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This is TWiT: This WEEK in TECH, episode 295, recorded April 3, 2011: Magical Hand Gesture.

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Leo Laporte This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers the tech news of the week. And I have brought in a massive panel of social media experts to dissect and explain what is happening in the world around us today. Starting with from South Austin, Texas El Diablo…

Brian Brushwood And a little Jerry right here on my shirt.

Leo Laporte Mr. Brian Brushwood.

Brian Brushwood Hey, how are you doing Leo?

Leo Laporte Great to see you Brian.

Brian Brushwood Always love being here.

Leo Laporte You’re in town for Scam School.

Brian Brushwood Yeah just shot three – three nights of Scam School, 12 episodes.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Brian Brushwood Taken a day off, visiting Petaluma.

Leo Laporte You shot 12 episodes at once?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, we rocked four of those a night.

Leo Laporte Jesus.

Brian Brushwood We never know what we’re going to get in terms of the crowds or how drunk people are going to be?

Leo Laporte So you want to get them all to drunk?

Brian Brushwood Yeah. Well – but not too drunk. So it’s like, early in the evening that’s when you do like the puzzles maybe middle evening card tricks and at the end you’re like – which is longer my left thumb or my right thumb? Now, give me a drink?

Leo Laporte Also with us – which is longer, your left thumb or right thumb? Becky Worley.

Becky Worley [Indiscernible] (2:30).

Leo Laporte From Good Morning America. Now, I have up for you just your Twitter handle, bworley.

Becky Worley That’s me, bworley.

Leo Laporte Is there anything else you’d like me to...

Brian Brushwood Becky’s legs.

Becky Worley Yeah, I’m with you.

Leo Laporte Becky’s legs. Is there is a Becky’s legs Twitter account?

Brian Brushwood There definitely is – there is a Becky’s legs twitter account.

Leo Laporte Oh man! Is it a busy account?

Brian Brushwood I don’t know. But it definitely ties in to one of those stories we have coming up later on in Twitter.

Leo Laporte Alright. We’ll stay with that.

Becky Worley That’s exciting.

Leo Laporte Also here, good to have her infact she’s got a specific beat today from This WEEK in LAW, Denise Howell.

Denise Howell Yo, good to see you?

Leo Laporte Bags and Baggage and Blogarithms. Good to see you. It’s great to have you on.

Denise Howell Wonderful always to be on TWiT.

Leo Laporte Thanks for being here. And finally as if that weren’t enough the Scobleizer is also here from his mountain lair at Half Moon Bay.

Robert Scoble Yeah, it’s a beautiful day today.

Leo Laporte Sounds like that should be in the Caribbean. Half Moon Bay, man.

Becky Worley It would be if they had more that 12 days of sunny year, although it appears to be one of them and poor Scoble is inside with us.

Leo Laporte Well, Robert, thank you for joining us. We appreciate this.

Robert Scoble I can look at it out the window; maybe I’ll take the camera and show it to you. It’s beautiful – beautiful day.

Leo Laporte It’s a rare beautiful day in Half Moon Bay normally the foggiest place in the world.

Becky Worley Oh my God. Well, I can see maverick, so it’s big, it’s big out there.

Leo Laporte Is that, that’s the big surfing spot mavericks.

Robert Scoble Yeah, somebody just died there a week ago.

Becky Worley I know it’s been harsh.

Leo Laporte Oh dear, that’s terrible.

Robert Scoble Yeah.

Leo Laporte Let’s see.

Becky Worley Way to bring the room down Robert. Nice way to start off the TWiT, great super. It’s going to be a major opera show.

Robert Scoble Well, you know whatever [indiscernible] (4:00) with you life.

Leo Laporte A little later on Robert is going to start a new feature on TWiT news of next week. No seriously Robert wants to do that.

Becky Worley Alright.

Leo Laporte Like stuff people will be talking about next week. I’d like that.

Robert Scoble I got a few things that we were talking during the pre-show about these new 3D cameras that are coming out tomorrow and I got some iPad apps.

Leo Laporte We actually got a little bit of a discussion over 3D because I’m of the opinion it’s a gimmick, I just don’t understand why people are still making a 3D stuff. I don’t think anybody is going into buying it’s just people – consumers are going to be upset that they fell for this scam but then you – Brian you like the idea of 3D at least in terms of movies in theatres.

Brian Brushwood Yes, well I – don’t hate the idea for the implementation, certainly we have a very crude implementation of 3D right now.

Leo Laporte We have the same crude implementation we had in 1956 with House of Wax.

Brian Brushwood Well, we do and don’t but when you get to, for example, James Cameron created the entire real 3D company so they could tell the kind of stories they wanted to tell and they make big changes as far as the circular polarized lenses, you can tilt your head left or right and he’s getting ready to make more announcements saying that Avatar 2 is going to be in more than 24 frames per second which we haven’t seen.

