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TWiT Live refers to the live video and audio streams of TWiT network shows and select non-TWiT network shows that are broadcast over the Internet. A complete live show schedule is available. The easiest way to watch is at

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According to Leo Laporte's blog, TWiT Live began broadcasting live video from the TWiT Cottage in Petaluma, California on April 30, 2008.


HLS is short for HTTP live streaming. HLS breaks a video stream into small chunks which are sent over HTTP. The viewing client is able to dynamically choose from a range of bandwidths on the fly based on bandwidth availability, enabling smoother performance on mobile devices with 3G connections.

All of TWiT's live video streams are HLS compatible.

Live Video Streams

The live video streams allow viewers to watch the creation of TWiT shows and enables users to interact with Leo through one of two associated chatrooms. The stream is available on multiple providers in various bitrates in order to provide redundancy and accomodate a range of connection speeds. The stream is available on UStream, BitGravity Low Bandwidth, BitGravity High Bandwidth, and All streams have an HLS-compatible version.


There are two streams available from BitGravity; a 512 kbps low-bandwidth stream and a 1 Mbps high-bandwidth stream.


This is the default stream. The UStream stream is a variable stream that maxes at 2.2 Mbps and adjusts down based on your bandwidth.

The stream is a 5 resolution/bitrate HLS stream, intended for our app developers. Please see Flosoft Developer Section. This stream is hosted by TWiT through

Streaming TWiT Live Video on Your PC or Mac


The easiest way to watch is by clicking Watch Live at or by going to You will need any modern web browser with Flash installed. At least 768 kbps downstream is recommended.

Desktop Apps

TWiT Hub

TWiT Hub by Jan Cauchi supports the live stream providers (Ustream, BitGravity,, TWiT calendar, FAQs, TWiT IRC, and previous TWiT shows.

TWiT Deck: The Windows Gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7

TWiT Deck by Wessley Mitchell is a Windows gadget that supports the BitGravity, UStream, and Justin feeds.

TWiT Live Desktop

TWiT Live Desktop by Peter Elst is an Adobe AIR application that works on PC or Mac. It supports the live streams and IRC.

TWiT Live for Mac

TWiT Live for Mac by David Cann is available for free in the Mac App Store. The app supports all of the Flash streams as well as our HTML5 stream, plus IRC.

TWiT TV for Windows

TWiT TV for Windows by Graphics Point Engineering LLC runs a chromeless browser instance, and has options to play multiple stream sources.

Streaming TWiT Live Video on Your Mobile Device


Live video and audio streams are available on any mobile device at Alternatively, HLS compatible streams can be accessed on your iOS or Android device.


TWiT for iPhone by ShiftKeySoftware is available on the iTunes App Store for 99 cents. It supports the live streams, archived netcasts, and IRC.

TWiTpad for iPad by ShiftKeySoftware is available on the iTunes App Store for 99 cents. It supports the live streams, archived netcasts, and IRC. for iPhone by Stuart Moore is available on the iTunes App Store for 99 cents. Supports live streams, keeping track of unwatched recorded episodes, and TWiT's full weekly schedule at a glance.

TWiT-Stream for iPhone and iPad is available for $1.99 on the iTunes App Store. It supports the video and audio streams, calendar and IRC chat using Colloquy.


TWiTdroid by ShiftKeySoftware is available on the Android Market for 99 cents. It supports the live streams, archived netcasts, and IRC.

TWiT Live Video by Brainbox Labs supports the video stream on Android 2.2+.

TWiT Play by Techploy supports the audio stream on Android 2.2+.

TWiT Live Shortcuts by Daniel Faust allows the creation of shortcuts pointing to the live streams of BitGravity and for playback with the default media player on Android 2.2+. Additionally, version 2.0 now allows you to create an extra shortcut which pops up a dialog where you can choose the stream type and quality to watch, instead of having a shortcut for a fixed bandwith.

Nexus TWiT Live by Tony Porter supports all live HLS streams, and also has integrated IRC chat, and is free with no ads. Android 4.1+

TWiT-Stream BitGravity, Ustream,, and an audio stream. Calendar which is automatically kept up to date. Built in irc chat. Homescreen Widget for quick access to the audio stream and upcoming calendar events.

BlackBerry PlayBook

TWiT Live by Peter Elst is available in BlackBerry App World. It supports the live video stream.

Streaming TWiT Live Video to Your TV

Boxee Box

The TWiT Boxee App by BreedingBits is available from the standard Boxee Repository. The app supports all live streams, the audio streams, and archived netcasts. The app also supports live streaming from, Bitgravity, Ustream, in HLS. There is also an audio only stream.

The flash streams at are supported in the Boxee Box browser.


If you use the media center software Plex, you can install the TWiT channel from the Channel Directory and watch live streams and previous episodes.


