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Tech News Today
Episode 158

Tech News Today 158: Comic Sans Makes You Smarter

Geohot wins round 1 in PS3 hack case, Apple continues to fight newspapers, eReaders make you dumb, and more.


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"Hey Tom, Jason, Sarah, Dr. Kiki, Becky and the rest of the TNT crew (whew, what a mouthful!) !

In response to yesterday's discussion in regards to mobile ad impressions, those ""mobile"" impressions should represent both ad impressions on mobile apps and on mobile WAP sites.

When it comes to ""trusted"" sources, comScore would be among the more ""reliable"" sources, as Nielson is with broadcast TV (so with it's own pros/cons as well). The problem with individual mobile ad networks is that they're all fragments of the total market, each taking only a slice of the total mobile world. Some focus more on mobile websites, others concentrate on those ""Tier C"" free apps, while others may only do mobile video ads. Nowadays, a lot of the premium apps do their own in-app advertising. AdMob and Quattro have been bought by Google and Apple (respectively) and may skew in favour of one over another. So you really need to look at them as a whole to get a true picture of things.

But yeah, in my own opinion, it's no surprise that Android will continue to take the majority of mobile impressions as we see more phones, tablets, and devices running on the Android platform.

Best, ddawg (Derrick)

P.S. Great seeing all of y'all at CES! "

"Hi Tom, Becky, Sarah and Jason! This is Sergio from Houston. I was listening to Thursdays and you mentioned a new 4G tablet coming to Sprint. Well my brothers sisters cousins uncle said that it might be the Blackberry Playbook that is going to be the first big 4g tablet. Actually its a friend of mine who knows someone who test new products for Sprint who told me this. Not sure if it makes it anymore reliable but it would be interesting to see. What do you guys think?

-- Sergio Robles"



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