Leo Laporte What does that mean? I mean that’s what film is, so it means he’s shooting at – like video style?

Brian Brushwood What – no, he’s talking about 48 or maybe even 60 frames per second.

Leo Laporte And what will be the advantage?

Brian Brushwood Well, Roger Ebert wrote a giant article trashing 3D…

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood …saying I hate the fact that we’re spending all our time focusing on 3D, I think it – like you, he says that it’s a gimmick. He says a decade ago I saw film shot in 60 frames per second and that was magical, that was like a window into another world. Now James Cameron, who is a big believer in 3D, also seems to agree and says let’s also take it to 60 frames per second, that’s going to be a win and I think this is the equivalent of – it’s a good idea with rough implementation and as each successive generation gets better and better and better there’ll be a time when all of a sudden 3D won’t be a joke.

Now let me stay unequivocally, I love 3D in the theatre, I hate 3D in the home right now, I think it is gimmicky, I think it does induce nausea. I think the glasses are horribly overpriced in – of course there are some with the passive lenses now and they are dimmer, but it’s a step in the right direction and I’m not – I have no problem with 3D as a motivating force to get us to develop new technologies. Did you see there was one YouTube video, somebody released, of them using multiple projectors to create a floating hovering 3D image in the fog that you can see from different sides as you walk around it? Do you guys see that?

Becky Worley I haven’t seen that. We’ve seen sort of holographic projectors in one form or another ever since Star Wars but it just doesn’t – and there is multiple technologies for it, it’s just what’s the practical application, why do we need this, why is the industry shoving this down our throat?

Leo Laporte Well to sell more TVs.

Becky Worley Right. And – but is there…

Leo Laporte And you know it’s funny, the irony was the movie industry started it because they want to give us something we couldn’t get at home.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Becky Worley Right.

Leo Laporte Because they wanted people to keep going to theatres then the TV industry was responded by – “Okay we’ll make those too”.

Brian Brushwood Well that and that’s the hard thing it’s like, it’s a rough position I’m trying to defend because I am in favor of a novel, awesome experience at the theatre which 3D could be a part of, but I am not in favor of the commercialization and the way people are telling you, you got to buy a 3D TV it – do not but a 3D TV right now. If you want to get a new 3D now, it’s not the time.

Leo Laporte Well…

Brian Brushwood And of course you don’t have the choice.

Leo Laporte …here I am.

Becky Worley I agree with you, I just bought a new TV and it does not.

Leo Laporte Here I am – here I am arguing for a 3D TV because most of the best TVs from every manufacturer have 3D capability you may not use it.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Leo Laporte But if you’re going to get the top of the line…

Robert Scoble And here what, what we were talking about before the show started was these new cameras are going to get hooked together and you’re going to be able to film 3D at home and put it up on YouTube, and I didn’t even know this until I’ve visited this company on Friday, but YouTube, if you put the video side by side of the left and right eye it actually lets you watch 3D on YouTube and it lets you choose the kind of glasses or TV set that you have it senses that there’s these 3D videos that you’re putting up and lets you switch them. It’s really smart.

Becky Worley We saw the Sony Bloggie come out at CES which had the same 3D capabilities.

Leo Laporte It would – didn’t come out. They talked about it. They don’t know when they’re going to ship that sucker.

Becky Worley It was announced. Yeah. And I mean…

Robert Scoble This is the…

Leo Laporte Well you know what came out this week? Let’s talk about real stuff that came out…

Robert Scoble Let’s talk about This WEEK in TECH.

Leo Laporte This WEEK, Nintendo 3DS, they say…

Brian Brushwood The way – why you sigh?

Becky Worley I saw it – I saw it, you haven’t see it?

Leo Laporte Not impressive.

Brian Brushwood Really?

Leo Laporte It’s got a little slider and I think this is the best thing and I wish all 3D devices had this, you could turn down the 3D or turn it up. It’s okay, stuff jumps out at you it’s kind of interesting, it almost feels….

Becky Worley And its glasses free.

Leo Laporte Yes, glasses – it’s lenticular, which means you have to hold your head just in the right position.

Becky Worley But with the single viewing screen that’s not hard.

Leo Laporte It’s easy with that kind of thing.

Becky Worley Yeah and you’ve got total control over it and it’s moving according to your head so that’s not a big deal.

Leo Laporte It’s interesting how the reviews range from a game changer to [indiscernible] (8:50). They sold 113,000 of them in the U.K.

Brian Brushwood Well I’ll tell you if there is ever a demographic that this is the right for, it’s going to be the children who are buying the 3D, whose parents are…

Becky Worley Yeah well my 9-year-old nephew, might as well – I consider nephew is like a god child but anyways that’s not important…

Leo Laporte Becky is a sucker, he is a sucker.

