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Tech News Today
Episode 385

Tech News Today 385: Now You're Cookin' With X86

Carrier IQ is so misunderstood, Verizon strikes T-Mobile a death blow, a sane alternative to SOPA?, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Comcast, Time Warner preparing to bid farewell to Clearwire
  • Verizon Wireless and Cricket apply to FCC for spectrum swap
  • Verizon's $3.6 billion spectrum deal: Who wins and who loses?
    • Verizon buying 122 licenses in AWS band from SpectrumCo (Comcast, TWC, BrightHouse joint)
    • Comcast $2.3 billion TWC, $1.1 billion, Bright House $189 million. And right to sell Verizon service or become MVNOs on VZN network (in 4 years). Likewize Verizon will be able to sell cable service.
    • Verizon and CableCos also partnering on innovation for integration of wired and wireless nets
    • Comcast and Time Warner Cable will stop reselling Clearwire's 4G wireless service
    • ATT buying Qualcomm's 700 MHz spectrum
    • Cricket Wireless and Verizon have entered an application to the FCC to do a spectrum swap, with Big Red giving Cricket a 700MHz (read: LTE) license in the Chicago area in exchange for some PCS and more AWS licenses.
  • Electronic Arts Acquires Another Social Game Company as Zynga’s IPO Nears
    • Zynga filed its updated S-1 with pricing information between $8.50 and $10 per share.
    • Will offer 100 million shares (will reserve 15 million additional shares for extra demand) so hoping for more than $1 billion (NASDAQ ZNGA)
    • Zynga CEO Mark Pincus began the pitch. A 30 minute video is posted online
    • Company will be valued at $7 billion
    • While its revenues continue to grow, the number of daily active users that play its games has fallen two quarters in a row
    • Electronic Arts has acquired a small social games company, KlickNation which develops RPG for Facebook platform

Discussion Stories

  • Senator Floats Alternative to Internet Blacklisting Bills
    • Alternative "discussion draft" to SOPA put forth today by Senators Wyden (D-OR), Cantwell (D-WA), Moran (R-KS), and Warner (D-VA); Reps. Chaffetz (R-UT), Campbell (R-CA), Doggett (D-TX), Eshoo (D-CA), Issa (R-CA), and Lofgren (D-CA).
    • Ars saw the draft. Accusations of online piracy from sites overseas would be handled by the ITC
    • rightsholders can petition the ITC for a "cease and desist" order, when the site in question is foreign and is "primarily" and "willfully" violating US law.
    • Sites would be notified and would have a right to be heard before decisions are made in most cases, and rulings could be appealed to a US court if desired by either party.
    • Internet advertising firms and financial providers would have to stop offering credit card payments and ads to the site in question if found in violation.
    • The two-page draft of the plan is being issued so that "the public can provide us with feedback and counsel before the proposal is formally introduced in the House and the Senate"
  • BlackBerry Maker Cuts Estimates Again
  • RIM to take a $485 million loss in Q3 earnings due to unsold PlayBooks
  • Two Research in Motion Employees Fined for Disruption on Plane
    • RIM restated earnings expectations today
    • worldwide shutdown of BlackBerry service during October (cost of $50 million)- sluggish sales of phones -- third-quarter revenue would be “slightly lower” than the $5.3 billion to $5.6 billion it earlier forecast. -- also not expected to meet its earnings target for the year.
    • shipped 150,000 PlayBooks during quarter, sold more than shipped they claim
    • post a $485 million charge related to the PlayBook price reductions. RIM expects to report official results for the third quarter on Dec. 15.
    • company warned that it might have to cut its expectations for fourth-quarter phone sales because phones shipped during the current quarter were piling up in retailers’ warehouses
  • Microsoft to drop Desktop App from Windows 8 ARM tablets?
  • Windows 8 beta to be released early next year, following a demo at CES 2012?
  • Microsoft to reveal details on its Windows 8 app store next week
    • Sources close to Microsoft have informed TNW that the public Windows 8 beta will be released in late February of 2012.-- WinRumors sources tell them late January
    • WinRumors also says Microsoft will demonstrate a near final beta copy of Windows 8 alongside a Metro version of its Office product at the Consumer Electronics Show in January,
    • Windows Media Center will also return to Windows 8 beta alongside the typical Windows games, DVD creator and .NET 3.5. All were missing from the developer preview, made available in September.
    • Microsoft will share more information about its Windows 8 app store at a special event Tuesday.
    • Traditional Windows desktop and Metro-style apps would both be accessible through the Windows Store, according to Mary Jo Foley
    • Paul Thurrott during an ep of WW: Microsoft is leaning toward cutting the Desktop from Windows 8 ARM tablets. That would mean only Metro-style apps would be supported on that platform.

News Fuse





"Throttled speeds don't reduce piracy they just make me more patient.

Bell in Canada throttles bitorrent heavilly, usually to 20kb/s over my 5mbit connection.

This has been the case for a few years now, and since it has started i have had my bittorrent client running almost non-stop.

In fact, since uploads are not throttled, i have probably uploaded 100x more than i otherwise would, not to mention all the power i've wasted with the PC left runner non-stop (go cheap hydro!)

Faiz in Montreal "

"Dear TNT Show,

I just realized this. SOPA, Protect IP, The National Defense Authorization Act, and now this IT overtime bill, are all part of the same joke.

Congress is Trolling.

They really don't mean to trash 200+ years of American democracy, civil rights, and judicial oversight. They're just proposing stupid things to laugh at how we respond.

McKinley H. Tabor"



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