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The Social Hour
Episode 27

The Social Hour 27: Toronto Police,, Facebook Timeline

Amber & Sarah chat with Toronto's Sergeant Tim Burrows, Social Media Relations Officer, how highlights favorites, Facebook's new Timeline, & more!




  • Sergeant Tim Burrows, Toronto Police Dept.
    • Toronto is the largest municipal police department in Canada and the 5th largest in North America.
    • They've been using social media unofficially since 2007 (Toronto Crime Stoppers) and officially since January 2009 (@TrafficServices).
    • police dept social website:




MENTION:Tumblr raises $85 million for new features, infrastructure


"Hi Amber and Sarah,

I was really excited to watch you talk about Holler on the latest episode of The Social Hour!!

I did want to point out how Holler is different from other group texting services. We haven't done the best job at explaining that part to our users, and we're working on doing a much better job in our next version, which should be coming out in the next few weeks.

Holler groups are actually public interest groups (we're actually renaming groups to ""interests"" for the next version). When you join an interest group (e.g. runners), you and anyone else in the group can Holler out at the group, and nearby people who are interested in the same things you are will be notified that you want to do something. This is another big differentiator from other group texting apps - our goal is to get our users out of their house and to actually do something fun with either their friends or interesting people nearby - we're not just a communication platform.

We also make it very easy for users to invite their friends to everything, and what we've found is that people enjoy going to activities with others nearby while bringing their friends along. It creates a super comfortable atmosphere, because everyone is meeting new people but most people have their friends there too, so it's a lot more comfortable for everyone (versus a networking event where you don't know anyone and are there strictly for business).

Rather than group texting apps, we think Meetup is our biggest competitor. With Meetup, there is one organizer and events tend to be a lot of work for the organizer - we talked to Meetup organizers, and they told us they spend about 10 hours per week managing their Meetup group. With Holler, we want to enable everyone to be the organizer by making it as easy as possible. When you Holler out, all it says is that you want to hang out, and people nearby or friends you've invited can then chat in more of a group texting manner to decide as a group where you want to go, what you want to do, and what time is good for everyone, just like people do naturally already.

Holler! Natasha"




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