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Tech News Today
Episode 223

Tech News Today 223: Quantum Corn Dog Entanglement

Machine-rated video games from ESRB, the white iPhone is real, Robots fight radiation, Quantum computer networking, and more.



  • Busy Job of Judging Video-Game Content to Be Ceded to Machines
  • Automated game ratings: how a form will affect the games you download
    • The ratings themselves will be assigned by machines, but the ratings are determined by a questionnaire filled out by the game devs. Ratings are reviewed by a person within 48 hours.
    • For now the system will only be used with downloadable games. Only the console makers have signed on, no mobiles yet.
    • ESRB President Patricia Vance stressed that boxed games will continue to be rated in the traditional way: "We have no plans to use this for retail, for packaged product."
    • Vance also assured Ars Technica that publishers can't game the form for a specific rating"
  • MS Office 365 (web-based Office)
    • Public beta of MS Office 365 is live today at, though I don't get how they call it public when you give an email and wait 2-4 weeks top hear back with the ability to join the beta.
    • Cloud based Office services, replaces Office Live Small Business. This is NOT a consumer product. Office Live Workspace Beta is for consumers.
    • New is Office 365 Marketplace, apps for Office
    • Pricing is $6 per person per month for places w/ 1-25 employees. Google is flat $50 per employee/year. Enterprise version is $24 per user per month and adds among other things, access from Office desktop version."
  • App Store
    • Has over 100 apps and 400 professional services
    • Guidelines have many requirements:
    • need to have MS Pinpoint profile (which also has clear guidelines)
    • devs must make clear how the app integrates w/Office 365
    • App listing has rules like passing the Microsoft Platform Ready test
    • Free to develop apps

Discussion Stories

  • iRobot Packbots enter Fukushima nuclear plant to gather data, take photos, save lives (video)
    • remote-controlled iRobot ""Packbots"" Packbots entered reactor building 3 on Sunday morning
    • Each Packbot entered the facility with an attached video camera
    • Take radiation and temp readings
    • Authorities are also using a mechanical excavator and transporter to wipe away some of the debris outside the plant, while an unmanned helicopter has been hoisted skyward, to take aerial photos of the area.
    • Data collected not released yet but if successful, will be sent into two other reactors.
    • Packbots used to defuse bombs in the past."
  • First light wave quantum teleportation achieved, opens door to ultra fast data transmission
    • What they did: the first-ever transfer, or teleportation, of a particular complex set of quantum information from one point to another, opening the way for high-speed, high-fidelity transmission of large volumes of information, such as quantum encryption keys, via quantum communications networks. allows us, for the first time, to quickly and reliably move quantum information around. This information can be carried by light, and it’s a powerful way to represent and process information. Previous attempts to transmit were either very slow or the information might be changed. This process means we will be able to move blocks of quantum information around within a computer or across a network, just as we do now with existing computer technologies. Quantum teleportation, or entanglement-assisted teleportation, is a process by which a qubit (the basic unit of quantum information) can be transmitted exactly (in principle) from one location to another, without the qubit being transmitted through the intervening space. It is useful for quantum information processing, however it does not immediately transmit classical information. So, if I want to send a qubit, call it c, I entangle two qubits, a and b and then give you a. Now you have one qubit a and I have two a and c. But a and b are entangled. I perform a unitary option on b and c and get two classical bits out of it. You're qubit a because it was entangled now has information about qubit c but it's in one of four random states and info about c can't be extracted. So I send the two bits to you and you use them to perform a unitary operation on your qubit a which turns it into qubit c. And voila you have the qubit of information 'teleported' to you.

UPSHOT: For some problems, like a database search, quantum computers offer a polynomial speedup. We need reliable ways to ransfer qubits to take advantage of that speed.

News Fuse

  • Yahoo has decided to better meet "needs of [its consumers" that it will keep log data for a total of 18 months. Originally, the company kept data for only 3 months. If you're wondering what kind of data will be kept - oh, just things like IP addresses, your ISP and what sites you visited. This change in Yahoo policy will start in July.]

Kickers and Weird Science




"Hi TNT crew!

I've heard you guys talk several times about how Apple gets it and figured out the magical art of having all the cariers release their updates at once and why can't the other guys (Google and Microsoft) figure out how to do the same.

Well I have both an AT&T and a Verizon iPhone in my family and the only time Apple managed to release updates to all carriers at once was back before they appeared on Verizon. ie: When they were only on AT&T!! :O)

My daughter's Verizon iPhone cannot even get 4.3 yet! (just got 4.2.7 last week)

I'm not complaining, because I have no need real need for the 4.3.x updates, but just wanted to point out that the credit you give them might be a bit overdone.

Thanks for the Show! You guys rock!

- Tolga Balci"



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