The Social Hour 42

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The Social Hour
Episode 42

The Social Hour 42: CES, Instagram + Facebook, Moo

Sarah & Amber talk CES, Instagram photo integration on Facebook, free Moo cards, the Santorum sweater vest, digital detox vacations, & more!



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"Jakers19 writes:

Hey Sarah and Amber, I have an interesting question and would like your and possibly your viewers' opinion. I currently have a free social networking app, "FavorIt" in the App Store. I would love to keep it free in order to increase the chances that lots and lots of people download, love, and share it. Ads are not viable because it would be contradictory to what the app is about - friend recommendations. Can I set-up a place to accept donations/tips on my site that would say ""Hey FavorIt users, in order to offset the development costs (current and future) and keep FavorIt ad-free we humbly ask for tips. Any contribution helps!"" or something like that with a little more thought behind it? I reviewed the Apple Dev guidelines and think I can do this without having my app get in trouble, so I guess my question is if you know of successful (or highly UN-successful) examples of this type of thing? "

"I was thinking of the last week's Rad or Fad: Mention Machine.

Now we've all seen Google bombing where some special crafted pages raises the page rank of an unexpected site. It diminishes the value of the Google Search process for sure. How long before we won't be able to believe what's on Twitter? What I mean is, can one increase trending through fraudulent tweets, i.e. "fritter?" If one can orchestrate a movement on FB, etc, could they artificially raise a trend even temporarily? This could be innocuous as making fun of somebody but as serious as having a group that gets people to gather in a central location and perform some act of terrorism. Food for thought.

Thanks for the show. Mark, Royal Oak, MI"





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