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On TWiT 232, it was said that Obama is no longer communicating with wired youth. Perhaps, it's that youth lost interest. There was such a passion for hating George W Bush, and McCain was seen as a continuation of his reign, that the mobilization of the young was as much a show of rebellion as it was of support. Now that the Republicans have lost, wired youth have gone back to the trending topics of Twitter and Digg, which have nothing to do with staying up-to-date on Obama's intentions. ( Here's Obama's weekly audio podcast [he also has a video podcast], to keep people abreast of his motivations: ) If people are complaining about not being connected to Obama anymore, it's their fault.

On the other side of the "disappointment" party, the assessment that he hasn't done anything is unsubstantiated. I know that the expectations for Obama went well beyond what any one person can do, but why can't people remember Obama's main point? He wanted to break down party lines. He wanted bi-partisan involvement. He got elected, and now he's getting criticized for doing some things on the right and doing some things on the left. ( ) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Fitzal77 (talkcontribs) 10:01, 26 January 2010


At 1:19:05, Leo and Jason discuss Hushmail, suggesting that Hushmail may have a backdoor. There is a known vulnerability, which Hushmail have acknowledged, which is when they have been ordered by the Supreme Court of British Columbia to disclose information.

Hushmail responds only to court orders from the Supreme Court of British Columbia that target specific, named accounts, according to Hushmail’s CTO Brian Smith

Source: | Nov 19 2007 Hushmail To Warn Users of Law Enforcement Backdoor

--Leigh 14:28, 1 February 2010 (PST)