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The Social Hour
Episode 22

The Social Hour 22: Sonar with Brett Martin

Amber & Sarah chat with Sonar founder Brett Martin on the future of geo-friending, Skype buys GroupMe, Google+ starts verifying accounts, Loosecubes for co-working, The Ice Break for couples, & more!



  • Skype buys GroupMe for $85M
    • groupme is an SMS alternative, good for groups, new questions service in beta
    • was a hackathon winner at Techcrunch Disrupt '10, originally called Grouply
    • iOS, Android, BB, WP7 apps
    • side note- AT&T getting rid of limited SMS plans.. either unlimited or pay per text ($0.20)
    • Google+ is starting to verify accounts (how do you get this?)
    • Pres. Obama joins Foursquare - followed by under 30k people


  • StumbleUpon is now a driving social media force
    • For the first 18 days of August, StumbleUpon accounted for 50.27% of all referral traffic from the top 10 social sites. Facebook was second with a 38.9% market share, while Reddit, YouTube and Twitter each garnered less than 4%.


"What do you think of the co-working trend? It might be an interesting topic for The Social Hour. I stumbled across a site Sort of an AirBnB for workspace. It has probably been around for a long time, but I just found it. It led me to some co-working facilities in Denver which prompted this email as a topic suggestion.

I do independent consulting out of my home office. But, on occasion, it would be nice to work in a cool setting with a different group of people.

Cheers, David "


  • Lots of QR code feedback!
    • Just a quick note, I used to work in a cinema and I found the use of Qr codes on movie posters a great idea for quick access to a trailer! Love the show guys! -- Drew
    • Where I have seen a QR code that made wonderful sense was at Scotty's Brewhouse in Indianapolis. The drink coaster you get has a QR code on it that takes you to a mobile ready beer menu. I'm a 'keep the table clear' sort of guy but I hate having to ask for a beer menu each round (or heaven forbid, drink the same thing round after round). With the QR code right there taking me to the menu, I get up to date listings (no inserted notes in the menu telling me what is no longer on tap, etc.) and I don't have to annoy the waitperson. -- Sean Francis
    • One of the major entry issues with QR Codes that will lead to eventually its demise and entry into Fad status is the action of having to scan them with a camera and the dependency on factors such as camera lens quality and focus, along with size and clarity of the image, etc.With NFC the implementation of a smart tag removes any barrier to entry outside of the implementation of the technology in smartphones, but based on what we know is out in smartphone land and what we know is coming NFC looks like it will be the successor to QR codes in this regard. -- Jamie
    • I wanted to give you some feedback on QR codes, I think they are RAD but I think they are a stopgap. Google Goggles allows you to take pictures of certain ads and the entire ad is the QR code, which is what I think the future is. The same functionality as a QR code but based off of recognizing the ad rather than a specific configuration of pixels. -- Sean
    • I'm not much of an art person but my friends and I decided to go to an art exhibition on lazy Sunday afternoon and I was quite inspired how up to date the 'cultural' community was taking technology and social integration with some of the more popular exhibits which had QR codes you could scan to find more information about the particular piece or artist. I thought it was a really cool use of the technology and I personally used it as a way to 'log' my experience on my favourite pieces... where normally I usually read the information on the plaques and then forget the information about the artist. -- Graeme





  • Tweet from Tahel Sofer from Tel Aviv-

"Cute Clip for The Social Hour #TWiT"



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