Jeff?

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, I did. Yes.

Jeff Cannata I came away a little disappointed actually. I had very high expectations for it and I think design wise it’s spectacular, but I found the control to be really unresponsive and…

Leo Laporte But isn’t this early, I mean aren’t they showing games like months before they are going to ship these games. I mean how finished are…

Jeff Gerstmann [Indiscernible] (38:07) will be out, I think this holiday season…

Leo Laporte So they have time to make it more responsive you think or not.

Jeff Cannata I certainly hope so.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes. They are getting close, in some of these games you end up talking to developers, like well, we have six weeks left to do this stuff before we have to start locking things down and starting submitting to Nintendo and all the stuff.

Leo Laporte I’ll tell you what I was excited about, we were lucky we got little footage of Portal 2.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes.

Veronica Belmont Yes.

Jeff Cannata Yes.

Leo Laporte Doesn’t that look awesome?

Jeff Gerstmann It does.

Veronica Belmont It hurts my brain just looking at it [indiscernible] (38:33) long time on this one.

Jeff Gerstmann If looking at the single player stuff hurts your brain, the co-op is going to straight up break your mind like there is something stuff in…

Leo Laporte Will it be online co-op or will it be…

Veronica Belmont Mind explosion.

Jeff Gerstmann I believe it will both.

Leo Laporte You know you sound like [indiscernible] (38:47) a little bit Veronica I’m worried.

Jeff Cannata The cool thing about valve is, you know the kids basically that came up with the idea for Portal they acquired them and helped them develop the idea for Portal, the first Portal and now they have this other group of kids that were in college doing a game called Tag: The Power of Paint, and they have sort of incorporated that idea into [indiscernible] (39:12).

Leo Laporte So they have added to the game play.

Jeff Cannata Yes, with this colored liquids that you can funnel through portals and splash on things.

Leo Laporte I saw that, that looked really hard.

Jeff Gerstmann It’s like they had to go find new college kids because one of the old ones left [indiscernible] (39:26) took of.

Jeff Cannata And how great is that, they are really calling from just the best ideas rather than trying to just retread old ideas, it’s great.

Leo Laporte But is there a cake?

Veronica Belmont No, there is no cake.

Jeff Cannata [Indiscernible] (39:39).

Leo Laporte Damm them, damm them.

Veronica Belmont There is no more cake, please stop asking about the cake.

Leo Laporte I want cake.

Veronica Belmont Got to move on.

Leo Laporte I want cake. I have actually kind of rediscovered portal because it’s finally steam for the Mac, it came out and got portal on it and it was free and I’ve really played through it again and it’s really is a wonderful game but way too short.

Veronica Belmont Fallout: New Vegas that’s what I want to get my hands on.

Leo Laporte Which one?

Veronica Belmont Fallout: New Vegas. It was a [indiscernible] (40:02) for me between Reds and Fallout.

Leo Laporte Well, you see again nostalgia because you’re probably a big Fallout fan when you are a teenager?

Veronica Belmont Yeah, so now it’s like I just – even though I know it’s going to be that much different, I know I’m going to spend a lot of hours playing through it.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, it is great because with the same technology in place they can spend all this time focusing on content and taking that engine to its limits and go on as far as they possibly can.

Leo Laporte Is it, which engine is the same?

Jeff Gerstmann It’s the same engine.

Leo Laporte You’re kidding?

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, so it’s the Fallout 3 engines. They’re brushing it up where they can and adding some new systems to it to make things like side kick control a lot easier which was a problem in the previous game. But they’ve just given it off to [ph] City Entertainment (40:40), different developers who specialize in this sort of thing and they are going to go off and fill it full of crazy Vegas stuff. I did a little gambling, did a little shooting.

Veronica Belmont But did you play some of the mini games, I didn’t get a chance to try those.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, I got to see, you eventually kicked out of the casino if you win too much money.

Leo Laporte [indiscernible] (40:55)

Jeff Gerstmann I guess I could say but…

Leo Laporte Okay, yes.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes.

Leo Laporte For post-nuclear future.

Jeff Cannata Fallout.

Veronica Belmont Apparently, New Vegas was one of the only places not affected by the Fallout.

Leo Laporte Oh, so it survived.

Veronica Belmont Survived.

Leo Laporte I get it, I get it.

Jeff Gerstmann Because it’s already a waste land.

Leo Laporte Right, how could you – you can tell.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, looks like…

Jeff Cannata I get into the Fallout style of game play, I think that you have to be excited also about the new [indiscernible] (41:36) which was being shown for the first time at E3 and it really looks like a combination between sort of Mass Effect and Fallout that – they are [ph] x games (41:27) where you really have multiple ways to attack the situation. It’s got shooting, it’s got a whole dialog system, it’s got that Blade Runner-esque visual. It look really, really impressive.

Leo Laporte You know, I saw OnLive playing [indiscernible] (41:42) and I was pretty impressed and I asked them oh come on, these servers, they are right behind that, that wall. Is that right? And he said no, no well this is the [ph] Santa Claus’ (41:49) servers and of course OnLive is live now by Thursday 3:00. Has anybody played it in C2?

Jeff Gerstmann I tried signing up for it but they didn’t take American – American Express and my visa had expired. So [ph] I’m like, well, (42:02) I guess, that’s for now but I’m still looking for to try and get that. Look at the people, I’ve tried, posted that on Twitter. I got a bunch of responses from people that are trying it. Seems like a lot of complaints about the video compression, that it is very noticeable.

Leo Laporte Well, they’re going to – to do something.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Veronica Belmont That’s what I was worried about, yeah the compression. Is there going to be some [multiple speakers] (42:17) yet.

Leo Laporte Not, is there Mac [indiscernible] (42:22)

Jeff Gerstmann It’s a browser plug-in. So, I believe it will run on a Mac right now. I don’t [multiple speakers] (42:28)

Leo Laporte And they were showing their little box, their mini box to be able to buy some time in the future. So you don’t even need a computer to play these kind of high-end maybe state-of-the-art but high-end videogames from their servers.

Jeff Gerstmann Right, and then some of the financial stuff on that seems to be also – I guess written into the contract as if you let your account lapsed for 12 months any games you’ve purchased on, OnLive are no longer yours.