If you use the media center software XBMC, you can install the TWiT video add-on and watch live streams and previous episodes.


TWiT for Roku

TWiT Live is available through the official TWiT Roku app by ShiftKeySoftware. You can find it in the Roku Channel Store.

Nowhere TV

TWiT Live is available through the Nowhere TV channel. You can add this channel here.

Apple TV

You can stream TWiT Live via AirPlay to your Apple TV from Safari, TWiT for iPhone, or TWiTpad.


TVersity is a Windows application that can take content and present it to any DNLA or uPNP device, including game consoles. The pro version may be required, depending on the device you are trying to stream to.

To configure TWiT Live streams on TVersity:

  • Install and open TVersity
  • Select Library
  • Select Add Item
  • Select Internet Video
  • For Video URL, add or any of the stream URLs
  • Click Submit
  • Open the device of your choice, select Internet, and the streams will be available

See Supported Devices for a full list of supported devices.

Sony PS3

You can stream to your PS3 by visiting from the PS3 Internet browser. The BitGravity and UStream streams work on the PS3.

If you have issues with the browser (some issues have been reported with 3.73), TVersity can be used from a Windows PC on the local network to stream TWiT Live.

Once configured:

  • Go to Video on the Xross Media Bar
  • Select server: TVersity Media Server
  • Select Internet
  • Select your pre-configured TWiT stream

Microsoft Xbox 360

There is no way to natively access the TWiT Live stream on the 360. However, TVersity can be used from a Windows PC on the local network to stream TWiT Live.

Once configured:

  • Go to Video Marketplace
  • Go to Video Library
  • Select TVersity on server (this will be your TVersity server)
  • Select Internet
  • Select your pre-configured TWiT stream

Nintendo Wii

Homebrew Channel

You can watch TWiT with the Homebrew Channel on your Nintendo Wii.

First things first: WARNING! These instructions apply to those who have installed The Homebrew Channel on their Nintendo Wii. Installing The Homebrew Channel is not recommended by Nintendo and may also void your warranty.


  • Nintendo Wii
  • The Homebrew Channel
  • MPlayer CE installed on top of The Homebrew Channel. Alternatively, you can use WiiMC instead of MPlayer CE - (The same instructions used for MPlayer CE also apply to WiiMC)


  • 1. Create an empty text file using your preferred word processor.
  • 2. Type the following (without quotes): ""
  • 3. Save the text document as TWiT.pls
  • 4. Copy TWiT.pls to your SD card or a USB drive.
  • 5. Turn on your Wii, navigate to The Homebrew Channel and load MPlayer CE.
  • 6. Navigate trough the following: Open -> Playlist -> (Choose the device you're using, Wii SD / Wii USB) -> and open the TWiT.pls file. You might have to go through folders on your SD card or USB drive, if you copied TWiT.pls in a specific folder.
  • 7. Give it some time to load the stream. It shouldn't take longer than 1 minute depending on your Internet connection.
  • 8. Voilà! You should see TWiT Live on your TV using the Nintendo Wii.


Alternatively, TVersity can be used from a Windows PC on the local network to stream TWiT Live.

Once configured:

  • Open the Opera Internet browser on the Wii (Install it from the Wii Shop if necessary).
  • Enter the address: http://x.x.x.x:41952/flashlib (where x.x.x.x is your TVersity server)
  • Tip: Bookmark this page (the star icon on the toolbar)
  • Select Internet
  • Select your pre-configured TWiT stream

A Wii quickstart is available with more information on using TVersity to stream to your game consoles.

Nintendo Wii U

You can watch TWiT using the Internet Browser built into the Wii U on your TV and Gamepad, the stream plays on both at once. You can even play it on the TV and surf the web on the Gamepad if you wish. Go to and tap "Live Video Stream" to play the stream using HTML5.

Another option is to play the direct streams using the appropriate HLS URL for Bitgravity, Ustream, etc.

Advanced Methods for Streaming TWiT Live Video

Streaming with QuickTime X

QuickTime X on the Mac can open the HLS streams. The HLS streams are not compatible with QuickTime 7 on Windows.

  1. Open QuickTime X and select File > Open Location.
  2. Enter for the UStream stream.
  3. Enter for the BitGravity Low 512 kbps stream.
  4. Enter for the BitGravity High 1 mbps stream.
  5. Visit Flosoft Developer Section for the Flosoft HLS stream URLs.

Streaming with VLC

You can watch the BitGravity legacy HTTP stream in VLC.

  1. In VLC, select File > Open Network from the file menu.
  2. Enter (High Quality stream) or (Low Quality Stream) in the URL field, then click Open.
  3. Or, enter one of the URLs above in a text file and save it with a .vlc extension, such as twit-live.vlc.

