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Tech News Today
Episode 73

Tech News Today 73: Stop Friending Robbers

Microsoft takes on the Russkies and fixes Adobe's problems, while gamers get better at being fast.


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Other Stories

  Quazi-Zenith Satellite System
  JAXA Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency article

News Fuse

  • Intel announced the Sandy Bridge processors wil ship in high volume starting early 2011 in both laptop and desktop PCs. They'll be called the "2nd generation Intel Core Processors" and feature Turbo mode working dynamically with integrated grpahics cores. It also uses display port as it's monitor connection of choice. Apple update anyone?

Kickers and Weird Science



Kevin: First caller has a reminder for us.

Katie: Our next caller has a funny story from Nashua New Hampshire


"While I agree that it is annoying to have some one on the cell phone while I am admitting them to the ICU. The reason the news tells you to call 911 when you have chest pain is that your chance of having an arrhythmia (bad heart rhythm) that can render you unconscious goes up exponentially while you are having a heart attack. People often don't feel awful especially after treatment when having a heart attack, but I don't want to discourage them from calling 911. Thanks Carol RN Denver Co."

" just made me realize you wouldn't need to hack into anything to get passwords and usernames. Couldn't you create an ap that required a username, password and email address? People would just hand them over to you.

-- Suzanne"


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  • Edited by: Erik
  • Notes: Mediafly publish: 4:10
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