The Social Hour 26

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The Social Hour
Episode 26

The Social Hour 26: Netflix vs. Qwikster, Facebook smart lists,, Cloo!

Amber & Sarah talk Netflix/Qwikster confusion, Facebook announcing music at F8, Erly's Colllections, Cloo for toilets on the go, & more!





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"Hi Sarah and Amber!

I just wanted to share a little story about how social networks are helping to raise awareness of TSC and Epilepsy and a little boy named Jack in Texas.

In 2008 I became a member of a site called Babycenter and started frequenting the message boards for a group of moms who’s babies were all due to arrive in March of 09. As time went on and our babies grew a group of about 50 of us became very close and we created our own little sub-group. This has turned into a place where we chat about our lives, families, jobs – and also lean on each other thru good times and bad. These ladies have become some of my best friends (they will all say the same thing) and most of us have never met face to face as we are spread out all over the US.

One of the moms has a son named Jack who has TSC – which causes him to have seizures. This month (September) he will be having surgery to remove the part of his brain causing his seizures and we decided to dedicate the month to Jack and help raise awareness of Epilepsy and TSC. We have been doing this by posting facts on facebook daily, creating a facebook group, and also handing out rubber bracelets with our saying – Seize Hope! Our goal isn’t to raise money….just awareness and hopefully generate lots of thoughts and prayers for a little boy and his family - that thanks to social media – has become very special to lots of people across the country.

I know some people think its odd to be able to find a group of friends, and have such a deep connection with people only thru the internet….but I’m very thankful that these sorts of sites (message boards, facebook) are available as these friends have become a huge part of my life and have been there to support me thru all sorts of thing – including when my son had a seizure himself this spring.

I just thought I’d share the story with you ladies and maybe get a few more people out there thinking about Jack. His first surgery is on the 21st of September and we all have high hopes that he will do wonderful after it is over.

Mariya "

"Sarah, Amber - I was watching TSH today and heard your converstaion about social media in the pro sports world. Yeah, maybe the Cheese Heads have their own little community but they're off in their own little world while they can still claim the World Champion title for the short time they'll have it ! (Ha ha).

Anyway, I checked out one of my hometown teams, my beloved Chicago Cubs, and their use of social media. While they don't have an online community like the Packers do they do have several offical Twitter feeds for players, some of the beat writers use thier accounts for postings, and blogs.

They also have a message board for fans, wherever they are:

It looks like both of these are run through MLB so they don't have anything independent of the league, or so it appears.

I enjoy watching / listening to you guys on the net. It breaks up my work day (SAP Administrator, I am) and I can loosely relate your show to work - ha ha - so I can get around the firewall police. Keep up the fun and informative show!

Jerry Matthew Chicago, IL. "





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