Leo Laporte That’s not good.

Jeff Gerstmann So, it seems like there’s some rights issues with – at what point do you own the game, don’t own the game because you are paying a subscription fee and then buying games on top of that.

Leo Laporte Oh, you are, you are [indiscernible] (43:19)

Jeff Cannata Similar to what, Sony is doing right with a plus service where it’s – it’s you own the game until you are no longer paying the subscription fee.

Jeff Gerstmann But in those cases at least those games are free with the subscription. It’s not like they are making you pay an additional fee on top of that. For those that they then take away this is – seems all more potentially devious than that but like I said I’m still looking forward to try out for myself so I would hold too much judgment for now.

Leo Laporte Veronica, it is a Mac or PC by the way, so you could try it on your Mac. It looks like. And it does use a lot of bandwidth, you’ll get less compression if you have more bandwidth, right? I mean they – they you need several megabits a second to have full High-Def.

Jeff Gerstmann Seems like it. Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah. This seems – when they announced it a year ago to be hard to believe technology and yet – it was working at E3. I mean people were using it and playing games and they didn’t seem like a whole lot of lag.

Jeff Gerstmann When I tried it last year, it seemed like there was a unnoticeable lag on controlled input like playing something like Burnout Paradise, like okay, I’m trying to steal the car and it’s not as responsive as it is on the real thing but I guess it’s one of those things where you know, if you have a netbook and you aren’t necessarily super intense about how you play your videogames. This is going to be a way for you…

Leo Laporte I think [indiscernible] (44:15) it’s not for [ph] Jakers (44:17).

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, it will be a way for people to experience those games in a way that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise, so I suppose there is some audience for that but…

Jeff Cannata And moving forward, I think offloading the processing power needed to play high-end games from local to the cloud, isn’t it really exciting prospect. I think this is the first baby step, but as we go farther into that idea and that technology advances, I think that is the way to go and it requires less of a financial investment upfront and I think that’s in for the consumers.

Jeff Gerstmann Unless you are on AT&T and paying for all of your data. It’s a win…

Leo Laporte Well, now this is AT&T sponsoring this one year free launch. But I’ve said, huh, interesting, it’s a perfect deal. So – but as I said before, the people who really love this is the game manufacturers, they are moving to more like a music subscription model, right? If you buy music on the Zune marketplace, if you have a Zune Pass, and your Pass expires, you don’t get to keep the music.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, I think I’d almost prefer something like the old – like the GameTap methodology where you are actually downloading the games and playing them on your end because you are getting the proper experience.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s Steam.

Jeff Gerstmann But you are not paying for the game, you are just paying the subscription fee.

Leo Laporte I see.

Jeff Gerstmann And you are getting access to everything that they support.

Leo Laporte Now Steam announced they are going to be on the PS3. What is the story on that?

Jeff Gerstmann They are brining Steamworks to the PS3, and some of the Steam clouds stuff. So some of the backend elements of Steam that developers use are going to come to the PlayStation 3, and that’s kind of key for Valve, I mean it might not matter for something like talking to them, say it might not matter for something like Portal 2, but if you look at something like Team Fortress 2 where they are constantly updating it and rolling all at these patches, I mean the certification process of consoles is a pain, there is a ton of limitations that come along with it. If they can sidestep that stuff and allow some other developers to have more direct control over their games by updating through Steamworks, I think that just opens up the door for people to do some cooler stuff.

I mean, you know, Xbox 360 users and PS3 users, if the game had come out there, wouldn’t be able to enjoy all of the Team Fortress 2 updates that the Valve has been pushing out for the past year or however long. And this kind of gives them a pathway to do something similar to that four games on the PS3.

Leo Laporte Veronica, there is a vote in the chat-room for you to go to the Valve headquarters and meet those guys.

Veronica Belmont I would love to.

Leo Laporte Wouldn’t that be fun?

Veronica Belmont Try to set something up.

Leo Laporte Yup, on core. Halo: Reach, get a chance to play with that at all or just look at the cut scenes?

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, played a little bit of that, they announced a new multi-player mode, actually it’s an expanded multi-player mode from what was in ODST, they are bringing back Firefight which is sort of a four players against never-ending waves of enemies style of mode. And the problem they had with the last game is you had to play with friends. There was no means to, say, hey I want to play this, find me some folks and get your match-making on. So they are adding that, as well as well as a lot of other options. And of course it takes place in the world of Reach so you get these kind of armor abilities and other stuff that haven’t been in previous Halo games. It seems like an important step for that style of play. But they weren’t really showing off a ton of single player stuff, which is what I was hoping to get out of the show is a better look at the campaign.

Leo Laporte I wanted to see Modern Warfare Black Ops, but I went in there, there was nobody at the booth, I guess they had all been fired, I don’t know what happened. That’s just a joke, I’m just making a joke.

Jeff Gerstmann I did play that.

Leo Laporte Did you play it?

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, I flew that helicopter, I blew up those bridges. The explosions look terrific and Treyarch’s doing some good stuff with the old Infinity War technology and I think that game will be – let’s say it will be another year before Activision has to figure out what they are actually going to do with that franchise. They’ve got this year locked down.

Leo Laporte Isn’t it – it’s basically an expansion?

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, it’s the – sort of like with World at War, the [ph] glass came (47:59) Treyarch, they are taking the previous year’s engine and kind of pimping it out where they can and going very content heavy. So this one is all cold war era black ops into Laos and stuff like that.

Jeff Cannata Definitely one of the big stories of the show is the rush to be the next Call of Duty is all these companies putting out their military-theme shooter and their version of the thing that sold millions of copies.

Leo Laporte Well, Jeff Cannata, what's your candidate, what's your best candidate, Gears of War 3 or?

Jeff Cannata Well, I love Gears but I think the game that was the biggest surprise in that particular genre was again called the Homefront.

Leo Laporte Oh, that looks so cool. Tell us about that.

Jeff Cannata Really cool.

Leo Laporte Tell us about that.

Jeff Cannata Well it’s basically the idea of what if, it’s a big what if game. It’s what if North Korea invaded United States. And the way they introduced the game is very cool. They had real – real footage, news footage of like Hillary Clinton making a speech, and so really grounding it in a what could happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. And the whole tone of the game seems very un-videogame like, it seems much more serious and somber and John Milius, the filmmaker who Red Dawn and a whole bunch of other movies is involved in making it…

Leo Laporte That was [indiscernible] (49:15) part of Red Dawn kind of, wasn’t it?

