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Tech News Today
Episode 176

Tech News Today 176: Sony Sunk Its Own Battleship

Verizon's own antennagate, Sony may need to sue itself, HP kills "Palm", and more.


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"I'm in accounting and I help with the mail here at Bluehost. We get DMCA takedowns all the time and I usually don't see many of them or pay much attention. I did see a Subpoena on behalf of Sony. So apparently was hosted at least for a while on a Bluehost server. They are asking for every IP of every person who downloaded or accessed anything else at the site (I don't remember the site name off hand). Now we just have a paralegal on staff and we most likely won't fight anything - however unless the customer set it up to do so we don't keep the server logs more than like a week or something so we may not even have anything to send.

That's not my department though so I won't know what happens from here.



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