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Episode 76

Tech News Today 76: 802.11pigeon

Fast winged broadband, Google gets sued by SkyHook, Android's monster marketshare rise


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  • iPad comes to China Friday 9/17



"Hey Tom and company,

Just finished listening to the Wednesday TNT here in Bangkok and the listener voicemail at the end compelled me to comment.

It's exhausting to hear people (particularly Leo himself) keep repeating the mantra that the world contains determined pirates and ""honest people"" with nothing in between. Repeating this line of wishful thinking over and over doesn't make it true, and I think it's being naive to ignore human nature.

How many of us can honestly say that we never used the original Napster, or Bittorrent, or installed a friend's copy of a program on our computers? You shouldn't need to have a degree in behavioral economics to realize that if piracy is made fast, easy, and anonymous, that a great number of people will participate, often justifying it as a victimless crime.

Most copy protection schemes acknowledge this reality and are just trying to slow down that huge group of us in between the felons and the saints.



In the segment about Google firing the employee for doing creepy things Tom indicated that this guy was a real concern as opposed to the accidental sniffing of too much packet data. A concern of privacy advocates is that while Google the company may have no intentions of doing anything bad with the data they accidentally collected (or the giga-tons of data that they intentionally collect), having it all under one roof makes it tempting for individuals at the company.

The IRS has had problems in the past with employees looking up information on famous people.

Google probably has way more interesting information on you than the IRS has.




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