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, basically.

Jeff Cannata Exactly and – it’s really exciting to me that we are seeing videogames get a little bit more mature not just in violent or sexual content, but in the way they are communicating their story.

Leo Laporte Yes, yeah.

Jeff Cannata It looked really – the demo that they showed was very affecting and had some awesome action sequences, but in a context of real emotion and – it was very powerful, it was very…

Leo Laporte I’d love to see more story. I mean you can only go so far with Shoot ‘Em Ups and, you know, I mean, yeah World War II was a story, but let’s – something like this is very innovative, very interesting.

Jeff Cannata Yeah, for sure. It’s just hard to compete with that multi-player focus that everyone wants. That’s the thing that keeps people from selling the games back [ph] used (50:00)…

Leo Laporte Right.

Jeff Cannata So there is always the business side tells you to not focus on the six-hour storyline and instead [ph] make more maps (50:08).

Leo Laporte Of course. Is there an online game?

Veronica Belmont I’m not a huge multiplayer person, but I do like playing Shooters and I like them to have a pretty rich storyline because it really draws you in.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Veronica Belmont And I think a lot of developers now are focusing a lot more in storyline than they have in the past especially with games like Uncharted 2 being so, storyline focused and things like Heavy Rain even the shooters are starting to pick up on that like Kill Zone 3 for example.

Leo Laporte I loved BioShock just because it was a really interesting [multiple speakers] (50:34) was just so much story to it. I love the atmosphere. You know, and it was a pretty tame shooter -

Veronica Belmont [indiscernible] (50:38) amazing.

Leo Laporte Yeah, but at the same time I didn’t care it was a tame shooter.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah. Exactly.

Leo Laporte Because I was grossed in what am I going to see around the next corner?

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, you walk through the whole game with a wrench didn’t matter as long as you have to see what was actually happening.

Leo Laporte Yeah exactly.

Jeff Cannata I know there is a game called X-COM …

Leo Laporte Yeah. What’s that?

Veronica Belmont X-COM looks pretty cool.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, they’re bringing X-COM back, X-COM is an old turn-based strategy game --

Veronica Belmont It’s a shooter

Jeff Gerstmann -- that they’re remaking it to a first person shooter, sort of like the Fallout 3 situation where they’re angering a lot of old fans but having seen the new X-COM, it’s – looks like a Fallout 3 situation where you are going to close your book of angry things you said about Fallout 3 and instead go, oh, this game looks awesome, I would love to see more, it’s like 1950s America, so it’s lot of great suites and a lot of great environments and you know, kind of idyllic, suburban America yet infested with aliens and you’re going out into these kind of generated missions and saving humanity kind of – at one level at a time.

Leo Laporte I have a question for you guys and I really did not know what to expect when I came to E3 and but I had thought that the really hot category in gaming, now maybe you’re going to mock me here is this casual gaming and particularly FarmVille and virtual goods games. And I really expected to see more apps, I expected to – you know, more iPhone games, more iPad games, maybe more Android games, and more Facebook style, FarmVille style games, is this just not the show for that kind of thing.

Jeff Gerstmann I think…

Jeff Cannata Yeah, that’s the case.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, definitely like those people are talking directly to their customers.

Leo Laporte They don’t need to go the dealers.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, they’re going right to…

Veronica Belmont It seem little more [indiscernible] (52:04) mobile stuff like GDC.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Leo Laporte Okay, because that mean that really is the hot category I think right now and these guys are making hundreds of millions of dollars with a trivial game.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah – but the same situation with mobile games or I mean to some extent where it’s like – the price is so minimal that reviewing games like that --

Leo Laporte It’s not price dude.

Jeff Gerstmann -- is not necessarily – people aren’t looking for --

Leo Laporte It’s the in-game purchases.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, totally, totally.

Leo Laporte [multiple speakers] (52:28) making millions of dollars.

Jeff Cannata There’s a lot more free to play games this year than I’ve ever seen and I think that’s a big growth area where – even Company of Heroes --

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, Company of Heroes.

Jeff Cannata Showing a free to play version.

Leo Laporte How does that work?

Jeff Cannata A very, very popular real-time strategy game. Well, it’s you can download the client, you can play the game and you can play pretty much all of the game, but if you want to advance in the game faster than just putting in the hours to advance, you want to sort of skip to the head of the line, so to speak, you can pay a little money and they’ll let you get the thing that you would need to put in hours to get.

Leo Laporte Well, it’s inevitable that the gaming companies would not want to give up money to the gold farmers anymore, so they do the gold farming for you, right?

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, I mean, EA has been selling cheat codes in their games on Xbox for a while, now you can go unlock 110% rated golfers and Tiger Woods and such and unlock cars in Need For Speed for nominal fees, if you – it doesn’t make a sense to me I – last time I checked people bought games to actually play them, so did always seem to a little crazy to me when EA did that thing but Company of Heroes Online seems like a good use of that stuff where you can’t just put in the time and like Jeff said if you want to just buy your way past all of the grinding and get to the end of it, you can totally do all that.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I’m sick of grinding that’s one of the reasons, Veronica, I don’t play World of Warcraft that much anymore, just seems like it was a lot of grinding, and I was just tired.

Veronica Belmont Got to work for it.

Leo Laporte I don’t want to run.

Veronica Belmont [indiscernible] (53:54).

Leo Laporte Run, run, run, run…

Jeff Cannata Gaming is hard work Leo.

Leo Laporte Oh! man, I’m lazy.

Jeff Cannata You’ve got to put in the hours like --

Veronica Belmont Although, I haven’t played Warcraft in three months. So --

Leo Laporte You really haven’t?

Veronica Belmont I’m on a bit of a break. I’m waiting for Cataclysm.

Jeff Cannata Cataclysm will call you back.

Veronica Belmont I think so.

Leo Laporte What’s Cataclysm, is it same – Blizzard also, the next expansion?

Jeff Gerstmann It’s the next expansion.

Leo Laporte For World of Warcraft so [multiple speakers] (54:12).

