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Tech News Today
Episode 141

Tech News Today 141: Pay In Wingnuts, Write In Dingbats

Unholy marriage of Nokia and Microsoft?, Google disappears Google TV, Kinect lightsaber fights, and more.


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"I work on site at NASA, which is technically not a military site but is a .GOV domain, and I thought I would let you guys know that it's even worse than you know. About the same time as the military sites banned access to WikiLeaks, our internal web site filters also turned off access.. but moreover we cannot even access sites with the text ""wikileaks"" in the URL! I can go to straight and do an instant search for it, but no regular http site with the text ""wikileaks"" is viewable internally through our proxy, and almost none of the links from the google search work. We have received several internal memos stating that viewing any of the leaked information violated security policy (as it should), but I usually have to wait until I get home before I can read any news about the wilkileaks situation. Just an FYI... not sure if all government facilities are operating the same."

"In regards to the Google antitrust case in the EU, in which Google is being investigated for not incorporating other search engines, I think that either I'm missing something, or the EU is--because to my knowledge, Google's business is not to find, review, and rate other people's software--in this case search engines. As far as I know, in order for Google to include someone else's search results into the site, they must either spider pages that are linked to from other sources (say, links to forum posts), or they would have to pass on the search query to the other site. This is especially true for something like maps; you couldn't possibly cache every map location for every address you could put into the engine. And even if you could--would Google really be willing to, or should it be expected to? It raises serious concerns as to how it would affect the speed and security of the search, even ignoring the quality of the search.

Love the show, Vincent from Virginia"



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