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Tech News Today
Episode 226

Tech News Today 226: Amazon's Judgement Day

Truth about iPhone's "secret file", Google + Linux guilty in court, augmented reality Tetris uses Kinect and Wiimote and more.


Top Stories

  • Texas jury finds against Google in Linux patent case, determines damage award of $5,000,000
  • Google Linux servers hit with $5m patent infringement verdict
    • In 2006, Bedrock Computer Technologies sued Google and several other outfits – including Yahoo!,, PayPal, and AOL – claiming they infringed on a patent filed in January 1997. Filed in Eastern District in Texas
    • Patent owned by Bedrock Computer Technologies LLC covers ""methods and apparatus for information storage and retrieval using a hashing technique with external chaining and on-the-fly removal of expired data"".""
    • Google argued the patent was invalid, jury didn't agree
    • Award $5M for past damages
    • Google would have to change Android Linux kernel to avoid patent infringing (or pay licensing)"

Discussion Stories

  • Apple to beat Google on cloud music: sources
  • Reuters reports Apple Inc has completed work on an online music storage service and is set to launch it ahead of Google. Apple's plans will allow iTunes customers to store their songs on a remote server, and then access them from wherever they have an Internet connection. Apple has yet to sign any new licenses for the service and major music labels are hoping to secure deals before the service is launched, three of the sources said.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science



" Hi TNT!

Just wanted to share some information that is somewhat related to the brief Net Neutrality discussion form Tuesday's show (sorry, I'm running a show behind this week).

Here in Maine there's been a project underway called the ""Three Ring Binder"" project that may be a good first step for ways of fostering more competition with ISPs. The company doing this is Maine Fiber Company and they provide vendor-neutral ""middle-mile"" fiber-optic facilities. They can also provide other organizations with fiber optic facilities for what ever business need that they my have.

It's a very interesting story how the company was formed as a result of a federal grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment act of 2009. More information is available on their ""About"" and ""History"" web pages.

Here's a link to the home page for Maine Fiber Company:

Just thought you guys may find this an interesting story.

Love you guy's show...... keep up the great work, cause God knows I rely heavily on you to keep current on everything that's going on in this crazy Information Age! :)

-- Brian Horne"

"We shouldn't act surprised that the PSP Go was treated as a consumer unfriendly experiment. Sony did a really similar thing with the PSX in 2003. While a commercial failure, they took the interesting parts (the XMB) out to reuse, much like they've done with the Go's design.

Dan from AZ"



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