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Episode 98

Tech News Today 98: Y Connect. No Really. Y Connect?


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UN May Ban Blotting Out the Sun




"With all of this talk of Google TV, Roku, Boxee and Apple TV, I feel like everyone has forgotten about the Tivo! Now that it has great network throughput, Netflix, Amazon VOD, Pandora, Strong Dual OTA Tuners and many different ways to connect to your home PC or Mac, this is the DVR box that everyone seems to want. I still have an Apple TV, but the Living room is owned by the TIVO, you cannot beat it for the functionality and services available. It was a little buggy out of the gate, but now that it has had some updates, it works great. The search feature works across all of the services available, so you don't buy something that is available for free on Netflix or over the air.

I love the show, it's nice to have a daily conversations about subjects I care about. Keep up the great work.

Kevin Moon"

"Hi Tom and Gang,

While listening to Friday's episode and the story about the white iPhone I was reminded of going to see Stephen Fry at the Royal Albert Hall in September where he proudly displayed his white iPhone on stage. I think his exact words were ""The only one in Europe""!

Just thought you would like to know that they are out there in the wild, just very very rare!

Love the Show!

James (in London)"

"Hello TNT

Got a pleasant surprise from Google today, I logged in my Google profile and saw ribbons falling down.. wonder why ? I Checked into my profile and found its actually my birthday... here is the screenshot.

Anuj - From India :) Love the show."



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