You can save the streams into the playlist so you don't have to re-enter the URLs every time.

VLC 2.0.0 and Newer

As of version 2.0.0 and newer, the streams work in VLC.

  1. Follow Process #1 above
  2. Enter one of the Direct Stream links at the bottom of the Flosoft Developer Section

Watch UStream on VLC using the RTMP Stream

  1. This process is a bit more involved, but you get a much lower latency stream, hardware acceleration, and 720p.
  2. First download RTMPDump for Mac, Windows, or the OS you use.
  3. Install VLC Media Player for your OS:
  4. [Normally you would have to go to and sniff TCP traffic (using wireshark) to retrieve the rtmp URL, but we have done the work for you]
    1. Another Option is to use online tool to give you the the RTMPDUMP command and URL for UStream.
  5. Once installed, you can run the following commands
  • Windows

$ rtmpdump.exe -r "rtmp://" -y "stream_live_1_1_1524" -s "" -W "" --live --quiet | "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" -

[Note: On a 64-bit version of Windows you will need to go to Program Files (x86)]

  • Mac OS X

$ rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -y "stream_live_1_1_1524" -s "" -W "" --live --quiet | /Applications/ -

  • RTMP Notes:
  1. Sometimes UStream changes the SWF (Flash player link) and the Stream URL due to load balancing and DNS updates.
  2. To update RTMP URLs and SWF URLs use the online tool (described above) here:

Streaming with mplayer (Linux)

You can open the TWiT Live stream in mplayer using the following methods:

  1. $ mplayer -aspect 16:9
  2. Or, save the URL in a text file with a .pls extension, such as twit-live.pls

(Replace /high with /low to use the 512 kbps stream instead of the 1 mbps stream).

To load a playlist with mplayer: $ mplayer -aspect 16:9 -playlist twit-live.pls

You can also add the -stereo # option if you only hear audio in one channel. For example: $ mplayer -stereo 1 -aspect 16:9 -playlist twit-live.pls

Some GNU/Linux systems have an old version of ffmpeg which cannot play the stream. One workaround for this is to compile a more recent build of ffmpeg, as it uses ffplay directly. To use ffplay, enter the following:

$ ffplay

Streaming with Winamp

BitGravity low and high quality streams can be viewed with Winamp for Windows, by following these steps on Windows XP, Vista or 7.


1. Add the extension MP4V to the DirectShow filter in Winamp, by going to Preferences (Ctrl+P) > Plug-ins, Input, Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder.

2. Right click on the Winamp main window to Play > URL... (Ctrl+L) or (Note the ?.mp4v additions).

3. The currently playing stream URL can be bookmarked (Ctrl+Alt+B) by right clicking on the main Winamp window, clicking on Bookmarks, and then Add current as bookmark (Ctrl+Alt+B).

Playback issues

If you encounter playback issues wit audio or video, try the following steps.

1. Firstly, to un-install any older version of FLVSplitter, if that doesn't work, de-register it manually by using this switch C:\Program Files\FLVSplitter>regsvr32 /u (check your install path) from the command prompt (run as administrator on Windows Vista and 7).

2. Download the latest version from - Home / DirectShow Filters / FLV Splitter.

3. Manually register using the switch C:\Program Files\FLVSplitter_20090428>regsvr32 (check your install path) from the command prompt.

Further support

If you encounter other issues use this thread to get Winamp community technical support.

Direct links to TWiT Live Video Streams

TWiT Website



  1. BitGravity 512 Kbps legacy HTTP stream
  2. BitGravity 1 Mbps legacy HTTP stream
  3. BitGravity 512 Kbps HLS stream
  4. BitGravity 1 Mbps HLS stream


  1. UStream
  2. UStream HLS stream

Please see Flosoft Developer Section for the HLS and SmoothStreaming links.


  1. Audio stream

Streaming TWiT Live Audio

See Audio Stream.

Live Chat

A live show chat accompanies all TWiT Live shows. Visit the IRC Chat article for information and rules for chat.


System Requirements

To watch TWiT Live on your desktop, you will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

For system requirements for individual apps, see that app's support page.

Caller Audio for The Tech Guy show

A frequent comment is about "caller echo" during the live Tech Guy show. It is not echo from the caller's radio, but an artifact of an inappropriate gain increase introduced by equipment that receives the stream down in southern California. Leo has complained about it for years, has had to answer chatter comments about it for years (along with chat moderators), and there's nothing more anyone can do about it (at Leo's end of the connection).

There is a built-in delay of 40 seconds for the show's broadcast. If you hear any audio at all from a caller's radio, it would be from 40 seconds ago.

To hear clean audio of the conversation, you can tune in to a radio station or download the netcast when it is released after editing.

Future expansion

Leo projected on April 2, 2009 that in five years TWiT Live will be broadcasting from the Moon.