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Tech News Today
Episode 362

Tech News Today 362: Allergies Killed The Courier

Did HP just kill AMD? Why Microsoft forfeited the tablet war early, Google Reader makes me stabby, and more.

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  • HP's First ARM Server for Testing Only
  • If HP/ARM rumors are true, AMD might be the big loser
  • Hewlett Packard to build servers using ARM-based chips
    • Rumors were true, HP plans to make serves on ARM chips. PLans to offer Atom processsors as well.
    • Pitching it as cheaper to run. Energycore server-on-a-chip would use as little as 1.5 watts. A tenth of current servers.
    • Chips will be manufactured by Calxeda
    • Because of heat, pack more chips in, equipment may take up 94% less space (288 Calxeda chips into a 4U rack-mount server, or 2,800 in a full rack)
    • HP says they are not a replacement for all Intel-based serves. Better as Web servers not number crunchers
    • First half of 2012 will ship to 30 or 40 of its biggest customers for testing. First "Discovery Lab" will open in Houston

Discussion Stories

  • Welcome to The Verge
  • With Launch Of The Verge, SB Nation Parent Rebrands As Vox Media
    • The Verge launched. Nilay will explain.
    • in-depth reviews and longer-form magazine-style articles a la Wired. Other features include a products database integrated with the news, comparison tools, and an emphasis on community.
    • Jim Bankoff, CEO plans to expand beyond Sports and Tech
    • SB Nation parent Sports Blogs Inc. now called Vox Media
  • Google Docs begins to get Google Drive integration. Here’s how enable the hidden option.
    • Google Reader gets a minimalist redesign and sharing now integrated with Google +. Previous sharing options have been removed.
    • 10,000 Sharebros have signed a petition to Google created by Washington, D.C.-based grad student Brett Keller.
    • Google Reader is the most visited site in Iran
    • New look Gmail also rolling out. Look for a ""Switch to new look"" link in bottom right corner.
    • With a little dev console hackery you can see an option for GDrive. Though it doesn't do anything yet.
    • r Brazilian technology website Gemind managed to unlock hidden references to the service in Google Docs, detailing steps to enable a “Download Google Drive” option within the website itself."
  • The inside story of how Microsoft killed its Courier tablet
    • In 2010 MS had 2 tab efforts 1 J Allard with the Courier, another Sinofsky with a tablet version of Windows 2 years out
    • Ballmer asked Gates to meet with Allard (Bach and 2 others) about Courier. Allard said no email client, use Web for email, Gates hated that
    • 2 Weeks later Courier canceled. (near original iPad launch) Bach and Allard announced plans to move on.
    • Courier ran modified Windows with a new GUI
    • Worked with several manufacturers including Samsung on hardware prototypes
    • Part 1 of Jay Greene's two parter

News Fuse





"Hello all,

A listener said that his backup was done over 3G and used up his data. It was probably not his backup but his data and documents. They would be about the same size as the backup but they are done over 3G.

Have a great day Alex"

  • Other thoughts were jailbreaking, or the app My3G which tricks apps into thinking 3G is wifi



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