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Episode 271


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This is TWiT: This Week in Tech, episode 271, recorded October 24, 2010: The Chicken Is The Bun.

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Its time for TWiT, This Week in Tech, the show that covers your latest technology news with deep analysis from great minds like these. What the hell? Clayton Morris is here.

Clayton Morris What?

Leo Laporte He’s wearing the Phillies outfit, From Fox and Friends, hey, Clayton.

Clayton Morris Hey, Leo. Thanks for having me on your show.

Leo Laporte I believe – and we should get this out of the way before the others join us, because I think they’re nerds. And they’re not into the great manly sport of baseball. But we had a wager, I believe, Mr. Morris?

Clayton Morris Yeah, last week, I think – what was it? During game 1? You Tweeted that Cody Ross was…

Leo Laporte My boyfriend.

Clayton Morris Your new boyfriend. You’re in love with Cody Ross.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Actually, we’re engaged now, yeah.

Clayton Morris I’m glad I sent you guys an engagement present. I said he’s the most hated man in my house right now. Because of course I’m from Philadelphia, so this just absolutely chapped my behind. And then you and I had a friendly wager that if the Phillies were to win, you would end up wearing a full Phillies regalia on TWiT. And if I was to win – vice versa if you were to win, I’d wear a full Giants outfit.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, let me just check here. I believe the – I may be wrong, but I think the Giants won!

Clayton Morris Yeah, so I can’t believe this is – I had root canal one time, and this is actually going to pain me.

Leo Laporte We sent Clayton an outfit. But you know, we forgot one thing, Clayton.

Clayton Morris What?

Leo Laporte The black beard. You don’t have a black beard anywhere, do you?

Clayton Morris If you give three days – can we continue this show for three days? I can do that, I can grow it just for you.

Leo Laporte Just grow it. Yeah, yeah.

Clayton Morris Alright, I’m going to do this. I have to take my headset off, I’m taking it off…

Speaker This is so humiliating. Poor guy.

Leo Laporte Oh, my god. Is this what we sent him? Or, yeah, okay. We didn’t make Clayton buy a Giants. It could have been worse, we could have made him buy it.

Clayton Morris I’d wear anything but a Phillies uniform. In fact I wear only Phillies underwear everyday. And here’s this Phillies hat – there’s a San Francisco Giants hat.

Leo Laporte Oh, yeah. We sent you the patriotic one.

Clayton Morris So I’m wearing it kind of like Fifty Cent.

Leo Laporte You’re kind of – very gangsta, isn’t it?

Clayton Morris Yeah, I just keep the bill flat and keep the sticker on.

Joshua Topolsky I think this looks nice, actually. This is a big improvement.

Cali Lewis Great. It just stands out there.


Leo Laporte Oh, the humiliation. Oh my god. If you have it – if you’re listening to audio, you got to check in for the video. You know what? Let’s do this. Let’s put this on the front page of TWiT. Maybe have a – I don’t know – Clayton Morris hands on. His first Giants exposure.

Clayton Morris Oh. This is the first time I’ve ever – you know I used to – when I played Little League, I was playing t-ball, I was on the Phillies, when I played the little league I was on the Phillies, you know Phillies’ version of whatever it was. Baseball I was on Phillies. And I’ve been to tons – dozens and dozens of Phillies games. I’ve never once worn a Giant’s outfit.

Leo Laporte I like soft pretzels, does that count?

Clayton Morris Some soft pretzels and a cheese steak. Or I’m just going to send you – the best cheese steak in all of Philadelphia, little – people don’t know unless they’re from there – is from John’s Roast Pork from South Philadelphia. They’re open only till three in the afternoon. And there’s a line out the door and it is…

Joshua Topolsky The Pat’s.

Clayton Morris No, no. Pat’s is terrible…

Joshua Topolsky Geno’s, Geno’s.

Clayton Morris Geno’s?

Leo Laporte All right, before you guys get – I better bring in Joshua Topolsky. He is with Engadget. He’s obviously been to Philadelphia once or twice, but he’s – right now he’s in Brooklyn.

Joshua Topolsky Fortunately, yes.

Leo Laporte And not a baseball fan. And also joining us – as long as we’re going through the list here, we should also say hello to Cali Lewis, who is also here. And she’s visiting Atlanta.

Cali Lewis I am.

Leo Laporte So really in some ways, you’re also part of this rivalry, since the Giants beat Atlanta to get to the Phillies game.

Cali Lewis Oh. I claim nothing.

Leo Laporte But you are a Texas Rangers fan?

Cali Lewis Sure!

Leo Laporte Good!

Cali Lewis I enjoy going to Rangers fan – Rangers baseball game. What do they call it?