Becky Worley He bought it he’s been playing that non-stop.

Leo Laporte No, no he is being suckered by Nintendo who is convincing him he needs to buy this thing.

Brian Brushwood He is getting a novel experience in a low definition format which is exactly what 9 years old want.

Becky Worley It is a toy. It’s a toy, that’s great.

Robert Scoble Not only that but in Petaluma High School, Patrick says that Nintendo is white hot right now.

Leo Laporte The 3DS or the old 3D?

Robert Scoble The old one but they haven’t even seen the 3D but if that holds true the 3D is going to be used in high school as well. But they use it for chatting back and forth and playing games with each other.

Leo Laporte Really that’s interesting.

Becky Worley I wonder if it’s because the Nintendos aren’t banned the way the cell phones are.

Leo Laporte I think it’s exactly what it is.

Becky Worley In the high schools or in the…

Leo Laporte [indiscernible] (9:45) less expensive.

Denise Howell I have a feeling they’re banned.

Robert Scoble Petaluma does not ban cell phones.

Leo Laporte They don’t. Now he takes his iPhone everyday to school.

Leo Laporte My kid takes his to school.

Denise Howell Yeah I think it depends on the age.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte You can’t keep kids from bringing cell phones because parents get pissed off, because they can’t call them kids.

Becky Worley Yes. True.

Robert Scoble By the way if somebody told me some research that 6 year olds are getting cell phones now especially in divorced families because that way they don’t have to talk to the other parent to get to the kid. They can just call the kid...

Leo Laporte Oh jeez.

Brian Brushwood That’s brilliant. I’m down for that as a parent of a 7 year old I would totally, if I just had extra money laying around hook her up with a cell phone.

Denise Howell [ph] Not (10:23).

Leo Laporte There are kid cell phones I gave Henry a kid cell phone. He promptly left it in his pocket and made sure it got washed.

Denise Howell Oh my goodness. We’re getting out in [ph] the weeds here (10:32) but a friend of mine’s child is also 7, like my own, and he came to me with his iPad the other day and said hey my dad said I could download Skype, can you help me set it up and I said okay so I set him up on Skype and ah what a disaster. I mean all of a sudden this kid has a cell phone in his hand, where he otherwise wouldn’t be allowed to have one.

Leo Laporte Interesting.

Denise Howell Yeah I got in trouble.

Leo Laporte I put Chatroulette on the friend’s...

Brian Brushwood Oh! You did that?

Leo Laporte No I didn’t, I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding. Although that’s why people are saying that Color application is just basically a Chatroulette with strangers. If you seen it…

Denise Howell Can we talk about Color?

Leo Laporte Yeah this is the one that came out last week.

Robert Scoble Hold on.

Denise Howell Robert is pulling himself together.

Robert Scoble I got to shoot a picture of you guys now.

Leo Laporte But no we’re not in the same room so it won’t work, you’re 116 kilometers away. So Color won’t work.

Robert Scoble That’s okay even when we are in the same room nobody watches it. So…

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah it’s an iPhone app that you take pictures with and it shows you pictures that other people in your vicinity have taken pictures. I think it uses the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth I’m not sure which. Maybe it uses 3G. And it’s shows strangers. The problem is most of the time nobody else is using it so it’s just you.

Becky Worley I was driving through Silicon Valley yesterday trying it and not – it did not get one single hit. And I mean obviously it’s new but…

Leo Laporte No – but the thing – the reason is – it senses people is because they raised $41 million.

Robert Scoble Well I actually interviewed them on Thursday and…

Leo Laporte I’m curious what do you think?

Robert Scoble …wanted to know how it works. It has to be in the same room almost somebody else who is using Color, it uses the compass to know where you’re camera is shooting…

Leo Laporte Oh interesting.

Robert Scoble …it actually is listening to the audio, it’s not recording audio but it’s recording a fingerprint of the audio signature of the room.

Becky Worley What?

Robert Scoble So you can tell. Yeah here is why they’re doing that. He says that what we’re trying to do is make it possible for a lot people to go to, let’s say, a Lady Gaga concert and all these shooting pictures will know where the performer is because everybody is aiming at the same place and we’re listening to the audio signature of the room to join everybody into a one Color space and they expect to be able to show you why the closest picture that’s being taken of that event.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s interesting.

Robert Scoble So if somebody is in the front row, the big people in the back row will see pictures that the front row is shooting.

Leo Laporte What do you think of the argument that that is all a red herring and that really the reason they got $41 million is because they figured out a way to collect all sorts of info – it really scares me that they got the mic on, all sorts of information about their users which they will be able to sell, I mean it’s – there’s no sense in the $41 million unless you assume they are up to something clever.

Robert Scoble They – we talked about that a lot they got their money for a couple of reason. One,