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Tech News Today
Episode 273

Tech News Today 273: Happy Tau Day!

Google gets social...again, Sony tries to one-up the MacBook Pro, the FCC has an unsatisfactory report on wireless competition, and more.


Top Stories

  • Microsoft launches Office in the cloud
  • Google swipes at Office 365 ahead of its release
  • Microsoft announces Office 365, focuses on small businesses
  • Microsoft Office 365 Goes Live
    • Office 365 puts the e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet and collaboration programs on the web. Exchange, Lync Online and Sharepoint among others.
    • Available on desktops, laptops and tablets plus Microsoft, RIM, Apple and Android smartphones.
    • Launched with events in NY and London, available in 20 languages in 40 countries
    • $6 per user per month for e-mail, Web-based calendaring and contacts, and collaboration software if your business has fewer than 25 folks. Larger businesses can pay just $2 per user per month for just e-mail services up to a package that includes management features as well as voice and video communications services, that runs $27 per user per month. There are something like 11 packages across several tiers.
    • MS can host, can be hosted in data center of business
    • Separate from Web versions of office, replaces Business Productivity Online Standard Suite
    • Google took a swipe - Shan Sinha, Google Apps product manager, wrote that it was better to start with a new technology rather than add extras to an aging one.
    • Bell Canada, Intuit, NTT Communications, Telefonica, Telstra and Vodafone are some of the partners that will resell Office 365
  • T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide announced, we go hands-on
  • MyTouch 4G Slide packs in megapixels
    • MyTouch 4G Slide
    • Thinks HTC Sensation with a slide-out keyboard
    • 1.2 GHz dual core Snapdragon,
    • 3.7-inch super LCD, 8 mpxl camera 1080p video recording, dual LED flash, zero shutter lag
    • Modified Sense UI
    • A backside illuminated sensor and f/2 aperture lens are included to improve low-light performance. Other camera-centric features include a panoramic photo tool, HDR, and something called BurstShot, which takes multiple photos in quick succession

Discussion Stories

  • Sony's new VAIO Z ultraportable laptop with Power Media Dock hands-on (video)
  • Sony VAIO Z debuts in Europe: external GPU, Light Peak, and new look included
    • Sony VAIO Z 13-inch ultraportable laptop
    • "Power Media Dock" packs both a Blu-ray drive and an AMD Radeon HD 6650M graphics chip (with 1GB of video RAM) connected by LightPeak, also adds 3 USB ports one is 3.0, HDMI and VGA
    • 1.18kg (2.6 pounds) feather-light machine packing a 256GB SSD and 1.3 megapixel webcam, plus a matte LCD display with resolution at 1600 x 900 or an optional 1920 x 1080. , can upgarde to "full HD"
    • Two USB slots, one is 3.0 which also works as LightPeak connector to dock
    • Dual fans keep cool and quiet
    • Taiwan you can pick up a 1080p model plus the dock for a hefty NT$94,800 (US$3,270) in July, while the UK is already offering it sans the dock starting from £1,434 ($2,294), with the dock running an additional £400 ($640).
  • Google to face €295 million French lawsuit over alleged anti-competitive practices
  • Google faces French court claim over market dominance
    • French search engine 1PlusV is suing El Goog over alleged anti-competitive practices
    • Claims Google ""black-listed"" 30 of its vertical search engines between 2007 and 2010, some of which have been white listed since. Also complains about being forced to use Google search technology in order to be able to use AdSense
    • seeking €295 million (about $418 million) in damages -- largest Google has faced in Europe
    • 1PlusV operates the legal search group and, along with Microsoft, helped spur an EU antitrust probe against Google last year.
  • FCC report remains neutral on wireless market competition
    • FCC's Annual Report and Analysis of Competitive Market Conditions With Respect to Mobile Wireless, Including Commercial Mobile Services, says "huh, wireless got more concentrated again, weird"
    • four major U.S. wireless operators had 90 percent of U.S. subscribers, with AT&T and Verizon grabbing 62 percent. It then noted that "a merger can potentially form a stronger provider that restrains competitors from engaging in anticompetitive behavior, or may increase the likelihood that the merged firm may itself, or in coordination with other firms, would obtain or maintain market power."
    • The FCC concluded that total revenue generated by the wireless industry in 2009 was $154.7 billion and had been ""growing consistently.""
    • Did not comment on competitiveness
    • "the mobile wireless ecosystem is sufficiently complex and multi-faceted that it would not be meaningful to try to make a single, all inclusive finding regarding effective competition that adequately encompasses the level of competition in the various interrelated segments, types of services, and vast geographic areas of the mobile wireless industry."
  • LightSquared faces challenge from the House
    • Steve Austria (Ohio) and Kevin Yoder (Kansas), and leans a little towards hyperbole in claiming that LightSquared is planning "a ground-based mobile broadband system with a signal that is roughly 1 billion times more powerful than satellite-based GPS signals, within a spectrum immediately adjacent to the GPS"
    • The amendment requires LightSquared to prove that its planned pan-USA LTE network won't interfere with GPS systems, before the FCC can spend any money altering the company's licence to enable it to build that network. That's despite LightSquared already agreeing to shift frequencies, and ahead of the cross-industry report on the subject which isn't due to be published until next week.

News Fuse




"On episode 272, a caller mentioned that they'd like to see innovation around the software of TV, specifically mentioning multiple camera angles. I agree with the panel basically suggesting it's more trouble than it's worth for the user, but I still agree with the caller that there's room for innovation. A simpler and more useful feature would be the ability to control overlays. ie; when I'm watching football, I find the league scores tickers to be generally annoying, so I'd like to just turn them off. Basically, take Google TV, give it an Apple UI, and then separate video overlays and program metadata into a separate data channel that the user can manipulate. Like computer software, the content provider could include default settings in the data channel so users don't *have* to mess around if they don't want to, but the option is there for those who want it. Come to think of it, maybe this is a way online content providers (like TWiT...) could innovate to give a better experience than traditional broadcast media. Something tells me you guys could roll this out faster than Comcast ever could.


"Good afternoon & great show!

Just a thought on the rise in use of tablets/e-readers among latino/hispanic consumers. How much of it is simply due to the abundance of Spanish language materials, newspapers, magazine and books? It seems that anyone would love to have all of their news and entertainment reading in their native language.

My 2 cents,

Jeff Nester (JeffCOS in chat realm)"



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