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Episode 85

Tech News Today 85: Deep Integration, So deep


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  • CTIA enterprise and APPS Oct 5th SF connected car, apps and lte impact on enterprise


Jose from Florida: Good news for TiVo


"Hey, Team Dynamite!

I just wanted to let you know about the situation with CLEAR, the 4G wireless ISP. I signed up with Clear in February after I got tired of giving Comcast my money. They advertise download speed of 6-10 Mb/s but my speed has been more in the 2-4 Mb/s range even though I live near a tower and always had full signal on my modem. It bugged me that the service wasn't as fast as I though it would be, but it was fast enough to watch Netflix and Hulu and streaming live MSNBC and live sporting events (through various legally questionable sites). In addition to that, I also download dozens of podcasts daily and use Carbonite to back up my laptop. I didn't think this would be a problem because I signed up with Clear for unlimited download speed and unlimited bandwidth.

It all began falling apart four weeks ago when I noticed that from roughly between the hours of 6pm and midnight I could no longer stream anything. Checking with showed that I was getting around .25Mb/s! Three live chats and a phone call with tech support didn't solve the problem, although during the phone call the tech support guy told me that during times of high network traffic they slow everybody down so everybody can get online. Well, that does me no good as a customer if I can't get online when I want to get online. If they can't support all their customers then it's their problem. This Engadget post shows that I'm not the only one.

Well, even though I really hate Comcast, I hate not being to get online even more. On Friday I'm getting Comcast re-installed and cutting off my contract with Clear and chalking up the Early Termination Fee as a lesson. I hope people can learn from my pain.

Keep the great shows coming.

Francesco [fruhn-CHESS-koh] in Philadelphia"

"Hey TNTers,

I spent 3 years working for a company that made enterprise-level email security servers. I thought I'd help explain why the government wants to poke holes in encryption. Email encryption works with a public and a private key. You hand your public key to anyone who is going to send you encrypted email. Once they pass their email through that key, the only way to read it is to be in possession of the private decryption key. That key is a small unique text file that resides either on the mail server or the end user computer. If that key is destroyed, it's like you just lit all those emails on fire. They no longer exist in a readable format, and never will again. Which means law enforcement has to catch you before you can destroy that key or they're SOL (Shucks Outta Luck) unless they get a lot of cycles on a supercomputer to crack the encryption.

I don't think this is a reason to make a back door, for all the reason you guys and other listeners have mentioned. Hopefully this explains the driving fear behind this move. Personally, I expect it'll run into HIPAA and die because people's medical history will become too easily available if these backdoors are created.

Keep up the good work! Glad to see Jason on the show!

Doug from Virginia"

"Hello TNT crew!

Yesterday we had the Microsoft Company Meeting. This is an annual event where we get the Full Time employees (around 18 thousand show up) on Seattle's baseball field and the VPs and Steven Ballmer talks about the company.

We got an email earlier in the week saying that we should not tweet from the event, but I tweeted some things like ""the weather is nice for the event"" and other silly stuff, just to receive an email from an MS PR person asking me not to tweet. I guess technically I was not following the rules, but hey, not like I was disclosing any secrets...

Thought you would find interesting.

Love the show :) <The Microsoft Anonymous>, just in case MS PR tries to give me more trouble "


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