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Tech News Today
Episode 276

Tech News Today 276: Carlos Slim Is A Great Man

Hulu messes up Facebook, Google buying Hulu? Facebook's "Awesome" announcement scoops, and more.


Top Stories

  • Google in talks to buy Hulu: report
    • Google is in preliminary talks to buy Hulu says LA Times citing "people familiar with the situation"
    • Hulu has also talked with MS and Yahoo
    • Acc'g to Janney Capital Markets analyst Tony Wible, Hulu is valued at around $2B
    • Hulu has already re-upped deals with Walt Disney (ABC content) and News Corp (Fox content).
    • Comcast agreed to give up NBCUniversal’s management control in the venture to get approval for its acquisition of a majority stake in the media conglomerate. Comcast is required to provide programming to Hulu on the same terms as the other owners.

Discussion Stories

  • Zynga Finally Files for IPO to Raise $1 Billion
  • The Zynga-Facebook Codependency Becomes More Clear
  • Zynga's IPO filing shows utter dependence on Facebook
  • Here’s the Zynga S-1 to Play With (Get It?!?
    • Farmville maker Zynga has has filed papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission in order to take the company public.
    • Zynga wants the cash for general corporate purposes, like making games
    • Portion of the proceeds are going to charitable causes through
    • Zynga's underwriters include: Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Barclay's Capital and Goldman Sachs
    • IPO will make Zynga the first publicly held co that makes its revenues from mostly the sale of virtual goods" "We generate substantially all of our revenue and players through the Facebook platform and expect to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Facebook and other platforms have broad discretion to change their platforms, terms of service and other policies with respect to us or other developers, and those changes may be unfavorable to us." - Zynga's Filing
  • RIM investors pull proposal to split CEO role
  • RIM Bows to Governance Critic
  • RIM staves off shareholder revolt, forms ‘independent committee’ to examine executive structure
  • More letters to RIM; employees rally alongside anonymous exec
    • Background: Northwest & Ethical Investments made a push for a policy that would divide the roles of chairman and CEO.
    • RIM announced that it has reached an agreement with the investors
      • 1. Northwest & Ethical Investments withdrew its proposal
      • 2. RIM agreed to set up an independent committee to look at the necessity of having a lead director on the board versus a chairman, whether co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie need to have "significant" board-of-director-level titles, and provide guidance on whether to continue with the jointly held CEO title.
    • Committee report is due on Jan 31, 2012, RIM’s board will have 30 days to respond to its report.
    • Sidenote: BGR received a bunch of letters from former and current RIM employees:
    • Some quotes from 2 other open letters BGR published:
      • "People around the office started referring to the office politics as 'Survivor: RIM edition.'" - From someone in the legal dept.
      • "Each one of us has been handcuffed by overdone, poorly planned and every more poorly executed process. It can take weeks of time to make small changes, and months to make major ones."

News Fuse




"You sort of brushed off the Gigabyte Windows 7 tablet announcement in show 275. I have had a Windows 7 slate/tablet for about two months and love it. (EXOPC 11.6 inch). I do not have to buy any apps because it is Windows. I tried several android tablets and found them lacking and unable to sync well with my Windows machines. I have not tried an iPad, but I understand it will not work well if you do not have iTunes, and I do not. I was watching your netcast on my slate/tablet (synced from my desktop with Windows Live Mesh). I can also watch movies an TV with Windows Homegroup or netcasts with Homegroup. Windows 7 slates/tablets do not have to catch up, they do not need apps to work. Having everything on one Operating System is a huge bonus, no learning curve.

Sandy Oliver"

"Hi Tom, Sarah, Iyaz and Jason,

In yesterdays TNT, there was a discussion on the Google hangout and the first appearance of the video changing based on the person speaking. As a long time user, I just wanted to enlighten you on where this specific function originates.

Back in 2007, Google bought a Swedish company called Marratech. This company made a video conferencing software that was the number one choice in academia. One of the prominent features, besides excellent audio codecs for it's time, was the switch-video-on-audio function.

When using Google hangout I recognize the user experience from that software. Quite a blast from the past experience.

Now we know what these guys have done the last four years.

All the best

Tomas, the neuroscientist from Sweden"



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