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Episode 115

This WEEK in GOOGLE 115: It Turns Into Underwear



Apple's iPhone 4S keynote, what is PhoneGap, # on Google +, Google won't screw up Android, and more cloud news.


"We Do A Little Thing At The End"

  • Gina's tip of the week:
    • When you do a Google search, the resulting links have two different colors: blue for pages you haven’t visited and purple for pages that you have already visited. If you are logged into your Google account when searching and you have web history turned, then Google will show you these same purple links even if you do a new search in a different browser or on a different platform. Also you can do a search and filter the search results to show either “visited pages” or “ not yet visited pages”. Gina found this tip via the Google Operating System Blog
  • Jeff's number of the week:
    • 91% of employers go to social networking sites to screen job applicants, 69% said they had at some point rejected someone for what they found, 68% said they had also hired someone because of what they found. Why would they reject someone? The most common reason is that the applicant lied about their qualifications. Jeff's source: Forbes article
  • Leo's tool of the week:
    • If you want to silence your phone when you’re in a meeting, but you want some numbers to still ring, you can use the Semisilent app.
    • To save your phone battery you can have the screen turn of after a certain amount of time. Useful, but not when you are watching a YouTube movie or playing scrabble. To help with this you can use the Screebl app which watches the way you hold your phone and only turns of the screen in certain orientations.

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