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Episode 58

This WEEK in GOOGLE 58: Professor 2.0



What Apple left out of Apple TV, iTunes gets social, real cost of virtual ponies, amateur hour on-line, big Buzz bug bite, and more.


"We Do A Little Thing At The End"

  • Jeff's numbers of the week:
    • 6,000 tweets per minute during the 09/01/2010 apple announcement.
    • 61% of Iceland is on facebook.
  • Leo's tool of the week:
    • Watch dog - task killers have changed in android 2.2 they are not necessary.
    • Awesome Drop: This free application is an easy web-based way to transfer files from your computer to your Android phone! There are no accounts, fees, or cords! Simply go to where a 4 digit code is displayed to be typed in to the phone application. This connects the computer and phone, allowing you to drag and drop files to your phone with ease! Check out the tutorial video Available for free download in the Android Market.

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