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Tech News Today
Episode 307

Tech News Today 307: No Offense, But Bugger Off

PlayStations get cheaper and weirder, US phone users proven rude, Fox and ABC get ready to encourage piracy, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Windows 8 prerelease launching in coming months
    • Microsoft President Steven Sinofsky posted in a blog to developers "Welcome to Building Windows 8," a new blog series.
    • "begin an open dialogue with those of you who will be trying out the prerelease version over the coming months."
    • If you're looking for notifications of posts, then be sure to follow us on Twitter @BuildWindows8. Look for shortened URLs of with links to posts and videos.
  • EU ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 partially lifted—not due to Apple evidence
    • Samsung will be able to sell its Galaxy until a further court hearing on 25 August,
    • Düsseldorf regional court decided to allow the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be sold across Europe again except for within Germany
    • unclear as to whether a German court could ban a South Korean company from selling products outside of Germany - court spokesperson
    • Samsung Germany still prevented from selling Tab.
  • PS3 Price Drop
    • Today at Gamescom, Sony announced that the PS3 will now retail for $249.99, 249.99 Euros and 24,980 Yen.
    • Also a $99 PSP w/o WiFi
  • Sony PSP E-1000 lacks Wi-Fi, coming this fall for €99 only to Europe
  • Nintendo 3DS Sales Soar in Japan After Price Cut
    • At Gamescom: Sony's incoming head of European operations, Jim Ryan said every game will be downloadable fro PS Vita (some will also be sold on Vita memory cards)
    • Sony announced that the PS3 will now retail for $249.99, 249.99 Euros and 24,980 Yen
    • 320GB PS3 unit will drop from $349 to $299 and a limited edition inFAMOUS 2 bundle is now available
    • This autumn The Sony PSP E-1000 will be available across all PAL regions for €99 - no WiFi
    • Price cut worked for Nintendo - had its best seven-day run of sales since its launch in February

Discussion Stories

  • Fox Starts Its Web Pullback, and ABC Gets Ready to Follow
    • As of yesterday, Fox will keep shows off the Web for 8 days, except for Hulu Plus and Dish Network subscribers.
    • Disney’s ABC is now allegedly set to do the same thing, as Bob Iger has indicated, and will most likely implement some sort of authentication.
    • August is a down time for new shows, and therefore a convenient time to implement the strategy

News Fuse




"Good evening,

I was just watching the ""Sarah Lane make it rain"" episode of TNT, and you were all talking about whether there would ever be a ubiquitous SMS client that could be used across all IOS platforms. Iyaz mentioned that SMTP could be ""repurposed"", but no one agreed.

About 15 years ago, a friend and I were designing a turn-based game that used e-mail as its communication medium. Each player's turn would be sent out to all other players via e-mail. The game client would monitor their mail application (via a connection to their mail host) and capture each of the encoded mail messages. It worked fine for near real-time game play, and would also work for ""catch-up"" play for players who logged off from the game.

That was a prime example of using an old protocol for new purposes. The same could be done for SMS.

Love your shows .. Thanks for all the effort you guys put into the show .. And good luck with your new ""Twit house"".

- Kaleb C Tilley"

"Hi TNT crowd,

I have been away for a few days but have just about finished my TNT catch-up marathon. One theme I noticed is that you guys really think tablets are not a fad. Before your discussion I would have agreed and said that tablets are a new form factor. However, now I see them as a transition technology. What I mean is laptops are not small enough or quick enough to boot in seconds (google chrome being an exception to this). Smartphones do not have screen large enough for sustained use by most people. As a result the tablet is the compromise rather than an innovation, tablets;

boot in seconds for instant access; have limited performance when compared to a laptop; are bulkier than a mobile phone but less bulky than a laptop; have larger screen for more sustained use;

From my own perspective I would love to see a smart phone where the screen could fold out, if needed, to be like a tablet. Whist maintaining a very similar form factor to a current smartphone. Equally I would like to see the power of a laptop being available in a device that is more portable than a current laptops but does not remove the functionality such as full keyboard or the processing power.

I know you can buy keyboards for a iPad et. al. but you end up looking like your off to climb Everest. Tablets are great at the moment but I think they are only a passing phase until we can get other technologies right. In writing this I don’t think this is a waist of time as we appear to be learning a lot about how people want to interact with devices, techniques that will be useful what ever the form factor of the future is.

Cheers Matt from Prestatyn (pronounced press-tat-in)"



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