The Social Hour 32

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The Social Hour
Episode 32

The Social Hour 32: Kevin Rose talks Oink, Vimeo's Music Store, Unthink

Amber & Sarah chat with Milk CEO Kevin Rose about his latest app creation Oink, Vimeo launches new music store, social networks release oxytocin, & more!





"Hey Amber and Sarah,

I was listening to Monday's show and heard an email about how they were using social media to connect with other people who had or knew about the same condition. My mum has multiple sclerosis, and she connects with other people with MS or who know about it through the social network She uses this not only to talk about her condition but also to take her mind off it and have discussions about things that don't even remotely link to MS - but she has a connection with these people through MS.

I think that's a pretty neat use of social media to connect people with the same condition.

Also, Monday was my first show, and I loved it - and it was the right show for me to dip in on! :)

Love the show, ~Chris"

"Hi Amber and Sarah,

Just got done watching episode 31 where you talked about a new company called Rawporter. I think it's an interesting idea which, in an ideal world, will supply news organizations with more accurate/timely information. If I found myself next to breaking news I'd be tempted to snap a few videos myself and make a few bucks.

But... what happens when it moves to entertainment "news" and turns every yahoo with a smartphone into paparazzi (or Rawparazzi?). I'm not sure it'll survive the onslaught of lawsuits from people with smashed phones and blackened eyes.


"Sarah's Motorhead story

  • Soundtracking now links artists' Twitter accounts so when you Soundtrack, you ping them
  • I was in a cab blasting a metal song, soundtracked it, it was Motorhead, tweeted it out
  • Motorhead emailed me and told me to follow them, they follow 0 people. WTH?




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