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Tech News Today
Episode 305

Tech News Today 305: Make It Rain, Sarah Lane

Why Google+ hates your name, tattoos replace electrodes, ATT's stupid merger math, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Google+ Punts On Its Kafkaesque Name Policy
  • Google+ nymwars rage on, pseudonymous celebrity users are immune
  • Google+'s In-Game Transaction Commission: 25 Percent Below Facebook's
    • Google’s Saurabh Sharma announced the first significant change in the enforcement policy: a four-day grace period between notice of a violation and suspension, during which users can change their profiles to align them with the policy.
    • South Korea is abandoning its nationwide real-name plus resident-registration-number system
    • Google engineer Joseph Smarr makes the case for why Google is taking its time.
    • Google announced that it will be charging social game (such as Farmville) developers only a 5 percent commission on in-game transactions. Facebook, on the other hand, charges a whopping 30 percent commission
    • the current commission of 5 percent is just promotional--at least, that's what Google+ games product manager Punit Soni told VentureBeat
  • Temporary tattoos fitted with electronics make flexible, ultrathin sensors
    • New research published in Science
    • electrical measurements using ultra-thin polymers with embedded circuit elements. These devices connect to skin without adhesives, are practically unnoticeable, and can even be attached via temporary tattoo.
    • "epidermal electronic system" (EES)
    • adheres to skin using VanDerWaal's force so no adhesive necessary
    • water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) sheets mean it can work like a temporary tattoo
    • Can do solar and possibly inductive - devices continuously captured data for six hours, and the devices could be worn for a full 24 hours without any degradation or skin irritation.

Discussion Stories

  • Google Unleashes Native Client Into Chrome, Next-Gen Web Apps To Follow?
    • beta version of Chrome (version 14) has Native Client built-in, allowing C and C++ code to be executed inside of the browser while maintaining the security that a web technology like JavaScript offers.
    • Also adds better Lion integration and print preview for OS X
    • offers both a security sandbox and a set of interfaces that provide C and C++ bindings to the capabilities of HTML5.
    • Google has created an API, dubbed Pepper (Native Client is abbreviated NaCl, which is also shorthand for table salt, get it?) which allows the browser to talk to Native Client and means that any web browser could, in theory, implement it. Thus far, however, none have.


  • TSMC Kicks Off A6 Processor Trial Production with Apple
    • Kodawarisan (Japanese website) reports Apple's autumn event will happen Wednesday September 7th
    • Of last 4 Autumn events 3 fell on Wednesday in first week of September
    • Inquirer reports no new iPhone 5, but a cheap "cloud iPhone" in October and new iPhone and iPad in March 2012
    • Kodawarsian, has accurately reported Apple rumors in past, The Inquirer, not so much

News Fuse





I don't really recall you covering this, and given that the instructor, Professor Sebastian Thrun, wants to make his class the largest online class ever taught, you may want to promote it as well. He is offering his "Introduction to A.I." course for free to anyone who wants to take it. I'm sure there are plenty of listeners that would be eager to take a free class from Stanford University. And if you read the page about the A.I. class, you'll find out that Stanford offers other engineering course free of charge. You don't have to hunt for the link though, I will provide it down below as well.

Love the Show

Brian Burwell

Garst in the chat room"

"I'm just listening to you discussing the HTC purchase of Beats. Don't worry, I'm not driving as I write this!

I disagree that this is primarily about branding - I am not convinced Beats is a big enough brand.

I think Jason had it right - HTC want to focus on Apple's strongpoint - iTunes is a fantastic media system. But it has a huge drawback on the iPhone - the standard Apple headphones are atrocious. With a decent 'emotional comnection' (ie a good advertising hook), HTC can now push their handsets by advertising them as a 'complete musical experience'. That also differentiates them in the hugely crowded Android space.

Just my £0.02

Love the show

Andrew, London"

"Sorry if this is a couple of days old but been fleshing out the idea.

Facebook messenger seems to be a good idea, albeit one that has been done many times before. The problems comes down to ease of use and native implementation. While i know it is far fetched for all the device makers to band together, but would it be possible to create a Text Messaging Standard which could be pre-installed in all of the Mobile OS's which would provide this functionality natively and wouldn't route through the cell carriers servers? I know Apple is creating their own messenger, which is much the same idea, but i hate to tell them some of my friends aren't using IPhones so their technology is a little short sighted, a lot like Facetime.




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