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Tech News Today
Episode 252

Tech News Today 252: Even More Simpler

Paypal sues Google, Apple's Cloud music service imminent?, Zuckberg on privacy: you'll get over it, and more.


Top Stories

  • PayPal lawsuit alleges Google stole trade secrets
  • PayPal files lawsuit to protect trade secrets: A reason worth fighting for
  • Google to fight PayPal's trade secrets lawsuit
    • PayPal sued Google on Thursday over trade secrets
    • Vice President at Google Osama Bedier, Google VP of Electronic Commerce Stephanie Tilenius are also being sued in the same case
    • Allege Osama Bedier misappropriated PayPal's trade secrets when he went over to Google
    • Before moving to Google, Bedier was working on a deal where PayPal would serve as a payment option for mobile app purchases on the Android Market
    • Lawsuit also alleges that Stephanie Tilenius violated contractual obligations by recruiting Beider (that's why she's being sued). Tilenius also was an exec at PayPal
    • Google has responded:
      • "Silicon Valley was built on the ability of individuals to use their knowledge and expertise to seek better employment opportunities, an idea recognized by both California law and public policy. We respect trade secrets, and will defend ourselves against these claims."
  • Details about Google's attempted deal: pay $100M upfront to the 4 labels for licenses. The deal fell apart when the labels were concerned about Google search results poiting to pirated music.

Discussion Stories

  • HTC officially dissolves locked bootloader policy
  • HTC’s bootloader decision: what does it mean?
    • HTC announced on its Facebook page that HTC will no longer be locking the bootloaders on its devices.
    • Over 2000 comments on the post with over 7000 "Likes"
    • ThisIsMyNext tried to explain the impact of the move:
      • Legit custom ROMs, carriers won't be able to have exclusive features, Moto still locks its bootloader, additional warranty liability. HTC has long been somewhat mod-friendly in the sense that the system was locked but exploitable... until this came to light with the discovery of locked bootloaders requireing signature checks on the HTC Sensation and news of the upcoming EVO 3D bing locked down as well. That is all reversing.
  • Microsoft not too late for tablet party: Citigroup
    • Citigroup analysts think Microsoft has a shot in the tablet market and could have ""meaningful"" market share in 2013
    • Its analysts base its prediction on Windows 8 being customized for tablets
    • "Of course this is dependent upon the company's ability to deliver a competitive operating system on partner hardware that is priced competitively,"
  • Zuckerberg: Privacy anxiety is fleeting
    • Mark Zuckerberg spoke at the e-G8 Forum about privacy
    • Particularly, he spoke about how new features like the News Feed were initially met with a backlash and how people eventually get used to them.
    • 1 million people protested the News Feed feature back in 2006
  • People Have No Clue How To Use iPad Apps [STUDY]
  • iPad Usability Study Reveals What We Do and Don’t Like In Apps
    • Nielsen Norman Group issued a ""Usability of iPad Apps and Websites"" report that shines a light on how people are actually using the tablet
    • Non-obvious controls were often missed/people more likely to interact with buttons that plainly look like buttons
    • People don't want to learn special gestures for your apps
    • Users hate splash and loading screens. Startup sounds also were hated
    • iPads were found to be shared, used for gaming, email, social networking"

News Fuse





Listened to your commentary on the upcoming Android video game console announced by Envizion. One important thing I noticed in the press release that you didn't specifically address was where these games are coming from. Since this device will be using a modified version of Android and will not meet Google's requirements, they will not get access to Google services including the Android Marketplace. This is I think intentional for Envizion because they want their own "marketplace" so developers can create games specifically for their system:

""Game development for EVO 2 is cheaper for developers so they have the opportunity to create games on a platform that will increase their return on investment. Developers can also submit pre- existing Android games""

This also makes sense so that they can control the games that make it onto the system (which hopefully means higher quality ones), and can make sure the control system works well for them.

So if you have a game that's designed for touchscreen use, this probably won't carry it. If they do a good job of controlling this it could turn out to be a great system. I think categorizing the games and keeping them cheap is crucial.

I believe this has potential for people in how the games can be cheaper and how they want to integrate the community of users and social features. I'm not sure they're going to get a lot of developer support though considering you can do this for other game consoles already that will have a much higher install base. They definitely need to make it really cheap though. If it was $99 then they might have some chance.

Keep up the good work!

-- Scott Clay"



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