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Tech News Today
Episode 414

Tech News Today 414: CES: Who Tweeted?

From CES 2012: Best of CES awards, Microsoft making more bank from Android, Foxconn suicide threat, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Best of CES
    • Phone - Nokia Lumia 900
    • Camera: fujifilm x-pro 1
    • Emerging: makerbot replica
    • Home theater:
    • PC: HP Envy Spectre
    • Software: Bluestacks App player
    • Networking: D-link HD media router
    • Tablets: Asus Memo 370t
    • TV: LG 55-inch OLED
    • People's choice: Razer Project Fiona
    • Best of: LG OLED TV
  • Microsoft now paid royalties on 70% of US Android smartphones
  • Microsoft execs jab at Google after signing Android patent-licensing deal
  • Microsoft: Windows Phone will not battle Android on specs, will instead fight for ‘quality’
    • Microsoft announced it now has an Android patent deal with LG
    • LG will pay Microsoft for use of patents related to Android and MS won't sue LG
    • Financial terms were not disclosed
    • MS now has deals with HTC, Wistron, Onkyo, Velocity Micro, Inc., General Dynamics Itronix, Acer, ViewSonic, Samsung, Quanta Computer and Compal Electronics.
    • In total, Microsoft says that more than 70 percent of all Android smartphones sold in the US are covered by a similar patent agreement.
    • MS poked at Google via Twitter
      • "Hey Google -- we are the 70%," Frank Shaw, Microsoft's vice president of corporate communications tweeted
      • "Can we just agree to drop the patents-as-weapons meme? When effective licensing enables companies to share IP, the metaphor falls apart." - Frank Shaw
      • "It's time to recognize that in #patent world, lawsuits are the 1%; license agreements are the 99%." - Brad Smith, Microsoft's vice president for legal affairs and general counsel
  • Foxconn suicide threat resolved, 45 workers resign
  • Foxconn Resolves Pay Dispute With Workers
    • The NYT reports a mass suicide threat at Foxconn's Wuhan was averted
    • There was an 8 hour standoff, 150 employees were threatening to jump off a roof
    • Of the 150, 105 are already back to work
    • Foxconn makes products for Apple, Amazon and Microsoft
    • Microsoft investigated and found that the dispute was unrelated to working conditions, and instead stemmed from "staffing assignments and transfer policies."
    • an anonymous Foxconn employee reported to The New York Times that the dispute actually stems from the company failing to deliver on a promised wage increase for workers transferring from the company's larger Shenzhen campus to Wuhan, where working conditions are more difficult.

Discussion Stories

  • ARM chief not impressed with Intel phone chips
  • Intel smartphone chip No. 1 in some benchmarks, says report
    • Arm Holdings plc CEO Warren East told Reuters Intel's mobile chips are ""good enough""
    • "Are they ever going to be the leaders in power efficiency? No, of course not. But they have a lot more to offer."
    • "Google's Android is flavor of the month, flavor of the year, and we certainly want to be part of the Google success," said East. "But there is a space for Microsoft, and we very much want to be a part of that success too."
    • Cortex A7 design has the same performance as chips in smartphones of only a few years ago, but at 20 percent of the power consumption.
    • Anandtech rated Intel's Atom Z2460 "Medfield" fastest on BrowserMark benchmark. Best performance on SunSpider Javascript benchmark
    • Intel reference design running some flavor of Gingerbread up against Samsung with ICS
    • ARM Cortex A15 design may change that

News Fuse



  • On this day in 1992, the HAL 9000 was "born" at Urbana, Illinois. Hal of course is the fictional supercomputer who "malfunctions" in 2001: Space Odyssey.
  • The iPhone 4S comes to China tomorrow, January 13th, as well as 21 other countries including Ecuador, Ivory Coast, and Jamaica.



"Tom and Posse,

Per Sanjay Jha's comments on Android differentiation, the problem with Android phone manufacturers is that their customers are the carriers, not consumers, which is why we get slow to little updating and skinned Android experiences. The way you could incorporate stock android is to enable either a separate mode when you first activate the phone, or to provide ROMs online with an open bootloader so that the geeks that wants stock Android have that option, but ""ordinary"" consumers can still have the wonderful world of TouchWiz, HTC Sense and MotoBlur available to them should they want it, that way the manufacturers and carriers can differentiate in the store, but offer consumers choice. Alas it seems the myopic vision of Mr. Jha won't let this happen.

Love da' sho'

Rich in Lovely Cleveland"

"Dear TNT.

When Sarah mentioned the Boxee Live TV Dongle was at CES, Simon Dingle mistakenly presumed it would work outside of the USA, although a customer can go to the boxee box store and pre-order a live tv dongle from outside the USA (which I think is very naughty), it actually will NOT work outside the USA/Canada initially. Before everyone outside USA/Canada rushes out to buy one, I think they should know this first.

Source (check the FAQ):

Keep up the good work, Love the show,

Jake Cattrall / UK."



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