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Tech News Today
Episode 286

Tech News Today 286: The Anti-Social Network

HTC banned in the US? Amazon rents you text bits, Anonymous threatens to start social network, and more.

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  • HTC's fate up in the air
  • HTC's Apple Patent Loss: Why Android Fans Shouldn't Worry
  • Apple versus HTC & S3 Patent battlefield graphic as of 7/15
    • As we mentioned at the end of Friday's show, HTC lost their ruling at the ITC. HTC Chief Financial Officer Winston Yung told Dow Jones Newswires that it plans to appeal the preliminary ruling
    • If the six-member ITC panel agrees with the judge's decision, it could impose an embargo preventing the importation of HTC smartphones.
    • Bloomberg reported today that HTC stock retreated more than 4 percent on the Taiwan Stock Exchange
    • HTC just acquired S3. S3 holds crucial patents that an ITC administrative law judge had determined in an initial ruling that Apple was violating.
    • Likely outcome will be some kind of licensing deal with Apple.
  • Amazon Adds Kindle Textbook Rentals, Promises 80 Percent Savings
    • "Kindle Textbook Rental" program. Rent for 30-360 days, rental can be extended
    • Rentals can be extended after the initial 30 days one day ata a time.
    • Whispersync used to keep notes and highlighted content in the Amazon Cloud, even after a rental expires
    • Amazon promises savings up to 80% off the print list price for a 30-day rental
    • Students can opt to buy the book.
    • Whispersync allows books to be read across different Kindles and Kindle software

Discussion Stories

  • Droid 3 screen replacements will be difficult, according to teardown
  • Droid 3 Teardown Reveals International SIM
    • Ifixit performed their normal teardown of new devices with the DROID 3 and found some interesting stuff
    • Display will be impossible to replace without taking the entire phone apart
    • a SIM card that will make the phone compatible with many more networks worldwide, as well as a Qualcomm MDM660 that supports HSPA+ speeds up to 14.4Mbps.
    • One ribbon cable controls the earpiece speaker, front-facing camera, ambient light sensor, and notification LED. Any one of these compenents fail and the entire ribbon has to be replaced.
  • WP7 ahead of Android and right behind iOS in customer satisfaction survey
  • iOS, Android catching buyers' eyes while Blackberry suffers
  • Survey: iPhone leads Android among new buyers
    • ChangeWave Research survey conducted in June
    • iOS users: 70% very satisfied, Android 50%,
    • Windows as a whole: 27% - but break out WP7: 57%, WMobile 14%
    • RIM 26%
    • Survey covered 4163 North American mobile phone consumers, 89% of respondents: US, 11% outside
    • iCloud makes 29% of Apple product owners more likely to buy Apple products in the future. 13% of non-Apple owners said the same.
    • 46 percent of survey respondents who plan to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days said they plan to buy an iOS device—that's up two percentage points from the March 2011 survey. Similarly, 32 percent say they plan to buy an Android device, up one percentage point from March.
    • Only 4% plan to get a RIM phone, lowest level ever.
  • Anonymous to launch their own social networking website, AnonPlus
  • Anon Plus website
  • Snubbed By Google+, Hacker Group Promises Alternative Network
    • banned from Google + (Google says that G+ profiles are supposed to represent real individuals, not pseudonyms ), Anonymous announced its own social network.
    • network isn't online yet, announcement page at with the tag line "social networking anonymously"
    • The hacker blog noted that the official Anonymous blog and Twitter feed had yet to mention the project, making the association with the group uncertain.
    • Website says AnonPlus is a 'presstorm idea' Presstorm is an investigative journalism and activism website. Currently down due to DDoS
    • “We’ve all heard the stories of activists being banned from FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and governments blocking their people from these sites as well through organized black outs. That day has came to an end. Not only did a few people organized an Operation ageist Google+, but we have started to build our own Social Network.”

News Fuse




"Hey TNT Team!

I've been following all of these stories about people who have been cut off by Comcast for going over their bandwidth caps. The common factor in a lot of these situations is people using Carbonite to backup their files and the Carbonite uploads are sending people over their caps. it's interesting to note that Comcast offers a backup service ( that seems to compete with Carbonite. For $100/year, Comcast customers can backup up to 200GB of data to their service. I couldn't find anything online about how this works with Comcast's bandwidth caps. Do they exempt their own backup service from the caps or do their customers who use this service hit the caps and get cut off? Personally, I think that both of these options sound shady and possibly illegal.

What do you guys think?

Drew Summit, NJ"

"Dear TNT crew,

As an engineer, this talk of bandwidth caps has always annoyed me, because it makes no sense. It is as if a road had a problem with cars exceeding the speed limit, so to deal with this problem, they limited cars to driving on the road no more 5 miles per month. Bandwidth is equivalent to miles per hour, gigabytes to miles. If bandwidth were truly the issue, they need only throttle the bandwidth based on the number of users, not limit the number of gigabytes per user. These caps are simply a money grab (i.e. turning the internet into a toll road).

Ed the Engineer."

"First, the bad or "bad."

While I agree with both Tom and Iyaz regarding the story about the TSA (important topic vs. validity on a tech show), the exchange was very uncomfortable to watch. I request trying to discuss that among yourselves off the air when possible.

Now the good.

Thank you for having Ina on your show. I think it's fantastic that you have a transgendered woman on without it being an issue at all, making it completely normal. The world needs more of it.

- Sabriel"



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