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Episode 65

This WEEK in GOOGLE 65: The Facebook Condom




"We Do A Little Thing At The End"

  • Gina's tip of the week:

Facebook Disconnect - If you are logged into facebook but you don’t love going to sites like yelp or life hacker or different places where it says your friend Leo has liked this. If that kinda creeps you out a little bit there is a google chrome extension it is called facebook disconnect and I think this is kinda funny. This extension was developed by an engineer at Google who works on the cromioun project but this extension is doesn’t have anything to do with Google, it’s not endorsed by Google ,um… all that stuff goes away so it doesn’t say so it blocks the flow of traffic from third party websites to facebook. So it’s really kind of a privacy protector, ugh so if someone has a direct link to facebook you’ll still see that. It blocks those javascript embeds that say that list your friends faces and say they like this or instant personalisation is turned on, ugh so once you install it and Leo’s doing it right now ugh if you go to sites that have that facebook um integration you won’t see it….. you could try going to yelp…nothing nothing …kinda nice so it’s kinda like a condom for facebook.

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