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The following is a Frequently Asked Questions list for the new TWiT Eastside Studio.

Basic Questions

Where is the TWiT Eastside Studio?

The studio is located at 1351-B Redwood Way, Petaluma, CA 94954. If you want to visit, please read our page on TWiT Eastside Studio Directions and Info.

Why is it named "Eastside"?

It's on the east side of Petaluma. Ironically, it's actually further west than the TWiT Brick House.

Also, Leo said during This Week in Tech that he liked the "Movin' On Up" song from The Jeffersons.

Why did TWiT move from the TWiT Brick House?

The landlord sold the building that housed the TWiT Brick House and what was formerly The Social Club Restaurant & Bar to a San Diego company that planned to open a brew pub named "The Patio in Petaluma". (As of early 2017, those plans appear to have fallen through.) Although TWiT had an option to extend the lease, the landlord wanted to raise the rent and begin charging for the basement space as well (even though, by law, it could not be used as permanent office or studio space). It was determined it would be better to move to a new space.

When did the move happen?

TWiT officially moved on August 21, 2016.

Building Questions

Does the new studio have air conditioning?

Yes. With multiple zones, it's really much more comfortable than the Brick House was.

Does the new studio have wi-fi?

Yes. Visitors can connect to a guest network. If you're visiting, look for the password on the wall. (We're not going to post it here.)

Who provides TWiT's Internet?

The TWiT Eastside Studio is online via Sonic. You can seen an interview with Dane Jasper, CEO of Sonic, on episode 263 of Triangulation.

How long is the lease?

10 years.

Recording Studio Questions

Why were parts of the studio wall unpainted when the studio opened?

Those unpainted parts were covered with bricks after a couple weeks. These aren't the custom TWiT bricks, but are fake decorative bricks.

What sets are there and what sets will there be?

The sets (using old Brick House names) are currently:

The only set lost from the Brick House studio is the "Sky Desk", which was infrequently used. The iOS Today configuration of the Living Room set is a replacement for that.

What will go in that window to the right of the TWiT Gear?

This window features a clock (because TWiT viewers seem to love clocks) and a tinted glass look. There is space behind this window (as well as the window with the TWiT gear) for lighting...and for Burke to nap.

What's Leo's new clock behind him in his office?

Leo's studio now uses the Marathon CL030056BK Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock with Temperature and Humidity. You can get your own on Amazon.

What's Leo's other new clock that shows the time, temperature, and Twitter?

That's the LaMetric Time clock.

Brick Questions

What's going to happen to the bricks?

They will be moved.

Burke took down one wall as a test...and the bricks had large chunks of mortar and drywall still attached. After TWiT moved broadcast operations out of the Brick House, noise and dust didn't matter and the bricks were removed. It will take some time for them to be cleaned up because there's a billion of them. After the mortar and drywall is removed from the backs, they can be put up at the TWiT Eastside Studio.

Although the location of the bricks is not finalized, it's almost certain that some of them will be on the hallway wall just outside the studio.

Have any bricks been broken?

As far as we know, zero bricks have broken. The mortar between the bricks cracked before the bricks themselves. It's not impossible for a brick to break. The biggest danger was if a brick fell on the floor, so they needed to be removed with care.

Can you send me my brick?

We aren't able to take requests to mail bricks to people. Many of the bricks have no identifying information, so it would also be impossible to verify who a brick's actual owner is.

Can I buy a new brick?

Sorry, we're not selling any new bricks. We have more than enough already.

Other Questions

Will the TWiT intro used as part of the studio launch be put at the start of episodes going forward?

This is to be determined.

What's up with the audio stream?

The digital audio gear took some time to be installed and configured, but it's working now. We'll be fine-tuning the audio sync as we go...

Will the intro to The New Screen Savers be updated with the new studio

It's likely to get updated at some point.