Veronica Belmont Yeah, they don’t really have a presence at E3 because they have BlizzCon for year.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Veronica Belmont So they don’t really need to.

Jeff Cannata They’re bigger than E3.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, they don’t need E3, they don’t need the press again it’s not a situation where they’re big enough or they put out their own [ph] dang magazine (54:22). Like here, just get World of Warcraft magazine come to if you want info on our stuff, alright. See you.

Leo Laporte Well, isn’t that the position you’d like to be in?

Jeff Gerstmann Absolutely. And as somebody who covers this stuff I think it’d be great if more companies were in that position because it sets us up as more of a --

Leo Laporte You’re the guy.

Jeff Gerstmann -- keeping them honest

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jeff Gerstmann Instead of working with them to get exclusive previews and all this kind of weird slightly --

Leo Laporte It just – it is compromising a little bit, isn’t it, because when you’re covering something so specific, you have to have those sources, you have to stay in good graces with them. So you’ve gotten a little bit of trouble yourself Jeff for panning a game and --

Jeff Gerstmann Well, I can’t legally talk about that --

Leo Laporte Yeah. But I’m just pointing that out. Well, and by the way you have huge respect from – when I told people Jeff Gerstmann is going to be on, people love you and they – one of the reasons you have such respect is because unlike a lot of journalists who cover the gaming industry you are the one to say a game was crap.

Jeff Gerstmann And you know there are a fair amount of games that are --

Leo Laporte Crap.

Jeff Gerstmann -- crap, out there.

Leo Laporte A fair amount?

Jeff Gerstmann And – or at least the middling or fair, let’s say and it’s when you are speaking to an audience of people that live for this stuff, they know --

Leo Laporte They know that’s really true, don’t they?

Jeff Gerstmann You know.

Leo Laporte And if the minute you say oh this game, I love this game and it’s not a good game you’ve lost it, I mean, they know.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, you know, it takes years to build up any kind of credibility and as soon as you make --

Leo Laporte Right.

Jeff Gerstmann One mistake in a review like how many people are just like – well that guy doesn’t know what he is talking about [multiple speakers] (55:50)

Leo Laporte Yeah, alright. We are going to wrap up our E3 coverage. I’ll give all of you a last chance, what was your favorite thing Jeff Gerstmann at E3 this year?

Jeff Gerstmann I’m just going to say Mortal Kombat. Dude its’ got characters from the first three games, it’s like all the times I spent not going to high school to hang out at the Pizza Hut, to play MK, it’s got a lot of that stuff back in it again. But also X-COM, Rock Band 3, DJ Hero 2, I feel like there are still some --

Leo Laporte Oh, we didn’t mention Rock Band 3.

Jeff Cannata Rock Band 3 is a huge deal.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, Rock Band 3 is --

Veronica Belmont I’m terrible at games.

Jeff Cannata It is the bridge between playing a game and actually doing something in real life.

Leo Laporte Well, this is my complaint always about Rock Band, and Guitar Hero, is you are learning not to play an instrument but to fake an instrument but now this is a real instrument.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, they’ve got a real Fender guitar…

Veronica Belmont I think the promo is really going to push this into the next level because I mean if kids get excited about playing instruments in video game terms if they actually start playing instruments it can really change the way their educators handle musical like lessons and that kind of thing especially when Dance Dance Revolution really popular remember, and everyone was like we should put DDR kids in gyms so kids actually get some exercise in school.

Leo Laporte Right.

Veronica Belmont I think it’s going to get a lot of more people interested in playing music for real.

Leo Laporte So tell me --

Jeff Cannata It’s a huge paradigm shift. And I think it’s a much bigger deal than it even seems because I think gaming and the idea of play pushing you into getting a real world skill is extraordinary and the fact that there is going to be all these kids out there – I mean you can literally plug a fender guitar into an amp and into the game, play the song --

Leo Laporte What? Really?

Jeff Gerstmann Yes.

Jeff Cannata And it recognizes, yes…

Jeff Gerstmann Yes. They have a – it’s a mini guitar.

Veronica Belmont Keyboard.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes.

Veronica Belmont Yes.

Leo Laporte Wow! That’s really awesome.

Jeff Gerstmann And you know, they are not the only ones doing this, there is another game in the works that is going to offer real guitars but they are the ones that have this huge music library all these ties to artist and stuff where they are going to be in the position to best exploit this stuff, and --

Leo Laporte So, did you guys play with it, I mean, how does it work?

Jeff Gerstmann Yes.

Leo Laporte Okay, if you are playing a real instrument is it only looking at the rhythm; is it looking at your notes?

Jeff Gerstmann No, it looking as if --

Jeff Cannata No, it has a sensor between the two fret boards, so it knows exactly which fret you are depressing and which string you are strumming. So it can literally tell with precision that you are playing the correct notes, and the game communicates which notes which frets you need to play in a very elegant way for people who are new to the guitar and people who play guitar normally.

Leo Laporte Could you actually learn an instrument this way?

Veronica Belmont Well, yeah.

Jeff Gerstmann I think so, yes.

Veronica Belmont It’s actually teaching you how to play the instrument.

Jeff Gerstmann I mean Rock Band 2 basically taught me how to play the drum so I mean all I really needed was a little more rhythm, [ph] to be able to do (58:33) three things at once, both hands and a foot instead of just two things at once, so --

Leo Laporte See that to me is very exiting because now kids instead of just kind of throwing all these many hours down the tubes they are --

Jeff Gerstmann Right.

Leo Laporte Actually they are going to learn skill that’s going to help --

Jeff Gerstmann And the neat thing, you know, they are building in all kinds of crazy training stuff and there are difficulty settings so when you play it on expert you are literally playing the song, chords, everything. But you can scale it back and play it on easy and work your way up to that point. That’s good that they are not expecting everyone just to be able to pick up their MIDI Axe and dive right in and --

Jeff Cannata Yes, I think that’s a very important point because it can be misleading especially somebody that’s played Rock Band before because Rock Band has the progression from easy to expert but then there is an entirely different progression on the pro mode from easy to expert so you are now you are playing pro and you really do have to press the right fret and strum the right string but you can start slow and move up to expert in that progression as well, so you can really ramp up and…

Veronica Belmont I tried the keyboard on medium for the first time and I did really poorly.