Leo Laporte It’s called baseball, that’s it – home runs, batters, yeah.

Clayton Morris Is that what we’ve been talking about for the past five minutes? Baseball?

Leo Laporte You guys are such nerds. So in fact, maybe Cali and I can have a little wager for the World Series, that might be kind of fun. What would you be willing to do, Cali, if the Giants beat the Rangers in the World Series?

Cali Lewis I’m so not good with bets.

Leo Laporte All right. But I’ll let – you know what? I’ll let Clayton come up with one, since it worked so well for him.

Cali Lewis Right.

Clayton Morris No, you don’t want me on this side.

Joshua Topolsky You look so good in a Giants shirt.

Clayton Morris Because you’re going to end up looking like this if I get involved.

Leo Laporte Fifty Cent! So…

Cali Lewis I think it might actually fall down even further on my head, because you’re – because that’s pretty bad.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s pretty big. We – I don’t know why we assumed you had such a large noggin there.

Clayton Morris It’s like Andy Capps’ hot fries. Cliff Lee on Wednesday, that’s a big deal, Cliff Lee for the Rangers going against Tim Limsicum.

Leo Laporte No, I think Kane is going to start for us. Which is a little odd.

Clayton Morris Really?

Leo Laporte Yeah, I would have assumed Limsicum as well. Anyway, enough baseball talk.

Joshua Topolsky This is a tech show.

Leo Laporte Let’s talk about – yeah.

Clayton Morris Congratulations to you, Leo. Honestly, I’ll be a good sport, congratulations.

Leo Laporte And congratulations to the Phillies, who did very well and won their division and really – two years in a row, [indiscernible] (6:55) I mean it’s a great team. And I did not think we had a shot at it. Although I have to say, I kind of – I had – this was bad, I had a Philly cheese steak sandwich during the game last night. I really did.

Clayton Morris Actually beforehand.

Leo Laporte But to really confuse you, I had it from a place called Buffalo Chicken Wings.

Clayton Morris Oh, I know that place.

Leo Laporte Yeah it’s good.

Clayton Morris Yeah, it’s delicious.

Joshua Topolsky Go Geno’s.

Cali Lewis Actually it’s good. I mean Philly Cheese Steak from Buffalo Chicken Wings.

Leo Laporte It’s weird. Geno’s – you’re a Geno’s guy and you say the – Clayton, you say John’s? I’ve been to Geno’s.

Clayton Morris John’s Roast Pork in South Philadelphia. I’m telling you, Pat’s and Geno’s are the tourist traps.

Leo Laporte That’s where I go.

Clayton Morris You go there in the morning when you’re loaded, you probably were loaded if it was a morning.

Leo Laporte I was, I was.

Clayton Morris That’s the only reason you go there. But try it, next time – anyone who’s watching, go to John’s Roast Pork in South Philadelphia. Tell him I sent you and they won’t do anything for you.

Joshua Topolsky Clayton gets a discount if ten people tell him.

Clayton Morris Yeah, right. John doesn’t care. Free Philly Cheese Steak.

Leo Laporte ‘What? I know Clayton Morris.’

Clayton Morris You have to order properly or you get kicked out.

Leo Laporte Yes, that’s right. So tell us, you know – this I know, and then we will talk about tech. How should I order a Philly Cheese Steak properly?

Clayton Morris Well you go in, first of all, you go in to John’s Roast Pork and say ‘anything from the grill? Anybody want anything from the grill?’ And if you don’t – if you don’t know what you’re talking about, if you don’t know that a cheese steak comes from a grill and you walk up and you want roast pork, they have the roast pork ready to go. You’ve got to order it with either with provolone or you want wit. If you get wit, which is W-I-T, that means wit the cheese whiz.

Leo Laporte It’s velveta, yeah. Crap.

Clayton Morris Yeah. It’s the one ever – don’t do the cheese…

Leo Laporte But isn’t that the real?

Joshua Topolsky That’s the way to do it.

Leo Laporte I thought, that’s what I thought that was the real thing.

Joshua Topolsky Yeah, you got to get the cheese wiz.

Clayton Morris No, no, no. No, no the chopstick, really good chopstick, and provolone.

Leo Laporte Provolone.

Clayton Morris The provolone, a little red sauce, that’s the oomph.

Joshua Topolsky So it is some hoity toidy cheese steak chopstick.

Leo Laporte Ain’t it? So I want a cheese stick wit?

Clayton Morris Yeah, cheese steak wit. That will get you with the nasty cheese, or you can get a cheese steak with provolone, and that’s the good cheese. Trust me, I’m telling you.

