The Social Hour 33

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The Social Hour
Episode 33

The Social Hour 33: Google Brands, Twitter Stories,, Picamo for Movember, Batch!

Amber & Sarah on Google Brands, Twitter Stories, crazy edits at, Picamo for Movember, the new Batch app, & more!

Top Stories





"I'm the Social Media Manager for Sony Music Entertainment Canada. With an artist coming to town we create Twitter Hashtag to open up a channel for fans to gather around a few days before the show - we try to get the artist to participate as well - before the show. During the show we ask fans to video a certain song with their smartphone then upload the finished result to your YouTube page. We then take those videos mash them up and insert sound from the board and release it on YouTube about a week after the show...the result is a very cool fan generated video from the perspective of the fans.

There is a little more to it that than (we have twitter contest on side during the event etc.) but that is the gist. You can see an example of one we did with Lissie earlier this year:

Bonar K. Bulger Social Media Guy "

"Hey Guys,

I recently switched from Android to the iPhone 4S partly because I was moved by Steve's passing, but also Siri and the camera. I have enjoyed seeing my friends profile pics change when they call me on Android especially when we haven't talked in a while. The iPhone FB app does this, but it only finds about half of my Friends. I am using Gmail and my contacts are very organized with phone and email merged neatly. I did find a work around by cutting and pasting my important contacts Facebook profile web address into their Gmail contact profile and re-syncing the contacts in the Facebook app. This is very time consuming as I have about 600 Friends. I am very techie, but I am not finding the iPhone as easy for social integration as my Droid phones. It also doesnt allow assigning a twitter ID to a contact.

Great show. Thanks Scott Z"




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