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Tech News Today
Episode 108

Tech News Today 108: Files Between Friends

Google sues the US, Blekko slashes search, Android is the most popular, and more.


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"Hey TNT crew,

I've been listening to a number of netcasts talk about the fact that everyone is doing a marketplace and a lot of the time they relate it to the Steam platform to buy games. While having a trusted place to buy software is cool and all, I'm more interested in a little something called auto-updates. There is nothing that irritates me more then a popup every few weeks asking to fix yet another security hole/bug. I could avoid the annoyance by preventing all those update checkers from launching, but that's just asking for trouble. If we had a marketplace that kept your software up to date, that would make life easier for everyone.

What do you think?

-- Devin in Portland, OR"

"From TNT 106: 3G on Mount Everest at 5,300 meters is good but I thought you may be interested to know. In Bolivia at El Cumbre (aka the summit), which is a few meters higher than Mount Everest base camp, we have WiMax. Yes, 4G service at approximately 18,000 feet. But I must add, this is not just a base camp in Bolivia, people actually live at that elevation. There has been WiMax in Bolivia for a few years now and it works great! Thanks for a great show.

The Bolivian Aviator"


Ford Sync


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