Leo Laporte The chat room is just like – ‘this is supposed to be a tech show!’

Joshua Topolsky I agree with the chat room.

Leo Laporte ‘You guys are…’ So when Joshua joined us, before they began recording, he said ‘I got a bone to pick with you, Laporte.’

Joshua Topolsky Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Joshua Topolsky Me and you.

Leo Laporte Joshua, me and you buddy, to the max. So you did it again, you did again. Look, here’s Engadget from just the other day. MacBook Air 11.6 inch, first hands on! Exclamation mark. Update video! Exclamation mark.

Joshua Topolsky Oh, okay so you had – let’s just go back…

Leo Laporte That’s the demo table. We were all there. Well, I wasn’t.

Joshua Topolsky So on Windows Weekly, you complained that Engadget was – were just trying to get page views by posting hands-on from events.

Leo Laporte You’re not trying to get page views?

Joshua Topolsky Well, we – everything we do tries to get page views, because that’s how we run our business, we need to get people to look at it or else we go away. But we’ve been doing hands-on posts from events since the dawn of Engadget, right? So that’s something we do. Our readers want to see this stuff for real in the hands of a human being out in public, not on some like nice press shot. So that’s the idea of the hands-on. The first hands-on, that’s like our first hands-on. But, I mean the idea is, I mean it’s our first encounter with the thing. But I would argue that there was no one else who had that hands-on up before we did on that day.

Leo Laporte Actually, we beat you, because we had the live video from…

Joshua Topolsky You had detailed photos up before we did?

Leo Laporte Well, how detailed. Let’s see. Let me look, is this detailed?

Joshua Topolsky Detailed enough, it’s a hands-on.

Leo Laporte Detailed. No – but we had a – yeah, I showed you the video before the – I’m not going to fight with you.

Joshua Topolsky It’s Steve Jobs. I didn’t see a device in that video. So I think...

Leo Laporte I just showed you the Steve Jobs interview. We actually had a hands-on – and Becky Worley is holding it up and she’s showing in front of the camera and all that stuff. We did that live. So, no, we did beat you. But we didn’t it on the front page of Twit with exclamation, we’ve got a – it’s a demo! Everybody’s there! What’s the big deal?

Joshua Topolsky Well, the big deal is...

Cali Lewis Calm down, calm down, guys, make up.

Joshua Topolsky ….it’s not for our pride to say that we had the first hands-on. The big deal is, our readers who aren’t there and that’s….

Leo Laporte They want to see it.

Joshua Topolsky Thousands of – millions of people.

Leo Laporte Right.

Joshua Topolsky They want to see what this thing looks like in person. They want to see if it looks like next to a real MacBook, they want to know what it looks like next to an iPhone, they want to see the ports, they want to see the bottom of it, they want to see it open and close. And that’s what we do. I mean, the idea is, we have gadget junkies who are sitting around waiting to get a closer look at this. Here, look – this is how big it looks compared to a regular MacBook.

Leo Laporte Right.

Joshua Topolsky So that’s the idea of the hands-on. It’s to show the fanatics who are reading our site like what this thing actually looks like.

Leo Laporte I stand corrected. I now understand your nomenclature. Hands-on means the first time we got our hands on this device. It doesn’t matter where, it could be a demo event.

Joshua Topolsky And it’s not a – we’re not trying to be disingenuous at all. It’s – the goal is to show people what the thing is actually like in person, in your hands, and give them a better idea of this product that they can get from a press shot. And yeah, these are some beautiful pictures I took.

Leo Laporte They actually are. You took these? They are very nice.

Joshua Topolsky Yeah. I took these. You don’t know. This is crazy – this is the most stressful thing in the world at these events, is we rush out after Jobs is done and we run to these tables and desperately try to get these photos as quickly as possible and get them online. You know, because it is – there’s a certain amount of a race going on because you want to get them – you want to be the first to get them out there.

Leo Laporte Does that make it – just out of curiosity – does that make a difference if Gizmodo gets like, beats you by 30 seconds, does that – is it just pride or does it actually make any difference?

Joshua Topolsky I think a long time ago, it made a bigger difference. I think now it’s like, we know that everybody is going to do the hands-on. And readers look at a bunch of different sites. They’re not just reading Engadget. And that’s great, I look at a bunch of different sites too. So, I think it’s we’re still – mentally we still think, let’s get this thing up there as quickly as possible. But I don’t think the race is quite as intense as it used to be. Though I will say this. At the – there was an event that we did – oh, the iPad event. Nick Denton from Gawker bet me on Twitter $1,000 that Giz would get a hands-on faster than us. And we had ours up first, and Denton has yet to pay up. So….

Leo Laporte Well, what a surprise ther