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Tech News Today
Episode 433

Tech News Today 433: You're Putting It In Wrong

Windows 8 coming soon, iPhone bankrupts another carrier, Boxee fights evil, and more.

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  • Boxee Stands With The CEA Against Cable Companies, Courts The FCC Chairman To Stop Proposed Ruling
  • Cable Companies Want Government to Help Them Increase Your Bill & Limit Competition
    • 1996 FCC rule says cable providers must provide a basic set of unencrypted stations so TVs, tuners, or navigation devices like the Boxee Live TV can receive them. . Usually just local broadcast stations also available through OTA tuner.
    • Cable co.'s want to switch to digital from analog. A few years ago the FCC granted Cablevision rights to ditch analog, move competely to digital. Cablevision said all-digital signal freed up space to provide 100mbps home internet. Comcast says it can fit 10-15 digital stations or 2-3 HD stations onto single analog transmission.
    • National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) says digital boxes (encrypted) help remotely troubleshoot problems- fewer service calls is better for Earth. The real story- NCTA says 77% of cable subscribers are already on a digital service. Netflix has more subscribers than any single cable provider like Comcast, Cablevision, TWC. “the marketplace is robustly competitive and video services are being delivered over a range of different platforms to a wide array of different devices” ... cord-cutting scares them.
    • Boxee, The Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) and the AllVid Tech Company Alliance all oppose this. Boxee's blog calls BS. Cable companies spent $50 million last year lobbying FCC. says this will slow innovation, hurt consumers by raising rates. AllVid says the FCC should keep waivers to case-by-case basis.

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"Hey, Tom and Sarah! In reference to the 3-year-old photos on Facebook: as one who deals with Oracle databases, I recognize the fear of deleting an item. That's why you just replace it with an empty record. Facebook could've simply replaced the photo with a black square and be done with it. All links and references would still be valid. No additional flags or permission-checking required. This is common practice in the world, so I'm inclined to believe they simply want to avoid deleting any user data if they can get away with it.

Honestly, though...anybody who thinks that they have some sort of right to remove or take-back the data that they upload to the ever-duplicating internet is going to learn a hard lesson. A truly embarrassing photo will have been saved, shared, and probably search-indexed by multiple sites by the time you realize what you've done. ""Undo"" only exists in word processing and casual games. This is real life we're talking here, and Facebook can not save you from yourself.

Love getting my daily fix! --- Jim, the Aerospace Engineer, Calif."

"I felt compelled to write to Sarah and share something she has probably been told a million times since episode 428.

She and Shannon Morse were discussing the difficulty of telling which ear bud was ""left"" and which was ""right."" For some number of years the ear bud industry has adopted a practice of placing tactile cues on the buds.

Most of the time it is a small raised ""dot"" on the left bud, but other times it is a raised line or some pattern. It seems that ALL of the ear buds I see today have these cues. Which probably means that Apple buds do not, as I have not owned an Apple product in nearly a decade.

Thanks for the time and listening to what you probably already know.

- Curt Moreno The Kung Fu Drafter"



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