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Tech News Today
Episode 96

Tech News Today 96: The Spy Who Friended Me

Car-eating rabbits, Yahoo-eating AOL, and spies use Facebook for spying


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"I remember everybody making a big deal out of Diaspora when it was ""announced."" But I could never figure out how to actually join the network. After a little digging, I found that if you want to actually create a profile on diaspora you have to go to , there isn't any links on the main site so you have to go directly to it. Just thought some people might be interested in checking it out.

love the show,

Tarrin Neal"

"Hey there TNT,

Found this from a friend on Facebook:

""For 24 hours from 5.00am this morning, Thursday 14 October, Greater Manchester Police will be publishing details of every incident that it deals with on Twitter to allow the public to see what officers at one of the largest UK forces face on a daily basis. More""

Thought this was a really interesting event. It is streamed live on their homepage as well as the constant updates on Twitter.

It's insane - but a really sweet idea. Would love to hear your views.

Love the show, etc.

Mark Whiteside, Glasgow"



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