The Social Hour 2

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The Social Hour
Episode 2

The Social Hour 2: Color Co-Founder Peter Pham, Google +1, Twitter Forgery

Amber and Sarah speak with Color Co-Founder Peter Pham about the app's success, critics, and future, Google rolls out +1 to mixed reviews, Tweetforger, Topsy, Facebook philanthropy, and more!







Hey Amber & Sarah,

I wanted to comment about a company handling a complaint via twitter similar to Sarah did in episode one of The Social Hour with Verizon.

About 4 months ago I purchased a brand new XBOX 360 Elite 250 GB console. I have an XBOX 360 arcade console for two years with not one single RROD.

So I get the new Xbox and after two weeks having it, it breaks and won't turn on at all. So like Sarah, out of pure frustration and not intending a response, I voice this complaint on twitter with the following tweet:

"2-3 years of old xbox no RROD no nothing 2 weeks with new improved xbox and it breaks. I need a hair cut too"

Right away I get the following response from @xbox support: "@kpovo1 Hey, what's going on with your new Xbox 360 console? Send us a tweet, we're here to help & respond quickly ^JD"

I responded with the following tweet: "@XboxSupport hey thanks. PSU unit is dead and gives a red light. I use xbox for alot. Xbox won't turn on"

they respond: @kpovo1 Hmm okay. Check out that guide and let us know if it helps. ^DJ

I respond: @XboxSupport thanks. I will check it out. Called support yesterday and they are mailing me a new PSU. I think it was a defect.

This interaction took all of about one hour."

"Hi Amber and Sarah: Congratulations on the “new” show. A forum devoted exclusively to the impact of social or digital media is welcomed. Possibly the most profound beyond commerce is the impact of digital on the news media. See the recent report from the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism—“The State of the News Media-2011”. Source: . In summary, “It may be that in the digital realm the news industry is no longer in control of its own future.” In 2010, every news organization experienced declining audiences except for the web. Newsrooms are declining and stories are likely not being told. Some suggest “a general devaluing….and de-skilling of the profession.”

The digital world has completely upended the profession of journalism. I understand that’s not a new observation, but the recent Pew report doesn’t document a struggle, it declares a partial surrender. Forty-six percent of people now get news online at least three times a week. Only local news is a more potent platform at 50 percent and that will change to the Internet’s favor soon. The numbers of people who read a newspaper yesterday dropped to 37 percent. While mainstream media won’t disappear overnight, it’s clear that they will adapt or have their influence greatly reduced. I ‘m greatly worried that highly stilled, hard-noised journalists may suffer further reductions in numbers. I believe that democracy is better served by well-trained journalists.

-Len Sipes"






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