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Tech News Today
Episode 410

Tech News Today 410: And it Comes With a Gorilla

Sony's new XQD memory card, Is Siri eating up all the bandwidth? Google TV set to conquer CES, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Apple’s Siri Feature Doubles IPhone Data Usage
  • iPhone 4S users are big data hogs compared to iPhone 4 users
  • Is Siri Really a Data Hog on iPhone 4S?
    • network firm Arieso: iPhone 4S use almost twice as much data as iPhone 4 and nearly 3 times as much as 3G. Samsung Galaxy S downloading 199 percent of the data used by iPhone 3G. HTC Desire S did, at 323 percent of the data uploaded by iPhone 3G
    • Arieso, based in Atlanta, said it measured more than 1 million subscribers across a single European network in both urban and rural areas, without identifying the operator.
    • Cause is Siri, iCloud --- EXCEPT Ars found 11 search queries performed every single day for 30 days over 3G led to an increase of 20MB in data usage
    • About one percent of the high-use subscribers downloaded half of the data volumes

"Hi TNT crew. I've just read the news that Kaz Hirai the current chief of Sony's PlayStation devision is getting a bump up to President of Sony. While Kaz is well known to gamers as a stand up guy I've got to question why he is getting the promotion. This is the guy that was in charge last year when the whole PSN hack debacle happened which gave Sony a huge black eye and cost them millions. I don't see why anyone would reward someone so soon after such a major PR and financial stuff up. What do you guys think?

From Nik in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia."

Discussion Stories

  • Smartphones power Samsung to record Q4 profit
  • HTC: It can and will get worse
  • Samsung/HTC: Two Sides Of An Android Coin. Why’s Samsung Winning The Toss?
  • Motorola Mobility misses Q4 estimates on shipments of 10.5 million phones
    • Samsung Electronics reported a record quarterly profit on Friday, aided by one-off gains and best-ever sales of high-end phones.
    • Samsung is also weathering a squeeze on its bread-and-butter memory chip business with new revenue sources such as mobile processing chips and high-end OLED displays.
    • HTC reported dismal fourth quarter sales and the first quarter is probably looking worse. HTC is betting on a slew of devices to save the day in February and March at the Mobile World Congress
    • Larry Dignan: " HTC finds itself in a rut that plagues all hardware companies."
    • reportedly gearing up to show off its first super-fast quad-core devices in February at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. --- Facebook Phone?"
    • Moto: - full results on January 26th, it will miss analysts’ sales forecast with revenue of approximately $3.4 billion and what Motorola referred to as “modest profitability” in a statement on Friday evening. Motorola shipped 10.5 million mobile phones during the fourth quarter, 5.3 million of which were smartphones.
  • Symantec confirms antivirus source code hack
  • That stolen Symantec source code? It's for older enterprise products
  • Symantec Confirms Hackers Accessed Source Code of Two Enterprise Security Products
    • Symantec confirms Indian hackers "The Lords of Dharmaraj" gained access to an older version of Norton Antivirus source code -- "Symantec can confirm that a segment of its source code used in two of our older enterprise products has been accessed, one of which has been discontinued,"
    • Yama Tough provided security site Infosec Island with files that appeared to contain source code from the 2006 version of Norton Antivirus.
    • The Lords of Dharmaraja claim they took the files from Indian military intelligence servers.
    • CNET: the two products in question are Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 11.0 and Symantec Antivirus 10.2. Currently at version 12, SEP 11 is 4 years old but is still supported, while Symantec Antivirus 10.2 has been discontinued.
    • Rob Rachwald, Director of Security Strategy at Imperva quoted by everybody telling folks not to worry because it wasn't virus signatures.

News Fuse



  • TWiT CES coverage starts Sunday night. We'll be live from CES Unveiled at 5 pm PT and then all next week TNT will be live at its regular time from the TWiT stage at CES, a little early on Friday! We'll be in the south hall so if you're at the show, come say hello.




Yesterday's show featured a new GUI that tracks eye movement.

Along the lines of "nothing new under the sun", I was reminded of an ad and a product from 1985, "Now There's A Mouse That Flies".

I even found the instruction manual online:

It was a device you wore on your head like a headset. A box sat on the Mac and tracked your head movement, with two buttons attached to your keyboard to initiate tracking and to click.

I bought one for $199, and it worked very well. It was an elegant interface and it was really impressive to watch the cursor move and menus drop down depending on where you looked. I could no longer use it once the Mac moved away from ADB, though I recall later seeing it marketed to the handicapped, though at a much higher price.

Anyway, great show, and thanks for the nostalgia!

Fast Eddie B. (Ed Benson - Mineral Bluff, GA)"



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