The Social Hour 4

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The Social Hour
Episode 4

The Social Hour 4: The CEO of Topsy, dribbbling for inspiration, daily deals sites that are taking our money, and more!

Amber and Sarah talk with Topsy CEO Vipul Ved Prakesh, dribbling for inspiration, daily deal sites taking our money, and much more!




"Hi. I enjoy the new show. I've been listening to Amber and Leo since the beginning which for me was around 2006. So, I like design. I like social. I found a site that does both, very well. Have you heard of A few of my design peeps on Twitter clued me in to their site. You join the site and have to get drafted to be a player. It's very cool and maybe could get a mention on your rundown for an upcoming show? Anyway, keep up the great work.

- Chris"


" Sarah and Amber

Just wanted to drop you a quick line regarding your new Social Hour show. Being in the industry I can never get enough of this subject. My main focus is business to business use of ‘social channels’. If you ever have any queries around this please feel to get in touch and I would be happy to help as this is an area that is rarely covered with the main focus on consumer aspects of social media.

Only one complaint, one episode a week is not enough and I look forward to when Social Hour could join Tech News Today as a daily show.

Regards Christopher"

  • Kathy passed along an awesome story about the power of a Facebook page to spread the word about a stolen scooter, that got found **Facebook/Scooters4Hooters






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