Leo Laporte Do you play keyboards?

Veronica Belmont I don’t, no, and I thought oh, well, when I picked up the guitar for the first time I kind of caught with it very quickly in Rock Band 2 or Original Rock Band, but the keyboards are a lot harder to start out with the first time.

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, and they have got --

Veronica Belmont It’s not quite as simple as it looks.

Jeff Gerstmann They’ve got settings for that; they’ve got a regular and a pro mode for keyboards, so if you are playing on a regular it’s just five buttons like it would be on any of the old Rock Band guitars, and then from there if you want to play actual chords and all the stuff --

Leo Laporte So do you have to have a Rock band instrument or can you take an existing instrument?

Jeff Gerstmann So, it’s MIDI. They have a MIDI inbox so if you have MIDI keyboard already, you can just plug, you can buy this MIDI inbox instead of their keyboard and play that way.

Jeff Cannata But I think that’s only true for the keyboard and drums, though right? The guitar needs to be the peripheral that they created.

Leo Laporte They have the stuff, the Fender guitar.

Jeff Cannata Yeah. They team with Fender to make one.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jeff Cannata And they also have a pro-style controller that has I think 109 buttons on it. So it’s just buttons where you can just plug in any MIDI guitar.

Jeff Gerstmann My understanding is it does connect via – like the Fender guitar is a MIDI connection. There is definitely a MIDI port on it.

Jeff Cannata Right.

Jeff Gerstmann So I think --

Jeff Cannata But I think it doesn’t – a regular guitar doesn’t have the sensor pickup required to communicate to the game.

Leo Laporte It needs to know what’s stringing -- yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jeff Cannata They haven’t given a price on that. But I think guitars are expensive. So if you’re going to buy a $250 real guitar, it works as a real guitar and as a controller for the game.

Veronica Belmont And the keyboard peripherals can also be used as a regular keyboard, it has that MIDI out. So you don’t need to have a special keyboard or a keyboard already at home in order to play. You can buy this one and then also use this keyboard to make real music on your computer if you want to as well.

Jeff Gerstmann And then they refuse to call it one, that keyboard is basically a keytar. You see the little [multiple speakers] (1:01:12). It has room for a strap on it. You can totally pick it up and play it like a guitar. [multiple speakers] (1:01:18).

Jeff Cannata Finally all the rock band games, the guitar sections of the old rock band games using the keytar.

Leo Laporte So how cool is that. So they show you a keyboard – a section of the keyboard and you actually have to hit the proper keys at the proper time. You’re playing the freaking song.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah. It’s like the old miracle keyboard tutor back for the Super Nintendo in PC in the early 90s but fun this time.

Jeff Cannata Now I just want – I want Billy Joel, I want Elton John and I want Ben Folds [multiple speakers] (61:43)

Jeff Gerstmann They’ve got Bohemian Rhapsody in there now.

Leo Laporte The Doors one looks pretty good. I want to play that.

Jeff Cannata More Hendricks.

Leo Laporte Yeah, so.

Veronica Belmont I can’t wait to play Bohemian Rhapsody. That’s going to be my new favorite [indiscernible] (61:57) rock band song.

Leo Laporte It’s all vocals.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, but they ….

Jeff Cannata They’ve also got harmonies.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, harmonies from Beatles now.

Veronica Belmont [Indiscernible] (1:01:59) harmonies, now.

Jeff Gerstmann They have three singers at once.

Leo Laporte Wow! Really cool.

Jeff Cannata So you can really see a little [indiscernible] (1:02:05) of a man.

Leo Laporte Scaramouche, Scaramouche.

Veronica Belmont Scaramouche, Scaramouche.

Leo Laporte So, Jeff, was Rock Bank you pick of the show, what did you like at E3?

Jeff Cannata It’s certainly up there. But I think that if I had to choose one game as my of the show, it would be Civilization V.

Veronica Belmont Oh god. I love Civ --

Jeff Cannata Civilization V is just pure amazing and it could be one game that I could play for probably three years without ever getting to the bottom of the depths of that game.

Jeff Gerstmann And it’s Hexes now.

Jeff Cannata What’s that?

Jeff Gerstmann They’ve moved to Hexes for the grid now.

Jeff Cannata Yeah, exactly. So the game --

Leo Laporte You guys are such nerds. I can’t even believe you would say that.

Jeff Cannata Hexes, Leo. That is a different shape entirely.

Jeff Gerstmann I should have brought my notebook. I actually had Hexes written huge underlined by five times.

Leo Laporte Unbelievable, Hexes, oh my god, Hexes.

Veronica Belmont You know like, Settlers of Catan.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I do like that game actually. I can never get my family to play that with me. Would you come over, Veronica, and play Settlers of Catan?

Veronica Belmont Oh, totally. Absolutely.

Leo Laporte Oh good.

Jeff Cannata Oh guys, you're killing me. I love Settlers, Puerto Rico, Agricola.

Leo Laporte Okay, next TWiT, you’re all coming to The Cottage and instead of actually doing TWiT, we would play Settlers of Catan and just broadcast that.

Veronica Belmont Ooh! I have the game of [indiscernible] (63:15) card game.

Jeff Gerstmann [Indiscernible] (1:03:14), oh my gosh.

Jeff Cannata Is it like magic the gathering, or is it --

Veronica Belmont No, not quite. I’ll show it to you. It’s very complicated. It took me, Tom and Roger like two hours to figure out the rules.

Leo Laporte Oh good.

Jeff Cannata Can I play with Lannisters?

Veronica Belmont Oh yeah. yeah, you could.

Leo Laporte You would you bastard.

Veronica Belmont You're a Jamie type?

Leo Laporte He’s a Jaime Lannister, isn’t he? Okay. God, how did we get into that? What was your – so your pick is Civ V, Jeff Cannata?

Jeff Cannata Civ V. They’ve streamlined the interface. The graphics have had a huge leap forward.

Leo Laporte And Hexes

Jeff Cannata Hexes, you can’t beat Hexes. I mean, there’s so many of these little sole changes, you can’t have more than one army type on a square at a time – or on a hex at a time, which completely changes the way battles play out. It’s so, so great. I mean these guys are very smart and the game looks spectacular.

