The Social Hour 12

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The Social Hour
Episode 12

The Social Hour 12: BBC Click Website Diva Kate Russell!

BBC Website Diva Kate Russell joins Amber & Sarah, Facebook's curious user number drops, Rapportive for Gmail, what the average Twitter looks like, & peek into the pub with SceneTap!


  • Kate Russell (@katerussell), BBC Click's Website Diva, Tech Reporter


  • Following your discussion of what might be the split of people who have left (or are considering leaving) Facebook, here is a survey of 1300 adults in the UK (June 2011). I note that this study does not cover the 13-18 year olds. It was produced by One Poll


  • Rapportive for Gmail
    • very similar to Xobni, more instant connections to online profiles
    • you can use one or the other, but not both at once. they each replace Google ads on right rail
    • Rapportive seems to load faster for Sarah when toggling back and forth
    • Rapportive plugins for Firefox, Safari and Mailplane


"Hey gals,

Just watched episode 11 of the Social Hour and you did the Rad or Fad segment for video glasses. I thought a cool place to use them would be at live concerts! Especially if they have small condenser mics in them.

Brian Burgess BYTE Executive Editor


  • @zuDfunck on Twitter posted a neat infographic on Twitter from Mediabistro's All Twitter blog stats:
    • typical Twitter user is a 20-something hispanic female
    • most popular reason for using Twitter is to keep in touch with friends
    • 72% of people use Twitter to post personal updates
    • 24% check Twitter several times each day
    • Of the millions of tweets created every day, some 71% produce no reaction (replies or retweets)
    • 0.05% of Twitter’s total population – that is, the 20,000 or so Twitter ‘elites’ (celebrities, news outlets, brands etc) – receive 50% of all the attention
    • 72% of the top US companies have a Twitter account


  • Scenetap - Streaming video from the barfront



  • Squarespace-5
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  • Netflix -1
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