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Episode 43

This WEEK in GOOGLE 43: Live From Google I/O

Analysis of the first day of Google I/O 2010.



  • What's happening at Google I/O 2010. The first keynote verdict: it's mixed but there is tomorrows keynote. Very developer orientated.


"We Do A Little Thing At The End"

  • Gina's tip of the week:
    • Google Wave is now open to everyone, no invite needed. Users can sign in with their Google Account at Google Apps users can activate Google Wave for their Apps account.
  • Jeff's number of the week:
    • 117%. The increase in web usage between 2004 - 2009 according to a report from Forrester Research. Also noted, listening to the radio is down 18%, reading newspapers is down 17%, reading magazines is down 6%, and watching TV is unchanged at 0%.
  • Leo's tool of the week:

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