Leo Laporte Every time play Civ – it’s still turn-based, right?

Jeff Cannata Yeah.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah.

Leo Laporte I get so bored; I’m just like I don’t want to do --

Veronica Belmont You just got to learn how to go really fast.

Leo Laporte See, I like, I play the Age [multiple speakers] (1:04:13) of Vampires a lot because I like, but I don’t like the turn-based stuff as much [multiple speakers] I don’t like (1:04:19) simultaneous – yeah, alright. I’ll give it a try, when it comes out, Civ V? How about you, Veronica Belmont, what was you pick of the show?

Veronica Belmont I am probably going to have to say, as I mentioned Fallout: New Vegas because I am a huge Fallout fan and I can’t wait to get back into that world. But I also really liked Rock Band 3. I’ve kind of had some time off from Rock Band 2 and I am excited to have some new difficulties and some new modes and [ph] we had (1:04:41) a lot of changes to [ph] career mode 2 (1:04:42) and being able to share [ph] set list (1:04:45) and I think it’s going to be really fun.

Leo Laporte You’re making me excited about games again.

Jeff Gerstmann Isn’t that great?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Veronica Belmont That’s what we do.

Jeff Gerstmann It’s like new hardware, new software like everything’s been refreshed [multiple speakers] (64:57)

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s E3, I felt like, oh I am going to go home and play a game now. I mean it was really – it did feel like --

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah. I went home and dug right into Crackdown 2 demo that’s going to be available on Monday.

Leo Laporte I love Crackdown.

Jeff Gerstmann Get home and play some more games [multiple speakers] (1:05:07).

Leo Laporte Love that. Love that stuff baby.

Veronica Belmont I can’t play anything else [multiple speakers] (1:05:11).

Leo Laporte PlayStation 3, Xbox or Wii, what are you Jeff Gerstmann?

Jeff Gerstmann You know at this point it doesn’t really matter.

Leo Laporte It’s all three, that’s my answer.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, I mean you have to own – well I have to own everything.

Leo Laporte You have to own them all. Jeff Cannata, Xbox, PlayStation 3, what are you?

Jeff Cannata Oh I tell you, I came out of this E3 more excited about the Wii than I have been ever.

Leo Laporte That’s pathetic.

Veronica Belmont That’s what she said.

Jeff Cannata Nice.

Veronica Belmont I am sorry.

Jeff Cannata But yes all three consoles. I mean I am sort of agnostic when it comes to the console war. It’s just great stuff to play on all of them and I would – I would never want to give up any of them, so.

Leo Laporte I’m still can – I have a Wii and I just – I lost interest after five minutes – so just.

Jeff Gerstmann They’re in a weird spot. They’re bringing back these kind of old franchises to kind of appease the people that grew up with Nintendo --

Leo Laporte Right.

Jeff Gerstmann -- and they’re [indiscernible] (1:05:58) areas.

Leo Laporte Say, I was not a Nintendo guy, I was this an Atari then a Sega. I skipped the Nintendo thing, and maybe that’s why. Alright we’re going to take a break, come back with some actual other stuff, tech news, there is a little bit. Before we go though I do want to plug our friends at Audible - If fact if you go to right now, you can get two free audio books, audible is the place to go for audio books. If you haven’t yet experienced the Audible effect, you must go. Anybody who spends any time in the car, at the gym, in the garden, any time you can hold a book which you want to get some reading done, Audible is great. The new David Kirkpatrick book is finally out, just came out last week, The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World, this has been hotly awaited. There is actually two Facebook books on Audible, you probably should read both, I love The Accidental Billionaires, but it’s kind of more or like – it’s more or like the Kitty Kelley version of the Facebook story, this is by Ben Mezrich, this is the one the movie is going to be based on. So there is two Audible books for you and I noticed Alan Furst’s Spies of the Balkans is out. if you’ve never read an Alan Furst novel, his stuff is fantastic.

Jeff Cannata And if there is anybody that didn’t get the references we just made to A Game of Thrones, listen to that Audible.

Leo Laporte Oh, you’re right. That’ll keep you busy for the rest of your lives.

Jeff Cannata Stop what you’re doing and do that immediately, they’re amazing on Audible, amazing.

Leo Laporte He just – I wish Roy Dotrice was still reading them because I guess he doesn’t read the most recent ones.

Jeff Cannata So good.

Leo Laporte He – let me play a little bit just so you get an idea of what it is like to listen to an Audible book. This is Roy Dotrice reading A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire, Book I which is going to be an HBO miniseries soon.

[Excerpt from audio book]

Leo Laporte He is so good. He’s Jaime Lannister. He is fantastic. It’s just a wonderful book. Yeah, that’s a great one. Thank you, Jeff.

Jeff Cannata Yeah.

Leo Laporte Absolutely right. And 33 hours 26 minutes just for the first book. If you get two of them, because you going to get two free at, you’re basically saying, I am committing the rest of the year to George R.R. Martin and I can’t imagine anything better to do. So there is how many of these? there is four now?

Jeff Cannata Yeah.

Leo Laporte With the fifth to come?

Veronica Belmont Some day.

Jeff Cannata We’re hoping the fifth will be coming soon.

Veronica Belmont Some day.

Leo Laporte He’s writing them now, we hear.

Veronica Belmont And doing a lot of other stuff too, so I hope he’s writing also.

Jeff Cannata Spectacular. If you like Lord of the Rings, [indiscernible] (68:32)

Leo Laporte Better than Lord of the Rings because --

Jeff Cannata Better. Yes.

Leo Laporte -- yeah, I think it’s actually better.

Jeff Cannata I do too.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jeff Cannata And there has never been a more patient writer as far as setting things up and paying them off much, much later that the world is spectacular and fully realized it’s great, great, great, writing.

Veronica Belmont Yes, you could definitely call him patient. [ph] Patient writing (1:08:54). Exactly what it is. Mind-numbingly patient.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s just because you feel like you have to go through these because of [indiscernible] (1:09:05) you got to get the next book, the next book, the next book.

Veronica Belmont It’s true.

Leo Laporte If you could just take your time Veronica, you’d be –

Veronica Belmont I read too fast I can’t help it.

