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Tech News Today
Episode 164

Tech News Today 164: AOL Pwns Your Grandparents

Nintendo locks down the 3DS, New York Times locks up its newspaper, did Eric Schmidt get severance?, and more.


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"Greetings TNT crew,

I was listening to Fridays show where you mentioned being able to port Google Voice numbers. I have worked in AT&T's port IN office for 8 years and had a little bit of input. First, when a port order is initiated, the end user contacts the new clec they want to be with. If I'm currently with AT&T and want to port away, it doesn't make any sense that I would call AT&T. So the only sense it makes to contact Google is to give them their $20. Which brings me to my second thought. How is Google charging $20??? No carrier could get away with that. In fact a carrier can't even hold up a port order for a final bill, outstanding balance, or termination charges. Google is not regulated by the FCC and public utility commissions like local exchange carriers are, so legally the could probably get away with it. But I'm guessing that every carrier who is saying they should be regulated like a LEC will use that as ammo that Google not being regulated is bad for consumers. My last thought is about a month ago I actually ported a end user with a GV number with no problem. The customer didn't have to pay $20. So before paying that I would suggest contacting the Carrier you want to port to and place an order and see if it goes through. I've only done one so perhaps I got lucky but I think a GV customer could do it without paying. Every carrier is assigned a SPID, service provider identification number. Companies can't just make up numbers, they need to register blocks of numbers so when someones dials it, the starting carrier knows how to route the call. Vonage for example will use L3, or Focal. So when porting a number that the end user says is with Vonage, we are actually porting it from L3. Is which case Vonage doesn't even know it happened until after the port completes. So I think that's why Google wants users to call them to place the order.


"Dear TNT crew;

Now that Duke Nukem Forever has a ship date, you asked for the next vaporware legend and I think we have it - Half Life 2 Episode 3.

The episodic Half Life games were supposed to come out every six months, but we got part 1 in June 2006, part 2 in October 2007... and nothing since. We're all familiar with Valve Time, but the delay is now approaching Half-Life 2 levels of craziness.

- Donald Theriault Dartmouth, NS, Canada"


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