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Tech News Today
Episode 570

Tech News Today 570: Alligator-proof Cameras

PayPal fires back at Square, Samsung and Apple re-enactments and we kick off Techlection 2012!


News Fuse

  • T-Mobile USA just decided to mean what it says when it says unlimited. Take THAT Sprint. It's still playing fast and loose with 4G though. Starting September 5th subscribers can opt for the "Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data," an add-on that includes throttle- and cap-free access to HSPA+ 42Mbps. You will not be able to use these new plans for hotspot features on phones though.
  • Square and Starbucks and your little 7 thousand US store partnership, your challenge has been met. PayPal and Discover are joining forces, increasing PayPal's U.S. merchant locations to...more than seven million. Starting in April, Discover’s merchants will be able to begin accepting PayPal’s charge cards, or consumers can enter their mobile phone number and PIN at the terminal. PayPal will give Discover a cut of each transaction for the right to run over Discover’s network.
  • Closing arguments in the Apple vs. Samsung case were made yesterday. Apple came out swinging saying Samsung was able to benefit by not “taking any of the risks, because they were copying the world’s most successful product” and damages in this case should be “large, because the infringement have been massive.” Samsung’s arguments undermined Apple’s witnesses and said that if the jury goes with Apple, it “could change the way competition works in this country.” More on this never-endering story after the News Fuse.
  • TechCrunch says a trusted Verizon source has passed along that the carrier is having an all-staff vacation blackout from Friday, September 21, to September 30 to accommodate the next iPhone's release. The yet-unannounced phone is widely expected to be announced on September 12, and some reports have pre-orders beginning the same day.
  • The US government wants to prove it's not just doing the bidding of the RIAA and MPAA, so it sent a coalition of the willing to seize the domain names of three websites charged with illegally distributing Android apps. The willing in this case were the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Justice Department, several U.S. attorneys' offices, and Dutch and French law enforcement officials. The three seized domain names --, and -- may probably show up on the Net under different names.
  • LG, you're the biggest. At least when it comes to ultra-definition TVs. LG can claim the biggest in the world! It sports an 84in screen, smaller than a 90in model made by Sharp, but has support for 4K, which is a more advanced picture format. The screen offers 8 million pixels per frame, four times the resolution of 1080p high-definition displays. So, how much? Oh, just 25 million-won ($22,010; £13,940).
  • We have Tesla museum! Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal, fresh off his fundraising success for charities, has raised the $850,000 INdiegogo goal he set for the creation of a museum devoted to Nikola Tesla. Two sponsors picthed in $33,333 each to push things over the finish line. A nonprofit group named the Tesla Wardenclyffe Project Inc. had been trying for years to buy Wardenclyffe, the site of one of Tesla's old laboratories, in Shoreham, Long Island.
  • While a number of countries have imposed sanctions on Syria, the country’s Telecommunications Establishment is turning to China for bandwidth as it has not imposed any sanctions. According to Internet monitoring firm Renesys, the majority of recent Syrian internet traffic is being routed through PCCW Global, a Hong Kong-based telecom. The Syria Telecommunications Establishment withdrew all 61 of its networks from the global routing table on August 18 and 19th.



  • HP has earnings report later today
  • Tomorrow (8/23) AT&T is launching the 'Mobile Share' data plans


E-mail #1

Hello, just listened to episode 568 and have a comment on your discussion of using tablets as content creation devices. I purchased Numbers & Pages shortly after they came out in the app store. The first time I tried to create a spreadsheet on my iPad I quickly ran back to my Macbook to make the spreadsheet. Recently I had a situation where I needed to update a spreadsheet while I was working outside running heavy equipment. I created my spreadsheet on my MBA and saved it to iCloud. The following day I was able to keep updating my spreadsheet on my iPhone while I was working. I would stop the tractor for a short period of time, update the spreadsheet, and keep working. It took a little bit to figure out the tricks to the interface of Numbers on the iPhone but it was very useable and I was quite impressed with what I was able to do. While a laptop/desktop is a better tool to create & update a lot of things it is not only possible but very useable to do things on tablets & smartphones when using a laptop isn't possible. Reminds me of the old saying about necessity being the mother of invention.




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