Leo Laporte Do you really –

Veronica Belmont I read super fast yeah.

Leo Laporte Do you read on paper books, or you read at Kindle or do you listen to Audible, what is your –

Veronica Belmont All three. Actually I am usually listening --

Jeff Cannata At the same time.

Veronica Belmont and reading two different things between paper --

Jeff Cannata Me too.

Veronica Belmont -- Audible and Kindle at any given time.

Leo Laporte Yep, me too.

Veronica Belmont I just finished reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson on Audible.

Leo Laporte I am reading the first one The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it is good isn’t it?

Veronica Belmont It’s great. And Simon Vance is one of my favorite narrators.

Leo Laporte Yep.

Veronica Belmont And he’s – anything he does on Audible is fantastic. And right now I am reading The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. I am reading that on Kindle. And I am also reading a new Robin Hobb book in hardcover; I can’t remember the name of that right now.

Leo Laporte How do you have time to read – when do you have time to read?

Veronica Belmont I read before I go to bed at night and on airplanes, which I am on a lot.

Leo Laporte And you're on a lot of airplanes.

Jeff Gerstmann Who has time to go to bed at night?

Jeff Cannata Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, really no kidding. Audible …

Veronica Belmont Not with videogames. Much later and later every night it seems.

Leo Laporte Videogames are very bad for your sleep habit, that’s true I’ll give you that., give it a try. We love it. We know you’ll love it too. We thank audible for their support. So you all already got your iPhone orders in, huh?

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah. I am holding out for a white one and they have been [indiscernible] (70:22) stuff so I guess I would have to go wait in line or something.

Leo Laporte 600,000 on day one despite the fact that AT&T servers sucked and nobody can get through and I didn’t get through and I tried a few times and then I said ah, I’ll just get it tomorrow. Big mistake. I came back the next day and they said, yeah, you are going to have your iPhone July 25. So, I’m still waiting. You got, how many did you get Jeff Cannata?

Jeff Cannata Just one.

Leo Laporte Just one?

Jeff Cannata Because one is, all I need.

Leo Laporte One is all you need.

Jeff Cannata Because now I have three iPhones.

Leo Laporte And how about you Veronica? Did you order an iPhone too? Were you one of the 600,000?

Veronica Belmont I did.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Veronica Belmont Yes, 3:30 in the morning Ryan called me from San Francisco while I was at E3.

Leo Laporte That’s cute.

Veronica Belmont And said, okay do you want the 16 or the 32?

Leo Laporte It’s nice to have --

Jeff Gerstmann That’s not even a question.

Leo Laporte Of course, it’s a 32. Common.

Veronica Belmont No, I got the 16.

Jeff Gerstmann What?

Leo Laporte What?

Jeff Cannata So did I.

Jeff Gerstmann Why?

Jeff Cannata You know why because I am going to get a new one in a year.

Veronica Belmont Good point.

Jeff Gerstmann Don’t you want to store things for that year? I mean common guys.

Leo Laporte I do owe – I did the same and it was 761 freaking dollars and I was very depressed but what the hell, this is – it’s [indiscernible] (71:30) ships by July 14 if you pre-order now so. But I’ve talked to a number of people who say they’ve got the email from Apple that their iPhone is in the process.

Jeff Gerstmann Wow.

Leo Laporte It’s on its way.

Jeff Gerstmann It’s a magical time.

Jeff Cannata Yeah, my confirmation email is kind of, one of my most prized possession at the moment because I’ve loaded up and stare at it.

Jeff Gerstmann Did you print it out and frame at this point.

Leo Laporte You guys are so pathetic. So, so sad. I think really those are two stories of the week though, E3 and the iPhone. I don’t know if there’s anything else to do.

Jeff Gerstmann And of course they had to happen all the same time.

Leo Laporte Damn.

Jeff Gerstmann [indiscernible] (72:05) spread this stuff out.

Leo Laporte Well, there is that one weird story and I mentioned it, so I’m going to just throw it in and it just creeps the hell out of me. And it’s just from CNET the – let me pull up the story so I can get it exactly straight. The Attorney General, I guess is tweeting executions now. This is just a weird use of Twitter and I’m not sure you're going to be able to find it. Oh, don’t search CNET for Twitter by the way, you’ll never -- maybe if I search it for Twitter executions that’s going to be the only one.

Veronica Belmont Uh, that sounds terrible.

Leo Laporte I know. Just kind of a weird use. Well, look at all the [indiscernible] (72:54) got for Twitter executions.

Jeff Cannata Guess if your last words are less than 140 characters.

Leo Laporte Yeah, Utah, that’s right. There’s the state. In fact do you have the link in the chat room, can you throw me the link because I’m having a hard time. I headed up here. There it is. Thank you for much, El Eli

Jeff Cannata Utah uses Twitter to announce --

Veronica Belmont The Book of Eli

Leo Laporte Oh The Book of Eli, yeah, that’s good book. The state of Utah, Mark Shurtleff who is the Attorney General tweeted “A solemn day. Barring a stay by Sup Ct, & with my final nod, Utah will use most extreme power & execute a killer. Mourn his victims. Justice” and then tweets I just gave the go ahead to Corrections Director to proceed with the execution, a few hours – I mean it’s just really, I don’t know.

Jeff Cannata It’s crass but if you think of Twitter as a news delivery service, it’s the use of a news, it’s delivering news.

Jeff Gerstmann And it’s – and you know it asks you, what are you doing right now. He answered the question.

Veronica Belmont No it doesn’t ask you that anymore.

Jeff Gerstmann Oh, it doesn’t --

Veronica Belmont No.

Leo Laporte You know what’s interesting, 100 people re-twitted it.

Veronica Belmont Oh if you are following that guy, I mean --

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s a big story.

Veronica Belmont That’s kind of the stuff he is going to TWiT about I guess.

Leo Laporte What’s the weirdest thing you ever Twitted.

Veronica Belmont Me?

Leo Laporte Yeah, anyone. You wouldn’t TWiT anything too personal, would you?

Veronica Belmont No, I try to stay away from the too – TMI kind of stuff.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Veronica Belmont So I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head, mundane mostly.

Leo Laporte I’m pretty mundane.

