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Tech News Today
Episode 222

Tech News Today 222: Google Does Not Hurt Pandas

The truth about the Android Skype vulnerability, new Windows 8 features, Government wants to eliminate passwords, and more.



  • Bug in Skype for Android Could Expose Your Personal Data
  • Skype acknowledges Android privacy vulnerability, says it's 'working quickly' on a fix
  • Android Police blog post
    • Skype for Android vulnerability could expose account balance, name DoB, location, phone numbers, email addresses, IMs
    • Vulnerability found by They wrote an app to collect info w/o rooting or special permissions.
    • Affects Skype Mobile for Android, not the version for Vz
    • Skype's response: "We advise users to take care in selecting which applications to download and install onto their device," ** suggests the following fixes to Skype: use proper file permissions, second, they should probably implement some type of encryption scheme, and third, they need to have their applications reviewed for security issues prior to release. It's a permissions problem in the Skype directory folder. Any app can gain access to the folder. Usernames are stored in a static location which once parsed allows a malicious app to follow the path to Skype's stored data.
  • Intel, Micron Shrink NAND Flash
    • What they did: IM Flash Technologies (a joint venture of Intel and Micron) shrunk the size of NAND flash memory to 20 nanometers. What it means: 128GB flash can be smaller than a postage stamp; 8 GB flash takes up 30-40% less circuit board space, leaving more room for a bigger battery, larger screen, or another chip; cost drops to 33 cents per gigabyte vs. 50 cents per gigabyte for 25-nm NAND.

Discussion Stories

  • Google denies Panda hit on rival
    • Microsoft-owned web visibility down 94% since Google algorithm update (called ""Panda"") according to analysis by Searchmetrics. Sistrix found an 81% drop.
    • Google denies it singled out Ciao
    • Update meant to weed out content farms
    • involved in starting an EU investigation of Google in Nov 2010
    • Other sites hit by Panda: down 85%, down 53% (numbers by Sitemetrics)
    • Technology news website was downgraded by 94% by the Panda update, according to Searchmetrics. Site editor James Holland told BBC News: ""We haven't seen an immediate impact. "Comparing our traffic from Google for that week, we're actually only down 0.5% versus the week before Panda took effect. That suggests most of the keywords Searchmetrics are measuring us against weren't being clicked anyway, and our best-performing stuff is still doing the business."
  • With passwords "broken," US rolls out Internet identity plan
    • US Chamber of Commerce Event - Feds showed off a final version of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (draft in Jan)
    • Tries to solve 2 problems: passwords are broken & almost impossible to prove your identity online.
    • Govt wants more to be possible online like health records, signing mortgages
    • Not a set of imposed rules. Voluntary and to be done by the private sector
    • When the Department of Defense moved away from passwords to a smartcard security solution, it saw network intrusions drop by 46 percent. From the NSTIC: "The realization of this vision is the user-centric “Identity Ecosystem” described in this Strategy It is an online environment where individuals and organizations will be able to trust each other because they follow agreed upon standards to obtain and authenticate their digital identities—and the digital identities of devices".

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science




"Tom, and gang, Tthe You-tube ""Squirrel"" is actually ""Happy Tree Friends"" which is NOT kid friendly (very psychotic cartoon).You-tube must have paid A Lot of money to get the rights itself for Happy Tree friends, as I believe one of the first take downs that were issued were for ""Happy Tree Friends"". Although I agree with what you said, you missed the whole Irony of using the HTF to talk about copyright issues. I am kind of shocked that nobody knew this at Twit, as HTF was one of the first Viral videos ever. Aslo, again, not enough Amiga news -LOL -Glen"



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