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Tech News Today
Episode 99

Tech News Today 99: Ninjabread men

Microsoft Office 365, Steve Jobs gets ranty and a hot new Palm phone and OS!


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Kickers and Weird Science


  • 11 days til halloween, 37 days til black friday, 66 days til christmas, 78 days til CES
  • Fallout:New Vegas in stores now
  • Apple announcement tomorrow at 10 AM Pacific, we'll cover it right here.



"Love the show. Maybe I'm in the minority but why should I care if my Facebook info is shared. All that's on it that is personal is my name, town I live in, the town I grew up in and my email address. My name and town is in a public phone book. My email, what's that going to lead to? more spam? I doubt I'd notice. Mostly what I do on Facebook is post links to interesting things, and random statuses about what I'm up to. What are people putting on Facebook that is so sensitive?

Aaron Valparaiso, NE"

"Dear Tom and all of TNT,

To make a long, boring story short, I listen to podcasts from iTunes all day long at work to allow myself to focus on the my deep thought work amongst a sea of craziness. That means I have 40 hours of podcasting programming to fill. I love Leo, I especially love TWIG and I was (and still am a fan of BOL) and of course TNT, of which is the focus of this e-mail.

I avoided sounding off on my initial knee jerk reaction of dislike for the ""News Fuse"" and decided to give it some time. Well that time has elapsed and I like it even less. But I'm afraid I hesitated too long to have an influence. To me the ""News Fuse"" might as well be called, ""A superficial reading of a bunch of news headlines that I have to look up anyway to get any kind of explanation or understanding"".

Take my complaint how you will, but I had to get this off my chest and I feel better having just done that. I still listen to your show (at least the first half, I mean its kind of hard to find 40 hours every week of good podcasting) but as soon as the ""News Fuse"" kicks in, I just go over to BOL and pick up where you guys left of.


Jay Acker"




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  • Carb #3
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