The Social Hour 10

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The Social Hour
Episode 10

The Social Hour 10: Twittamentary, GetAround, social outrage at Urban Outfitters, nostalgic emails with PastPost!

Amber & Sarah talk to Siok Siok Tan about her Twitter documentary, social car sharing with GetAround, an Internet Urban Outfitters PR mess, nostalgia in your inbox with PastPost and MorningPics, and more!



  • Social car sharing! GetAround wins TechCrunch Disrupt



    • friend of sarah's was fawning over a new print, Sarah looked at image via Twitter, intrigued.
    • very cool place to buy prints that aren't expensive


"In episode 9 you guys talked about klout and its relevance or lack therof. I'm not sure how active you all were on tumblr in the past, but it used to have a similar thing called ""tumblarity"". It was based on your follower count, how many posts you'd made, your numbers of likes and reblogs, and the kinds of posts you made. The competition aspect of it used a ""Tumblarity score"" which was derived from some private algorithm involving a combination of these numbers. While Tumblr never said Tumblarity was a competition, they did introduce global and local leader boards on everyone's dashboard.

Many people were on the fence about tumblarity in the same ways that they are about klout. After it was scrapped, there was a period of time in which tumblrs were up in arms, either positively (glad to be rid of the popularity contest aspect of tumblr merged into a single number) and others negatively (I guess disappointed in a number that made them feel relevant).

I was just interested in you all's thoughts on tumblarity and its similarities to klout and if you think people would have the same reaction if klout stopped being viewed as relevant.

Awesome show, keep up the great work!

Jenn obsidianoffing "

"Hi Amber & Sarah,

I'm enjoying the new show and am a regular listener. I wanted to respond to your discussion about the value of LinkedIn and what people do on the site, because it is more than just resumes and contacts. I would encourage you to check out the many discussion groups. For example, one of the groups I follow is for WordPress. There are many sites and blogs on the Internet about WordPress, but I keep going back to the LinkedIn group because the discussions are with real ordinary people that use WordPress in their business on a regular basis. The discussion is focused and practical. I can learn something, as well as, help others. There are a multitude of groups on every topic. Granted, some will be more active than others, but my experience has been positive so far. I belong to groups about Macs, Open Source software, Programming and even Running.

I work for a women's college (Mount Holyoke College) and our alumnae and student LinkedIn groups are very active.

Keep up the good work, Ed Gray

Massachusetts, USA"


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