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As of the summer of 2013, the TWiT Army Canteen site appears to be offline.



What is it?

The TWiT Army Canteen is a Twitter style microblogging platform based on the Laconica open source software. With membership nearing 3000 members it is a great communication tool for the TWiT Community.

What makes it so useful?

Discussions can happen instantly like a chat or over a period of time like email, making it a well rounded tool for keeping in touch with friends in the army.

How do I get started?

It takes seconds to join and all information needed to familiarize yourself with how to use the site can be found in the "Boot Camp" section.

Posting Methods

The TWiT Army Canteen can be accessed through multiple means.

Commonly Used Methods

Site Contributors

Coding of theme: mongo

Hand Painted TWiT Helmet: beonarri

Bug tester and design consultant: trumcgowan

Bug tester and morale: beltane

Site Maintainers

Graphics and design: thefrogman

Software updates, server admin: Bear

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