Unknown Speaker I have been pretty good about this so far, no Santacon last year, much of the drunken people dressed up as Santa roaming around San Francisco posted some [multiple speakers] (1:14:36) lewd pictures from that.

Veronica Belmont I remembered one.

Leo Laporte What, what Veronica.

Veronica Belmont This isn’t weird, it was just totally random. We were driving, I was driving home from work with my producer Heather and I looked to my right and there is this truck with like Plexiglas walls and a big stripper pole in the middle, and I was like get going up, going 101 North and just passed the stripper truck.

Jeff Gerstmann Okay, there you go.

Veronica Belmont A hustler stripper truck.

Jeff Gerstmann There you go.

Leo Laporte I TWiT my weight, that’s kind of creepy.

Jeff Gerstmann Huh

Leo Laporte Yeah, huh says Jeff Gerstmann. They only have 140 characters so I can’t do that. Tell me about, Jeff tell about your latest venture, this is, it’s called

Jeff Gerstmann Yes, You know, we’ve started this video game site and it’s from the people that made I am working with Shelby Bonnie who is one of the founders of CNET.

Leo Laporte Oh I know Shelby Bonnie yeah.

Jeff Gerstmann And we came together and built this site.

Leo Laporte I like the attitude that it is reflecting.

Jeff Gerstmann Well, we wanted to, I mean we wanted to cut through a lot of stuff. I mean, we are at a point now where, we were at a point where previews of video games were so painstakingly neutral where it was just we’re all got to give them the benefit of the doubt. And everything was written from that third person editorial [ph] Wii (75:51) perspective that to think back in the day I used to get is I would spend let’s say a full week reviewing a game, post the review and then get messages from users asking, so what do you think of the game, and I’m like, what! don’t you get that from what -- and I eventually came to realize like, no they are not really getting that. So we focused more on really just saying what’s on our minds and going with the editorial first person --

Leo Laporte It’s very personal, we are trying to love.

Jeff Gerstmann We are trying to make the bylines matter again.

Leo Laporte Yep, it should be personal.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, and it’s – we’re at a point now where gaming has spread. It’s, there is one game fits all anymore.

Leo Laporte Right. That’s the difficulty. We keep looking at how to do a gamey show but it wouldn’t be one game. You can’t do one gaming show, you got to do one for consoles, one for PC, maybe even one for PlayStation 3 and one for Xbox. It’s so sliced up.

Jeff Gerstmann So we are basically, the more of our opinions that get out there the more of our perspective gets out there, the more you can kind of look at that and realize that even if you disagree with us you’re going to be able to get something informative and get something useful out of our reviews and out of our coverage and that’s been the main design that’s backed up with a lot of video content of us just having fun with the stuff. It’s still video games. We’re not doctors. We are curing disease. It will still be a little bit on the fun side. So we are trying to keep things light while also providing some hard-hitting reviews to back that up.

Leo Laporte Well it’s great to meet you finally. Thank you for coming by.

Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, [indiscernible] (77:12).

Leo Laporte Jeff Cannata, he is the host of the Totally Rad Show, TRS on revision3.

Jeff Cannata It’s right.

Leo Laporte You guys are having fun?

Jeff Cannata We are having a blast, we do video games and movies and I also do a show called Weekend Confirmed with the Shacknews guys that is a video game centric podcast, so you can check that out as well.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s cool. Where is that, what online.

Jeff Cannata On You can also find us on iTunes of course.

Leo Laporte Good, I have to look that up Jeff, I didn’t know you were doing that. It’s cool and thank you for being here once a year whether you want to or not.

Jeff Cannata I will see you next year.

Leo Laporte Come back sooner than that, Jeff, really absolutely it’s nice to see you again. Veronica Belmont is the host of Qore, soon to be on the new PlayStation 3. PlayStation 3 Network. What is that all about?

Veronica Belmont Yeah. We’re going to be available on PlayStation Plus. So if you’ve subscribed to PlayStation Plus, you’ll get Qore for free but you can still also download the individual episodes if you don’t want to pay for PlayStation Plus.

Leo Laporte And of course hosts Tekzilla with my old friend Patrick Norton on Revision3

Veronica Belmont And Sword and Laser.

Leo Laporte And with Tom Merritt, Sword and Laser. You guys --

Veronica Belmont

Leo Laporte Work trying to kind of get that over here at some point. I’d love to get you doing it over here.

Veronica Belmont I know that would be really – the problem is my schedule is so wonky that I can’t like commit to a certain time of week, with video and stuff. So we just do Sword and Laser whenever we have time.

Leo Laporte Well, you know that, Veronica – it goes without saying anytime you want to do anything over here, you’re always welcome.

Veronica Belmont Thank you.

Leo Laporte I shouldn’t have to say that but now that we’ve got Tom --

Veronica Belmont I know.

Leo Laporte We’ve got to get Veronica.

Veronica Belmont Tom’s doing great, huh?

Leo Laporte I love it. His show TNT, Tech News Today is every Monday through Friday at 2:30 Pacific Time, 5:30 Eastern and we do it live at or you could subscribe to it. And, yeah it’s a huge show. It’s number one on iTunes for several weeks and it’s just taken off some really – he’s doing a great job with Becky Worley as a regular on that.

Veronica Belmont Yeah, she’s great.

Leo Laporte Yeah. She is also an old friend. It’s kind of nice to be able to bring all my friends back.

Thanks Veronica, thanks, Jeff; thanks, Jeff. Thank you all for being here. We do TWiT every Sunday afternoon, 3:00 PM Pacific, 6:00 PM Eastern, 22:00 UTC at If you want to watch live of course you can always get the download from lots of places, just go to in fact and you can - there’s a subscribe drop-down and get it in the Zune marketplace, on iTunes. We have video too, as well as audio, and it’s on YouTube, So however you’d like to consume it please do. And I believe we’ve got streaming coming very soon not only Roku but all the Mediafly platforms. We’re this close to being able – so that’s my goal is you go to your Roku box, or you go to you Android or your iPhone and you get to choose. Well I’ll watch what’s on right, or, no I don’t want to see what’s on right now. So I’ll watch a show that it was recorded earlier. You get the choice. That’s coming very, very soon.

Thanks everybody for being here. We’ll see you next time. Another TWiT is in the can.

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